Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tips

Tip.ish kind of thing-All Your Partners And Their Moves
Goombella: Headbonk, Tattle, Multibonk, Rally Wink

Koops: Shell Toss, Power Shell, Shell Shield, Shell Slam

Madame Flurrie: Body Slam, Gale Force, Lip Lock, Dodgy Fog

Yoshi: Ground Pound, Gulp, Mini-Egg, Stampede

Vivian: Shade Fist, Veil, Fiery Jinx, Infatuate

Admiral Bobbery: Bomb, Bomb Squad, Hold Fast, Bob-Ombast

Ms. Mowz*: Love Slap, Kiss Thief, Tease, Smooch

*To get Ms. Mowz, complete her trouble Elusive Badge! after you completed Chapter 4