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Outrun 2 review
A perfect port for Outrun fans

The good:

Perfectly converted from arcade version. New minigames and play modes. Xbox Live compatible. Price.

The bad:

Slightly outdated graphics & sound. Limited choices of vehicles. Poor CPU AI. Minigames almost border on boring. Very annoying voices!


A direct port of Sega's popular racing series, Outrun 2 brings the arcade game home with a few new options and minigames in an attempt to get more playability out of the franchise.
If you've played the arcade version, the graphics are arcade-perfect, with a smooth frame rate. For everyonie else, they're good but do seem outdated, and it looks like there's always fog in the background. It doesn't really affect gameplay but you'll get sick of looking at it fast. Sounds & music will be a real treat for Outrun fans-remixes of the original songs are here, and they sounds better than before. Sound effects are typical driving fare but that woman's voice who confirms every darn selection you make will quickly get numbing! Hit the mute button on her! Controls are easy and responsive although it may take a little time to adjust from steering wheel to the Xbox controller. Gameplay is better here thanks to the minigames, in which you perform various tasks to impress your lady companion, but main gameplay is so-so. Its fast and challenging, but the CPU AI is virtually nonexistent (cars wono't move around much) and it's unforgiving when you make mistakes. Make maybe 2 big errors and your game will soon be over. It's nice that you have several paths to choose from but it's the same standard stuff. Drifting is nice but really unnecessary. At least there's Xbox Live support for up to 8 players.
Although the nice $20 price tag certainly makes this game a low-risk investment, it's mostly geared towards arcade racers and Outrun fans, as they will get the most out of this title. Everyone else shouldn't be quick to pass it up but don't expect hundreds of hours of gameplay from it. It's good for short quick sessions, though.

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