Outlaw Golf (Xbox) Cheats

Outlaw Golf cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Hit Your Caddy
During game play hit the y button and then hit a to start.Try to get it in the shaded blue zone.(you can only do this once during a game.)
How to unlock new Attributes
In tour mode finish driving, putting, etc.
How to unlock new Challenges & Clubs
Finish match play or skins mode to unlock them.


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All Golfers and Equipment
Enter the following case-sensitive word as your filename when asked to do so. (uppercase G, lowercase o, etc...)

Bigger Ball
During gameplay HOLD R and press Up, Up, Up. Repeat for even larger
Distract Opponent
Start a game with two or more players. While the other person is hitting the ball, press A to say things to distract them.
new clothes
when your picking the player you want squeeze the left trigger button then while still holding it hit y,y,white,y,black,y and you'll get some differant clothes.
Smaller Ball
During gameplay HOLD R and press Down, Down, Down. Repeat for even smaller
Wind Gone:
During gameplay HOLD R and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, X