Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Starpiece location

Rogueport: 18 Pieces

1. In town square on right hand side behind some crates

2. Enter the town square alley and go into the house next to the inn from
the back.

3. On the roof of Zess T.'s house.

4. Right in front of the gallows in the town square. (Need Super Boots)

5. Under ground behind Zess T.'s house in alley. (Need Super Boots)

6. Behind Prof. Frankly's house on top of some crates.

7. Right in front of Prof. Frankly's house. (Need Super Boots)

8. On top of building in East Rogueport with lock on door. (Need Yoshi and
Super Boots)

9. Behind chimney on Bobbery's house in East Rogueport.

10. Behind barrel next to Ishnail's house.

11. Underground in front of the Pianta Parlor. (Need Super Boots)

12. On the west side look behind the short wall surrounding the garden right
as you enter.

13. Behind Warp pipe in garden on west side.

14. Behind trashcan on west side of town next to the item shop.

15. In front of stairs in harbor. (Need Super Boots)

16. Use boat panel in harbor to reach hidden area on the left side of
harbor. (Need Paper Boat)

17. On the left side of the train platform. (Need Super Boots)

18. Behind pipe to blimp.