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Very Interesting

The good:

- Level of difficulty increases
- All the levels contain something new
- You can go back and replay levels to get a higher score, or simply for fun
- Excellent 3D graphics give a good feel to the game
- Includes many things from the classic games


Upon hearing "PacMan," you would probably picture a little maze with yellow dots, and a circular figure with an opening and closing mouth taking on the appearance of a cheese wheel.

In fact, PacMan World 2 ((PMW2)) gives PacMan ((PM)) a whole different meaning.

In this action-packed 3D adventure game you're playing the part of PM. Upon finding out the golden fruit have gone missing at the hands of the terrible ghosts, you set out in search of the peace and harmony that was once a part of your village.

Starting out in the village itself, you will collect pacdots and fruit, aiming to collect e...


A disapointing sequel

The good:

Pac-man 20th anniversary was an excellent game, this is nothing like that game. This game brings the pac-man games to shame. Aside from good graphics, this game has nothing. It IS nothing!

The bad:

The sad fact is this game isn't anywhere near as good as it could've been! Sooooo much potential wasted! It's depressing really. The general gameplay was destroyed, by a terrible camera and by very awkwardly designed missions, where the challenges are just agrivating, not fun at all. The levels that are even remotely good, in that they are similar to the 20th anniversary game are destroyed by the above, but then there are other whole levels that are just single boss fights that aren't fun in the least! They're confusing, complex, and annoying, without anything to make up for it!


In all this game could've been a hell of alot more, but someone decided it would be better if it was just super hard, and not fun at all.


Pac Man World 2

The good:

This is one of the best games on earth for pac man it has nice graphics for any pac man game and for this game it allows you to swim do a flip kick,rev roll,jump and even butt bounce and this is all the moves pac man cannot do in the earlier games

The bad:

There is not anything bad for this game


This game has over 25 levels to explore the ghosts have stolen the golden fruit and spooky was released from his prison and it is your chance to get to the last level and defeat spooky and get the golden fruit back and when you get enough tokens you get to play the classic games of pac man in the arcade and the game lets you travel from place to place instead of doing mazes every time and this game was released somewhere in February 2002 and finally this was the best pac man game ever


Pac-Man World 2


The Pac Attack is Back in an all new adventures in brand new levels. With aspirations of nostalgic world domination, Pac-Man has made it his duty to appear on every gaming platform ever. And why stop now? It is for this increadible prolificness that Pac Man is one of the most well known video game personalities of all time.

With levels and strategy that dare not compare to the original and with a much less ability to adict than its 20 year old counterpart, Pac Man World 2 leaves much to be desired. But by all means, Pac Man World 2 is not a bad game, just my expectations might have been a bi...

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