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Pac Pix cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Lots of gestures
The title gives it all away.All of these gestures will be found in the sketch book in the gallery
UnlockableHow to unlock
Butterfly GestureDraw a figure eight it'll fly away
Rain cloud gestureDraw a cloud and the cloud will turn blue and rain
snake gestureDraw a squiggly line then it'll turn green and slither away
Pogo stickDraw a P and the P will bounce away
Cherry gestureDraw a pair of cherries starting with one of the circles
Treble clef gestureDraw a Treble clef
Shoot arrows at pac-man!!!After you earned the arrow gesture in chapter 4, draw an arrow facing pac man


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Draw a Pac-Man and eat the eyes that pop out, but watch out for the radishes that drop down. Eventually he'll fall down so you can eat him.
Biggaboo 1
Just draw Pac-Man's mouth bigger than Biggaboo to gobble him up. Way too easy.
Biggaboo 2
This is kinda tough near the end. Shoot the cloud things around him. The last ones are kind of tricky to get to. When they all fall off, shoot the balloon, and gobble him up.
Cherry: draw a cherry starting at the left of the cherry it will change red and make a noise. buterfly: do an infinite/8 on its side and it will flutter away.

Tear: draw a tear it will turn blue and drop
Ghost House
Eat the little frog things he shoots out. Then, when he comes down, he'll drop bombs. While he's down, shoot arrows at the mirrors to break off his armor. Eat him when he drops down.
Last boss
To beat the Ink Master, draw bombs right up against the ink's edge, and blow them up to push him up to the Top Screen. Do it fast or he'll move down farther. Draw Pac-Man to eat up the ink blots, but watch out for the spike balls he drops. When all the blots have been eaten, an ink bottle will float in the ink. Shoot it with arrows until the ink moves down again. Repeat until Pac-Man (the real one) shows up and gives you infinite Pac-Man gestures. Eat the Ink Master with 10 Pac-Mans to turn him back to ink.
Secret Sketchbook gestures
Draw a cloud with at least four swirls inside, and it'll turn blue, drop rain, and float away. Draw a Z shape, and it'll turn purple and float up. A big, long squiggle will move up and down and slowly unravel to the right if you draw it.
Unlock Book 2
Book 2 is an extra set of chapters. There are twelve in all, and they are much harder than the previous ones.
Unlockable: Gestures
There are two other gestures besides Pac-Man you unlock in levels that will be used later in the game.

Arrow: Clear Chapter 4
Bomb: Clear Chapter 8


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Draw a Ghost
This must be done on Sketch Book Mode. If you draw a large, steep arch when you are at the bottom, connect the two points what look giant M's. It is a primitive ghost, but the system still recognises it.
Hidden Gesture: Bonus Cherry
In Sketch Book Mode in the Gallery, draw a pair of cherries starting with a circle, and it will turn red and make the bonus fruit sound.
Hidden Gesture: Butterfly
You can only do this in Sketch Book Mode. To perform this action, draw an 8 on its side, or an infinity sign. If you do this correctly, the "butterfly" will flutter around the screen.
Hidden Gesture: Pogo Stick
In Sketch Book Mode, draw the letter P and it will bounce off the screen like a pogo stick.
Hidden Gesture: Rain Cloud
You can only do this gesture in Sketch Book Mode, which you can access via the Gallery. To perform this action, you need to draw a cloud. Just draw a circle using a series of "curly" motions, similar to a flower. If you succeeded, the cloud that you drew will turn dark blue, and rain will start to pour out of it.
Hidden Gesture: Snake
In Sketch Book Mode in the Gallery, you can draw a snake, which will turn green and move across the screen. To do this, draw lines that look like M and W, in a continuous motion across the screen.
Hidden Gesture: Square
In Sketch mode, if you draw a square, it registers.
Hidden Gesture: Treble Clef
In the Sketch Book Mode accessible in the Gallery, you can draw a treble clef, which will turn red and chime.
Hidden Gesture: Wiper
You can only do this in Sketch Book Mode. To perform this gesture, draw around the perimeter of the screen and it will turn into a window wiper.
Shoot Arrows At Pac-Man
After you complete Chapter 4 and learn how to draw the arrow, you can fire arrows at pac-man in Sketch Book Mode. Simply draw an arrow facing Pac-man and fire. When it goes past him, he'll lean back a little and scream "wa wa wa."