[edit] Background

As you wheel your speedy Ferrari along winding roads, huge bolts of lightning arc brilliantly across the sky. You put your lead foot all the way to the floor, and your car moves effortlessly across the slick highway. Slowing down for the turn, you skid into the parking lot of the lab. You are Lester Knight Chaykin, cool scientist extraordinaire.

After passing the standard series of entry tests, you are given the high level of clearance necessary for entry into the lab. With a loud sigh, you collapse into the comfortable plush computer chair and flick on your trusty computer. Opening a can of soda, you take a huge gulp as the machine loads up. With the swiftness that only years of experience can bring, you type in commands and begin the nuclear experiment. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning surges into the lab and collides with your experiment, winking you out of existence.

Seconds later you find yourself sitting in your chair, submerged in a pool of water. You feverishly swim toward the surface as tentacles (!) reach up for you. After a narrow escape, you climb out of the water and look around. You are greeted by an entirely new environment, one of strange animals gone mad. A blood-curdling howl cuts through the silence, and you scramble to your feet. Where are you? You are out of *THIS* world.

The action in Out Of This World for the Super Nintendo will have you walking, kicking, swinging, ducking, running, jumping, shooting and battling your way through the strange new world in order to get back home. Elevators and transporters can be used to reach different locations of the game. You must solve a variety of puzzles and avoid a number of pitfalls and traps along the way.

— Chris Couper, All Game Guide

[edit] Features

  • Face laser blasts
  • Boulders and monsters
  • Real-time polygon graphics
  • Rotoscoped animation
  • Digitized sound effects and music
  • Fast paced action and adventure

This game is also known as Another World in Japan / Europe.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Jul 17, 1995 (PC)
    • May 4, 1994 (GENESIS)
    • Dec 1, 1992 (SNES)
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