Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Starpiece location
Rogueport Sewers: 13 Pieces
19. Next to Merluvlee's house, behind a pillar

20.In front of Wonky in Herb T.'s house (Need Super boots)

21. Behind the pedestal, next to the teleporter to the X-naut fortress

22.Hidden behind the broken pillar in front of Merluvlee's house

23.From the pipe in front of Frankly's house enter and it should be in front of the moving platform. (Need Super Boots)

24. Behind stairs in entrance to Pit of 100 Trials.

25. In room with Thousand-Year Door south of the platform. (Need Super Boots)

26. Right in front of black treasure chest that gives you Plane Mode. (Need Super Boots)

27. In room to the right of the Thousand-Year Door behind a big yellow block.

28. Next to the Warp pipe to Boggly Woods. (Need Super Boots)

29. In the background of the warp pipe room that leads to Petal Meadows. (Need Spring Jump)

30. Enter the sewers through the west side of Rogueport drain. The Star Piece is in the background.

31. Enter through the sewer drain on the west side and search behind the center ledge.