[edit] Background

Fight for your life! If you´ve ever thought you could never spend all the ammo you had in hand, then you´ve been mistaken. New update brings you yet another challenge. The target to achieve is quite simple.

STAY ALIVE! Old war veterans would surely tell you that shooting enemies is not the hardest part of the action. It´s all about good tactic. Craneballs comes out with a new blood soaked survival mode where you never get short of enemies to eradicate. To help you survive these gates of hell you get bonus packages to shoot like top aiming, double damage and more goodies.

To top it up, there is a slightly redesigned menu, recommended gun for each level to have more fun and we also added your Friend´s score to see who the top scorer is for those who simply loves challenges.

[edit] Features

Head-to-head online (wifi or 3G) play with two tiers of gameplay.

For less experienced players, the Novice Tier offers battles featuring slower-paced enemies who require fewer shots to kill. Players are issued a standard UMP 45 submachine gun with unlimited ammunition, and game play is limited to 90 seconds or 1,000 points per round.

More skilled players can upgrade to the Elite Tier, featuring enemies who are faster and harder to kill. Elite players compete using M16A4 SPECOPS rifles that can be upgraded to include additional stocks, magazines, scopes, foregrips and other accessories. Elite Tier competitions last up to to 2,000 points.
The Elite Tier can be unlocked for 30 Overkill Medals (OM) and includes leaderboards, flying drones, bonus boxes and other features not found in the Novice Tier.

Civilized society has collapsed and you have been hired as a mercenary with a mission to kill all you cross. On the Battlefield use an array of increasingly powerful weapons (AK-47, M4, SCAR, RPG, P90) to eliminate anything that stands in your way. A bounty is paid for everything that is killed and destroyed, and with the reward you can buy weapons or upgrades. Over 120 combinations of weapons! Fight through 100 waves and 5 extra Hell waves in 5 locations.

Get promoted from Private to General

Stocks, carts, scopes, frontmouths, barrels to upgrade = over one hundred combinations. Weapons include AK-47, M4, RPG, RG6, MP7, MAG, MG4, MSR, SCAR, MARV, HK 417, P90, TECH III, MAC UZI, ACR, XM8, Machine Gun…

100 waves with 5 extra hell waves in 5 locations

Different enemies to kill, heavy flying drones to destroy

• lots of blood, explosions
• awesome high-definition graphics
• music and sound effect
• upgrade your weapon the way you like, take a Snapshot and send it to your friends
• detailed Stats you measure your progress (kills, bullets shot, accuracy, etc)

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Dec 15, 2011 (Android)
    • Mar 17, 2011 (iPhone)