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Shot Trajectory
During an approach shot, if the green's elevation is higher you should consider putting backspin on the ball. Backspin will provide arch to your shot, enabling the ball to elevate to the desired height, plus the backspin accompanied with the arch will decrease the chances of the ball rolling when landing.

Putting top spin on the ball will give the ball a lower trajectory at a faster velocity and it will increase the length of the roll after landing although your total flying distance will be shortened.

For the best results in reaching an elevated fairway or green, use backspin to increase your flying distance.
Unstable lies, hook and slice system
If your ball has a bad lie on a slope, whether it be sloping to the right or left, your shot will more than likely hook or slice.

When the ball is on a slope, the power meter will be off centered depending on the direction of the slope. So, if you are on a slope that leans to the right, the center position of the power meter will be located more on the left side and vise-versa (see images below).
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