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Outlander FAQ/Walkthrough v1.25
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: : : : Outlander FAQ/Walkthrough

Outlander FAQ/Walkthrough

by Seph Deathstorm   Updated to v1.25 on
FAQ V 1.25
Written by: Seph Deathstorm
System: Sega Genesis/SNES
Genre: Driving/Action

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Watch your step.


Table of Contents

1.Version History



4.FAQ/Enemy Listings/Strategies
  II.On Foot


6.Level Passwords and Cheats

7.Contact Info

8.Legal Crap

Version History
V.1.25 - First Full Version. Added Level Passwords, Cheats, and I finally have 
filled in all that SNES info. All thats left to update is if I get any new 
info. Also added Differences section, and tweaked the layout to make it easier 
to read.

V 0.75 - Writing the infrastructure of the whole guide, and submiting all the 
info I know about the game as of now. All info known is inscribed, just need 
to obtain some minor info and complete the update.



As my first actual contributed FAQ to GameFAQs, I looked back and saw one 
game I started playing recently that had absolutely no info for it. That I am 
sure people were looking for. Not a single guide, and barely any tips. For the 
new player (like me), picking up this game with no info and trying to play it 
was amazingly difficult. So after playing it for a few months with no help. I 
figured if anyone was going to write a guide for this game, it was going to be 

Outlander is a driving game which incorporates some action into it (even 
though these sequences are terrible). It was made by the same company that 
created the Mad Max game for the NES (which was also terrible). The plot is it 
is the end of the world and you get in your muscle car, which has a mounted 
machine gun, while you carry a sawed-off shotgun. The point was to race 
through each town killing these bikers and generally white trash looking folks 
called Wastelanders. At each town you stopped at, you're supposed to raid the 
area of Gas, Food, and Ammunition.

You can see clearly how this game resembles Mad Max. However, the company lost 
the Mad Max license, and couldn't make another one for the next gen of 
consoles. So instead, they made it anyway, and renamed it to avoid plagiarism. 
Thus you have... Outlander.

The game was released for Sega Genesis, and the SNES. I thought the games were 
both the same but once I got my hands on the SNES version I figured out they 
both have noticable differences. So I opened a new section detailing them both.


-In the Genesis version, Outlander is in a First-Person view mode of the 
dashboard. In the SNES version, the game is in a Third-Person view of the car. 

-Adding onto this, the interface or display for driving and fighting on foot 
are both the same in the SNES version, while the Genesis version was more 
toned down. My guess to reduce stress on the console. 

-The SNES versions damage values while driving are exponentially higher than 
the Genesis version.

-Genesis has a left turn signal to alert you that you're in a town. SNES uses 
the emergency lights.

-There are more roadblocks in the SNES version. The Genesis focuses on fighting 

-There seem to be no jeeps in the SNES version!

-The SNES version has reverse!

-There are no town signs in the SNES version. Your emergency lights just come 

-Boxes and Barrels in the SNES version are empty slightly more than the Genesis 

-When you're going to leave an On Foot level, within 2-3 inches of your car, 
you lose control of your character and he enters the car automaticly. In the 
Genesis version, you have to walk all the way to the door.



Sega Genesis
While Driving

A: Brake
B: Accelerate
C: Shoot (Car Gun/Shotgun)

D-Pad - Left/Right: Steer

Start: Pause

Up+C: Fire Surface-to-Air Missle

On Foot

A: Jump Forward
B: Fire Shotgun
C: Punch/Kick

D-Pad - Down: Duck
D-Pad - Left/Right: Walk

Start: Pause




A: Reverse/Fire Surface-to-Air Missle
B: Fire Car Gun
Y: Accelerate
X: Brake
L: Shoot Shotgun (Left Window)
R: Shoot Shotgun (Right Window)

D-Pad - Left/Right: Steer

D-Pad - Up (Twice): Nitro

On Foot

A: Punch/Kick
B: No Apparent Use
Y: Jump Foward
X: Fire Shotgun
L: No Apparent Use
R: No Apparent Use

D-Pad - Down: Duck
D-Pad - Left/Right: Walk



There are two modes of which you must alternate to play this game. Driving, 
and fighting on foot. We'll cover driving first, cause thats where the game 



Windshield: Seems to only be a problem in the Genesis version, and it won't 
start occuring until the Jeeps and Trucks come after you; these enemies will 
patiently aim and shoot your windshield. Don't know what it accomplishes by 
damaging your windshield, my guess is you eventually get shot in the head and 
die, or this is actually doing damage to the car. Hard to tell. Anyway, new 
Windshields are never collectible until atleast one bullet hole is formed.

Weapons Display: On the top portion of the windshield, you'll see the weapons 
display. It displays whatevers left of the car gun ammo, shotgun ammo, 
surface-to-air missles, and nitro. It's kind of hard to tell how much you have 
if this is your first time playing, but the way to read it is, how much of the 
white bar is filled black, is how much you have for that particular item. Also 
if you have any continues, they will appear as small red dots to the right of 
this display. If you're playing the SNES version, it's just like the On Foot 

Low Gas Indicator (Genesis Only): 
The third red indictator on the bottom, to the left of the 
steering wheel. It flashes and makes noise when your gas is near total 
depletion. When this happens, and you're nowhere near a town, you're forced to 
make a road stop (more on that later).

Fuel Meter (Genesis Only): 
If you look to the left of the steering wheel there are two 
meters, the larger one at the bottom is the fuel meter. When it runs low, the 
Low Gas Indicator will light up, and make noise to alert you of the fact.

Low Oil Indicator (Genesis Only): 
Just like the Low Gas Indicator, it will alert you to the presence of little 

Oil Meter (Genesis Only): The smaller meter above the Fuel Meter will be the 
cars oil. When it runs low the respective indicator will alert you.

Note about Oil (Genesis Only): Oil is your health, as you take more damage, 
your oil runs low. Whatever is left of your oil is what will be left of your 
health if you leave the car. Oddly enough, eating food raises your oil, since 
health and oil are concurrent with each other.

Turn Signals/Emergency Lights: The most important driving tool, and I wish 
more people in Miami used them. However I digress, the turn signals don't 
really amount to turning into a road. Since there are no turns, just curves. 
What this is for is an indicator for letting you know when you have reached a 
town. When this lights up, quickly pull over to the left side of the road 
(the turn signal always tells you to go left). Once the car has come to a 
complete halt, your score for this driving session is totalled, and you enter 
the town. In the SNES version both indicators light up (emergency lights). 
Just follow the same procedure.

Update: While playing, I noticed you don't have to really pull over to the 
left side of the road. You can actually stop on the road itself, and you end 
up in sort of road town. I don't see the advantages or disadvantages to this, 
but I am gonna test this for now. If you have any info on it, contact me!

Note about pulling over: Becareful not to pull over too close to any of the 
debris scattered through out the side of the road, when the game loads, the 
car may get stuck in or behind the debris. If this happens, hold the 
accelerate button and hold right (the direction of the road), until the car 
starts moving normally. Unfortunately, it never ran through Mindscapes mind to 
include a handy little feature called REVERSE. In the SNES version, there is 
reverse. So don't worry about this.


Driving and Fighting

Driving is easy. It just requires your own skill. Fighting is a whole nother 

First... Lets list some enemies you'll be seeing on the road.

The Wastelanders

Biker Punk

Apperance: Tanned skinhead biker, with no shirt on. Sleeveless shirt in SNES 

Front Attack: Molotov Cocktails

Side Attack: Crossbow/Dart Gun

How to Dispatch: Aim the car gun and fire until the bike explodes. Or if at 
side; shoot him up close with the shotgun.

Biker Punk 2

Apperance: Fully dressed in black and white, with a helmet.

Front Attack: Molotov Cocktails

Side Attack: Shotgun

How to Dispatch: Aim the car gun and fire until the bike explodes. Or if at 
side; shoot him up close with the shotgun.

Jeeps and Pick-up Trucks
(Genesis Only Enemy)

Apperance: Changes. Can be red, or green, or even black. Either way, it's the 
only other car on the road.

Front Attack: Shooting at your windshield.

Side Attack: Doesn't seem to have one. My guess would be Shotgun.

How to Dispatch: Shooting at from the side seems to have no effect. To take it 
out, riddle it with your car gun until it explodes.


Apperance: ...It's a helicopter. Whirly whirly.

Front Attack: Charging ahead of you and dropping a multitude of bombs. If a 
number connect, expect serious damage. In the SNES version it doesn't seem to 
do anything! But maybe thats just me.

Side Attack: None.

How to Dispatch: If you have a surface-to-air missle, press the button combo 
(in controls) to fire the missle and take out the helicopter quickly. 
Sometimes the missle won't fire, just alternate the buttons quickly until it 
does. If you have NO missles, brake immediately, and wait for the helicopter 
to start dropping it's payload of bombs, then accelerate to recieve no damage.


About Shooting: The shooting button for the Sega Genesis is universal, which 
means the C button fires both the shotgun, and the car gun at the sametime. 
This is a waste of ammunition in most instances. Cause sometimes the game 
will hold the side view and while shooting a target in front of you, you'll 
be wasting shotgun shells without knowing. This can't be helped.

SNES Shooting: Shooting in the car in the SNES version was easier, and much 
more productive. ...Not so much when you're playing on an emulator. See the 
SNES version has two buttons assigned for shooting the shotgun (L-R), one for 
the car gun, and another for the missles. This makes the game almost 
impossible to play or rather enjoy on an emulator.

The trick is to assign the same key for both shotgun buttons and the car gun. 
You'd basically be pulling off the same system as in the Genesis version, but 
this makes the game much more managable. Being as the shotgun won't shoot 
unless someones on the side of your car, and you won't ever have to alternate 
the controls cause it won't contradict with other features, that being L and R 
aren't used in the On Foot modes.

Shooting with the Shotgun: The shotgun can be annoying sometimes, as it's 
difficult to get the aiming down to a science. The key is to maintain speed 
with the side attacker. And whatever direction he is from your car, go in that 
direction. Meaning if he is to your cars right, turn right until he is closer. 
Once he is, take a shot, keep in mind the shotgun has a slow firing rate (in 
the car anyway), so make the shot count, or you'll start recieving more damage 
than necessary.

Nitro: Thanks to the SNES version I was right. It is a turbo boost, and it can 
be triggered by pressing up twice. I still don't know what triggers it in the 
Genesis version though. Contact me if you know.

Brake, you idiot: Use the brakes when on a tight turn, or on a crash course. 
Crashing into things like road blocks, or debris on the side of the road does 
major damage to your health/oil. Crashing into a piece of debris that doesn't 
break at fullspeed, will sink your health down to half. Even crashing into the 
bikers or jeeps is not recommended. Thats why you have guns, take them out at 
a distance. Braking is seriously recommended in the SNES version, where damage 
values are higher.

Pulling into Town: When you pass some town signs, and the turn signals start 
flashing and making noise. Pull over to the left side of the road, and come to 
a full stop. After the game notices, your score for the driving session will 
be totalled, and you'll enter the town to raid it of resources. SNES doesn't 
have the town signs so be wary.

Road Stops: Sometimes these cheapskates don't have enough fuel to fill a 
thimble. So you find yourself like an idiot stopping in the middle of the road 
with homicidal bikers. When the car comes to forced stop, you have to leave 
the car. Unfortunately as you would expect theres no boxes or barrels on the 
road and it's far more dangerous. You'll have to kill the enemies around the 
road you're on, and hope one of them has gas. Once you do have Gas, reach 
your car at the end of the level to get back to the driving.

Continues: Effectively doing well on driving sessions awards you with 
continues. Not sure how many points is needed for a continue, it also seems to 
increase stedily. But around the first 10,000 points you should have your 
first continue. Remember, you can't get points if you never stop and enter 
towns. You can have a max of three continues.


On Foot

Eventually. You'll have to leave your car to obtain resources to aid you in 
survival. Driving requires gas, fighting requires ammunition, and staying 
alive requires health/oil. All of which cannot be obtained while driving. So 
time to bust some heads outside the car.

The On Foot portion of the game was a major disappointment for many people who 
liked the driving portion of this game. It's either incredibly difficult for 
some, or incredibly easy. I am here to make it incredibly easy.

First... DISPLAY TIME! (Same for SNES and Genesis)


Below your character you'll see an interface alerting you of various things.

Score: Just your score, it raises as you take out enemies in the level.

Health: This health display reminds me of Medal of Honor. It's a circular 
health bar. You want to be atleast in the yellow. Orange stipulates low 
health, while red indicates near death. Health can be recovered with food.

Resource Display: To the left of the score, this tells you how much of each 
resource you have. This includes fuel, missles, car gun ammo, and nitro. On 
top of that, shotgun shells are shown shell for shell under the score. 

Geiger Counter: One of the special items avaliable while On Foot, is the 
Geiger Counter. This device in real life is used to determine the toxicity, 
and level of radioactive elements within the area, or item it is scanning. But 
for this game, it's to alert you if food within screen area is radioactive and 
is hazardous to your health. A handy little tool indeed.


Raiding Towns

The main part of the game is entering towns you come across, collecting all 
the resources avaliable, and jetting out. How do you do this you ask? One 
thing at a time. First you have to learn how to fight and survive on foot.

Treading through the Level: There are two enemies you'll encounter usually 
within ground levels. Melee, and Projectile. Though facing melee enemies 
doesn't require you to duck, projectile does. So if you're new to the game. 
I suggest walking slightly forward, then ducking and waiting for enemies, if 
any come, punch them while ducking rapidly until they die, and collect any 
items they may drop. More on how to dispatch enemies later.

Raiding: Scattered throughout town levels only are barrels and boxes, in 
addition to any items enemies drop these contain useful items that range from 
food and ammunition, to special items, and decorative stuff for the car. To 
get items from a box or barrel punch it repeatedly until it finally breaks 
open and an item comes out. 

Note: Very rarely, but it can happen... Sometimes boxes don't contain 
anything. So don't freak out if that happens. This happens more often than not 
in the SNES version.

Final Actions: Eventually there will be no boxes left, and you'll reach your 
car. When this happens. Stick around for a bit, and kill a few more enemies. 
If 3-5 in a row don't drop anything, it is more than likely theres nothing 
left to salvage. Make your way to the side of your car, and leave.

Note: In the SNES version when you're about 2-3 inches away from your car, 
you lose control of your character and he automaticly enters the car. I 
suggest keeping any eye out for your car, so you don't leave by accident. Stay 
around and kill 3-5 enemies until they drop nothing, then leave.

Road Stops: On occasion, more often than not, you'll run out of gas. When this 
happens, you'll be stranded on the road. It's your job to make it to the end 
of the level, back to your car, hopefully with fuel. Theres no boxes or 
barrels on a road stop, so you'll have to rely on what enemies drop. You can't 
leave until someone drops a tank of gas, once you do have gas, hang around 
behind your car and kill 3-5 enemies until in a row, no one has items, then 

Road Stop Walkthrough

Road Stops are more difficult and harsh than town levels, cause you barely 
get resources, and theres lots of damage laiden traps about. However i've 
noticed that road stop levels are all the same. And probably never change. So 
i've instituted this Walkthrough, to give you the basis of how to handle a 
road stop situation without too much hassle.

When you arrive. It's similar to a town level as the regular random enemies 
will come out. However bikers will try and take you out. Luckily, the bikes 
themselves don't hurt you, so you can just duck and avoid their chain swing 
attack. You can either keep punching until the hits land and the biker dies. 
Or you can just shoot him with the shotgun. This is one of the few enemies on 
foot I don't mind wasting a few shells to take out. 

The first biker is a chain biker. Take him out. Now walk with caution. 
The next biker that comes out is carrying a molotov cocktail and it can do 
massive damage when he drops it near you. The key is when you see him wait a 
second, than jump forward away from him (to the left). The bomb won't damage 
you. Once he drops his bomb he won't appear again for whole level, until you 
have to make another road stop. The rest of the bikers on the level are chain 
bikers. Take the same procedure i've listed above to dispatch them.

Finally, strewn through out the level are land mines on the street. Theres 
atleast one, but sometimes there can be two. They start to appear after the 
bomb biker leaves. They're a pain to see, basically they look like white 
circles on the street, so you have to walk carefully and see if you can spot 
them. When you do. Press the jump forward button while next to it, to dodge 
it. It may take some practice but eventually finding and avoiding mines will 
become a science.

When you reach the car, hang around as always and kill enemies until 3-5 in a 
row don't drop any resources, than leave the area.

By the way, a Town Walkthrough is not needed, cause if you've been reading 
everything up this point, you have all the skills needed to take out town 
levels no problem.


The Wastelanders

Male Redneck

Apperance: Has a tank top on, bald, and a bit overweight.

Attacks: Punches and Kicks you.

How to Dispatch: Duck, and await his arrival and punch him repeatedly until 

Female Redneck

Apperance: Black top, and Cutoff Jeans with Orange Hair. Carries a shotgun.

Attacks: Fires shotgun while you're standing. If you duck long enough, she'll 
make her way over to you to smack you with the butt of her shotgun. 

How to Dispatch: Duck, and await her arrival after shes done shooting. Punch 
repeatedly until dead. 


Apperance: Looks like he is in a scuba suit. Holds a crossbow. In the SNES 
version his hair is more skinhead-ish.

Attacks: Fires crossbow repeatedly, never stops. If you try to near him by 
ducking and approaching constantly, he'll just back away farther and keep 

How to Dispatch: Shotgun. Pure and simple. Carefully shoot until he dies.

Note: This enemy very often drops food thats poisonous. My recommendation is 
to just not pick up any food he drops without having a geiger counter.

Chain Biker (Road Stop Only):

Apperance: Tanned Skinhead Biker, holding a chain.

Attacks: Rides by you, trying to hit you wish his chain.

How to Dispatch: Stay ducked, and keep punching rapidly until the hits 
connect. Or just shoot him. 

Bomb Biker (Road Stop Only:

Apperance: Tanned SKinhead Biker, holding a molotov cocktail.

Attacks: Rides by you once and drops a bomb. Never appears until next road 

How to Dispatch: You don't really have to kill him, as he disappears after he 
drops the bomb, and I haven't seen him drop anything yet. Just dodge his bomb 
and move on.



Scattered through out Outlander world is various items common or not that 
help you (or hurt you) in your journey to survive. It's best to know what 
these items all do (Ha... Looks whos talking).


Fuel: Can't drive the car without fuel. If you run out, you have to make a 
road stop. A commodity I am afraid, even in the 90's.

Shotgun Shells: Ammo for your Shotgun. Pretty easy to find.

Car Gun Ammo: Ammo for the machine gun attached to your car. Enemies usually 
carry some more than boxes do.

SAM (Surface-to-Air Missles): Missles meant to take out those annoying 
helicopters. Rare. Wastes often.

Nitro: I don't exactly know what this does, but again common sense would 
guess this is a turbo boost. I have no idea how to use it. Good amount around.

Food: Restores Health.

Water: Restores Health.

Toxic Food/Water: Depletes Health.

Special Items and Upgrades

Toy: Basically useless. It's a little cartoon bird that the character ends up 
hanging on his rear-view mirror. As you drive faster it sways more. Other than 
that it serves no purpose. You end up finding this multiple times, but sadly 
only one bird ever appears on the rear-view mirror. Meaning you can't have a 

Supercharger: An engine upgrade, it appears on the hood of your car when you 
return to driving mode. It basically does what it is called: It supercharges 
your cars top speed. May take some time to get used to.

Windshield: Fresh new windshield, to replace the one with bullet holes if any. 
Could be a Genesis only item.

Car Armor: Basically makes your car invincible for a set amount of damage.

Body Armor: Same principle. Makes you invincible for a set amount of damage.

Geiger Counter: Reacts in the presence of toxic food. Handy to have. Appears 
in the On Foot interface at the far right. It's important to understand how it 
detects toxic food. 

Lets say two pieces of toxic food are on the screen. The geiger counter will 
be in the red (meter all the way to the end). Now lets say theres one healthy 
food, and one toxic food. The geiger counters meter will be in the middle. 
However, if theres just one piece of toxic food and nothing else, the geiger 
counter will still be right in the middle. Also note that if you wish to 
distinguish which food is toxic or not, just walk in one direction till one 
piece of food is off screen. If the geiger counter is still reacting, the food 
still visible is toxic, and ofcourse if it's not reacting, the food off screen 
is toxic.

Oil: A bottle of oil. I've yet to figure out what this is for really. Cause it 
doesn't seem to raise your characters health. My guess would be it raises your
cars max health. Amazingly rare. 

Tires/Tyres: No idea what these are for. Seem to have no effect, and I know of 
no enemies that target your tires. In Genesis version for whatever reason 
they're called "Tyres"; but I am going to dismiss that as just a misspelling.


Level Passwords and Cheats

Codes to different levels include the following, with 
non-numerical/alphabetical symbols described in the parentheses.

Level 1: FYBY1AZFQ240Q0 
Level 2: 71JX10W8PY88K0 
Level 3: FW(heart)(face)11ZD8(face)C96Y 
Level 4: TZZY2159Q9YK80 
Level 5: SD7X128VZ(face)KK.8

Courtesy of BanjoKazooie and GameFAQS

Passwords can't be found for this game. So I went and got them. Don't know 
how they work exactly but I am writing them down as I get them.

Level 1: 2N(Heart)B(Heart)D7F9J9(Heart)C9B
Level 2: 2(Heart)(Heart)D(Heart)8KCKJ8BCL(Heart)


Sadly only SNES has cheats. The Game Genie codes work for me. I've yet to test 
the PAR codes, but I am sure they work.

Game Genie


Unlimited health while in the car:


Unlimited surface-to-air missiles:

At least one surface-to-air missile must be in inventory. 

Start with more fuel:

Start with less car ammo:

Start with more car ammo:

Start with less handgun ammo:

Start with more handgun ammo:

Unlimited handgun ammo:

Gas cans worth nothing:

Gas cans worth more:

Car ammo worth nothing:

Car ammo worth more:

Hand gun ammo worth nothing:

Food worth nothing:

Water worth nothing:

Water worth more:

Almost unlimited health while out of the car:
Not effective when eating poisonous food. 

Courtesy of GameWinners.com and Galoob Toys.


Pro-Action Replay (PAR)


808E45AD     Infinite health while in the car

81B67CAD     Infinite surface-to-air missles if you have at least one
81B84602     Start with more fuel 
81B84F00     Start with less car ammo 
81B84F05     Start with more car ammo
81B85410     Start with less handgun ammo 
81B8546C     Start with more handgun ammo 
90885F00     Infinite handgun ammo 
908A1100     Gas can worth nothing on pick-up 
908A1202     Gas can worth more on pick-up 
908A3B00     Car ammo worth nothing on pick-up 
908A3C02     Car ammo worth more on pick-up 
908A8200     Hand gun ammo worth nothing on pick-up 
908AC000     Food worth nothing on pick-up 
908AE300     Water worth nothing on pick-up 
908AE401     Water worth more on pick-up 
90908DA5     Almost infinite health while out of the car (except when you eat
poisonous food)

Courtesy of World of Nintendo.


Contact Info

I ofcourse don't know everything about this game, theres hardly any info on 
it, but I managed to find out all this info myself by just playing. But I am 
sure many more people are far along than me, and can help make this guide even 
more complete. Got any info I don't know of? Did I miss an item, or am I just 
completely wrong? Send me any info that should be added to:

SephLovesYou at aol.com
(Replace "at" with "@" and close spaces)

All info added to this guide will be credited! Just give me the info, and 
the name or alias you'd like to be referred as!


Legal Crap

This guide is mine, and I have written it pain stakingly, with no regard to 
carpel tunnel syndrome. So have pity on my hands.

This guide is protected ofcourse by copyright. You may freely print out, and 
distribute this guide, providing it isn't for any sort of revenue or financial 
gain. Changing this guide to say you wrote it is also bad. If you breach any 
of these ground rules, i'll have your money. And I love money. 


El Fin.