Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside

Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside (PC) Cheats

Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside cheats, and Codes for PC.


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all the socks
Mine scene with Darkness' back door Red sock to left of door near top of

Stone Toll Bridge far view Dark blue sock on purple rocks in lower left

Mine room with washing machine Dark red sock to left of rocks in lower right

White sock on washing machine

Where the board is found. Dark purple sock lying on green bush in lower
Orange sock in green grass to right of bridge's far side

Top side view of the Well Blue sock lying between two roots on left side

Through Doors of Knowledge at next to door to den White and blue sock on
ceiling, on right

Darkness' Door:
Violet sock at bottom of screen

Darkness' library
Violet sock in front of green chair

Where Otto the boat is found White and blue sock hanging from tree above
dock, on left side

Room with long deep track down hole, track going left to right White sock on
ledge on right side

Where you can see Darkness tree and signs to boat dock and mine White sock
up in tree branch, in upper right
Dark Blue sock on leaves just to left of ice-capped mountain

On way to Garden well, but before talking trees Cream sock in grass in
center of screen
Green sock hanging on branch in upper right of screen

Thorn bushes and view of well Yellow sock in thorns on left side of screen
Reddish sock in thorns, to left of flower

Cave scene where geyser shoots up Pink/purple sock on back shore, on left
Green sock in lower left
White sock on shore on right side

Mine 'T' junction:
Where you see Gold signs pointing down a tunnel Red sock on trestle brace,
just to right of lower left rocks

Scene with broken track over lava pit, with rope/gear puzzle Light green
sock on right side ledge
Red sock lying across broken rail on lower track on left side

White sock hanging off rope, above dumbwaiter

Living room:
Dancing furniture and poker-playing dog painting Yellow sock on vine in
lower left corner

Boat Landing:
Where Otto the boat lands to get to Garden/Well Pink sock up in tree above

Well sign
Cream sock on ground just above french fries

Music room
White sock sticking out of organ pipe
Yellow sock lying on green vine, just to left of old record player

Room full of pipes, ending in a bow with dials on it on a center post Dark
blue sock hanging from pipe in dark area to left of center post
White sock hanging to center of support strut under pathway, under right

View where Remote Mining Terminal arcade game is Dark blue sock hanging over
gap in tracks, just to the right of the RMT sign
Red sock hanging over edge in lower right side of screen

Sam's bedroom
Dark red sock in shadowy area of rug, on left

Forest where Sam gets caught in snare trap by Customs trees Gray sock up in
green tree leaves in upper left corner
Orange sock at top of blueish foreground tree on right side

Secret stairway:
Other side of Study's bookcase Yellow sock on stairs

Where track is a big U, and a center box with pipes coming out of it Gray
sock on support brace on lower right side (between track and rock)

Colored mudpots:
Above Geyser room Dark blue/grey sock in upper right corner

Mine Entrance:
Just inside mines, where King waits Blue sock on support strut under track,
below and to right of XING sign

Close up view of treehouse exterior and elevator Small white sock on large
root below elevator the root with the track coming out of it

Room with gold vein in it Deep purple sock on stalagmite in lower right area
(just above tracks in lower corner)

Base of Well:
Main cavern scene Orange-n-black plaid socks on stalagmite just above water
on lower left

View of twisty track coming out from back of room and exiting on lower right
Red sock on ledge on lower right

Outside Darkness' lab:
On the Secret room secret stairway White sock in upper right corner, above
orange door

Exterior of Shack
on stream Gray sock above room and above hot dog plants