Out of This World review
A game that stands the test of time

The good:

smooth animation
amazing 'in a movie' atmosphere and feel


Oh the memories... never have I played a game trough so many times, and been effected by the ending every time.

Another World is one of the most important games of all time, its basically the start of using games (other then rpgs) as a medium to tell a story.

In fact this game is about as much fun to watch as it is to play, minus of course the satisfaction of figuring out some of the harder puzzles.

Graphically this game is perfect. I admit thats quite a claim, but its the truth. Admittadly the 3d buffs will laugh at me for saying that, but thats beyond the point. so, why are they perfect? well its hard to say... It could be the fluidity of the animations or the otherworldly feel they have (that wasnt a play on the name of the game, honest), but whatever it is, it draws you in.

Sound effects are equally great, you would never guess that they where made by amatuers!
The music is amazing, the end movie music felt so epic and emotional it seriously put tears in my eyes (and still does every time I play)

You may have noticed I've not really touched on gameplay, but its hard to.. the game has a great share of action and very good puzzles, as well as 'rip your hair off' moments, but its hard to pinpoint the goods and bads of it.

So as I mentioned before this game tells a story, so it must be a good story right? well thats debatable.. its not the story itself thats amazing but the way its told. There are no subtitles or voiceovers, just body movement and alien grunts for character interaction. Theres only one character you really interact with anyway, other then the ones you shoot. Your friend 'buddy'is an alien who fights by your side, and often you go seperate ways just to have him appear in the nick of time and save your butt. I dont know about anyone else, but while I played this game I felt a connection with the alien buddy, I liked him, not just as a cool character but he felt like a friend, I was eager to save him when the opportunity came up, and not just to continue on the game, but because I couldnt bare to see him die

Final words, well its a must have, its short, but will still take you a long time to beat, until you figure out the puzzles, once you figure everything out you can beat the game in less then an hour, but it doesnt feel too short.. the ending is satisfying, even tho its ambiguous and doesnt really explain what happens next.
but this game is a peice of history, and buying the anniversary addition was the best money I've spent this year

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