Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

  • Released on Aug 30, 2013
  • By Farm 51 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation review
This is Purgatory Baby.

The good:

+Fun, Fast-Paced gameplay.
+Good selection of over-the-top weaponry
+Amazing graphics

The bad:

-Short campaign
-Underpopulated multiplayer plagued with connection issues and lag.
-Dumb and glitchy AI with terrible Physics.
-Frame Rate drops galore!


Remember those times when hordes of dumb enemies charge at you in waves of 10? Remember those times when there was little to no story at all and it was all just gory, mindless shoot em' up fun? Painkiller remembers.(Ok, i'm just going to kill myself for that terrible introduction.)But i digress. PKHD is an HD remake AND sequel(a rema-quel) of the 2004 game Painkiller, which was a throwback to the golden age of FPS shooters. It combines the original with it's expansion pack: Battle out of hell, and mixes both in the campaign. Unlike the original(the original was developed by People Can Fly), PKHD was developed by The Farm 51, A relatively new face in the gaming industry. But diehard fans don't need to worry, this is still the same game we all know and love. Literally.

PKHD is a throwback to a game that was a throwback, and not much has changed between the two. It's still the same demon blasting on the rail shooter back in 2004, only with better graphics. In each campaign level, the player must fight through hordes of enemies using Whatever guns they currently have. Just like any old school shooter, there is no health regen instead you must pick up health packs, ammo boxes and suits of armor(but it utilizes the checkpoint system as opposed to other classic FPSs). Not only that, after picking up 66 souls(Glowing green balls)you turn into an unstoppable demon that can kill everything with one click!. Additionally, at the end of each chapter(there are 4, by the way.)You have to fight a giant boss to advance to the next chapter. The bosses in this game are HUGE, and the fights are unbearably epic.You have access to 8 epic guns like the Shotgun/FreezeRay, The Soulsucker and the Gatling Gun/Rocket Launcher. It may seem fun at first, but over time it does get boring and repetitive with the same dumb enemy running towards you screaming: "I WANT A BULLET LOLZ!". Speaking of which, another problem with this game is the mediocre AI for the demons. Sometimes they run towards you then get stuck in some hole on the ground and bunch up until it's a demon mosh pit party. Half of the time you play this game will be spent looking for some skeleton guy who got stuck between tombstones or bouncing up and down the jump pads thanks to their poor AI. The campaign is like, 5 hours long too and the maps are just PK and PK: BOH stages in HD,. On the bright side, The game has Co-op and CoD style PvP(but with less camping). Now back to the darkside, my friends. The multiplayer is under-populated and has a lot of problems like players randomly disconnecting and lag issues. There are 10 servers and i only saw 2 guys playing and that was for 5 minutes. And nobody plays Co-op, so you might want to bring a friend.

TF51 did an outstanding job with the graphics. This game is beautiful. Classic enemies like the demon monks and the samurais and bosses get sweet makeovers. Of course, the stages get makeovers too. Familiar stages such as the Opera House look stunning, and the weapons look polished and realistic. But the Unreal Engine is nowhere near the PAIN Engine, no. Unreal is less stable, so expect heavy frame rate drops(especially during the Orphanage level.), And some occasional quirks in the textures. This game looks amazing, yes, but the PAIN Engine was more stable, and it was a 2004 engine. Go figure. Just as i mentioned above, the physics are terrible. It's like there's rockets attached to the arms and legs. It's actually quite funny, seeing arms fly off in different directions clipping through walls. And did i mention that the blood looks like Kool-Aid?

SOUND (8/10)
The voice acting is great, much to my surprise. There are only 4 speaking characters and they all deliver spectacular performances. The rockin' heavy metal soundtrack pumps you up and seperates it from the common pop-y soundtracks of today's games. Composed by Ojo Rojo(They're an actual band, mind you), The heavy metal music fits the PKHD's kill "everything in sight in the most badass way possible" theme. Some tracks were imported from the original, while some are exclusive to Hell and Damnation. The gun sounds are a bit cheap, though and have been imported from the original. They sound good, but it's more of a 'B-Movie Good' kind of way.

STORY (2/5)
Story? Lul wut story? Sure they made up a story about 'gimme 7 legions of souls' story but at the end of the day it's just shoot everything that moves and it's very predictable. You can guess the ending from first level, really. There are NO twists, No well written paradox stories like Injustice here, it's shoot everything on-screen. When Grim says: "Give me the souls of 7 demonic legions" he actually means: "Dude, you gotta go back to places you went to before and like, kill stuff aimlessly like a homicidal wombat on skooma". But for you diehard fans, there's an EPIC surprise for you in the ending, trust me

REPLAY could play Co-op and PvP, Replay the campaign on a higher diff, buy DLC, or grind for achievements. Co-op is really fun because it increases the number of enemies and has no checkpoints, so you can replay the campaign in co-op if you want. But PKHD doesn't have much content to go back to . If only the multiplayer was populated..

PKHD is a remake worthy of standing alongside it's predecessors, but Painkiller Black Edition is a much better choice than PKHD. The levels are just PK and PK BOH maps combined and removing some of the GOOD levels and sending them off as DLC . Regardless, it's still a great game worthy of your time. Just get it on sale, just to be sure
Big, Butcher Wielding zombies, Undead Knights, Zombie Monks, Huge bosses, Ain't nothing gonna stop Daniel Garner from reuniting with his wife and defeat evil..again. This ain't heaven, This ain't hell, THIS IS PURGATORY BABY.

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