Pac-Man review
Hey it's Pac-Man! No don't run away...

The good:

It's still addictive
The original bleeps and wagga wagga
Two players and link-up mode
To be fair it looks like the original

The bad:

You are doing the same thing over and over again
Unresponsive controls
If don't like Pac-Man, you hate this


Pac-Man is my favourite retro game. Once you play this you feel very nostalgic, even if you weren't around back then. This here review is to be honest a bit like a history lession. Funny how a main character looked like a pizza with a eighth cut out of him is one of the most biggest characters in the world. Well anyway the blob, Pac-Man has to go around a blue maze eating pellet and fruit too. But this was made hard thanks to the four ghosts wandering around. There were called Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. You needed to stay away but luckily every level has four power pellet to actually eat the ghosts for a small time period. But in this GBA version the controls are quite unresponsive, this is a shame. There is a 2-player mode and a link-up mode along with the package. The retro geeks should get this and curious Pac-Man people might get it too.

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