Overlord Dark Legend User Reviews


An Overlord of too little, and an Overlord of freezing

The good:

  • The control scheme works brilliant, easy to pick-up and play and very effective.
  • Classic Overlord humour returns and the story has some nice twists on common fairy tales that are really amusing.

The bad:

  • The game has a freezing issue, and as of yet I've not had one play session with the game where it hasn't frozen at some point.
  • Graphical glitches and Loading times are an annoyance.
  • It's far too easy, you can get nearly all the best upgrades before you've really gotten past the tutorial and once you have you can power through what little of the game there is.
  • Way too short, the game feels like a Tutorial and then you get to the bit which eases you into the game... and then it ends. Far too soon.
  • replay incentive.



Originally released for the NES in times when the geezers of the gaming community were young, and then later remade in the wonders of 3D for the Xbox360, Playstation 3 and PC, Overlord was somewhat of a cult hit, reviewers gave it mixed opinions but it still managed to gather a fair fan base, most of whom fell in love with the game's immature yet dark and funny humour, as well as the adorable minions; the Overlord's faithful servants. What was perhaps the main charm of the game was the fact you never really had to do anything, your minions would do everything and between watchin...

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