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Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

[edit] Background

Despite a triumphant victory over demons threatening Japan's sacred capital, undead warrior of legend Raikoh had failed to annihilate them all before returning to his grave. Now, with the city again facing a resurgent evil, five selfless heroes sacrifice their own lives in order to resurrect him. With the five rising again alongside Raikoh to form a potent supernatural team, the scene is set for an epic struggle between good and evil.

[edit] Gameplay

Hiyakki Toubatsue Maki, is an evolution of its predecessor, Myth of Demons. Otogi 2 adds six playable characters and more roleplaying elements to the mix, and features some of the best art direction to ever grace a console game. While the basic control layout remains the same, you can now play the game as six characters. Each character has his own special abilities and merits. Rai Kou, from the original, is the average character, with good balance for magic, attacks and movement. Levels in Otogi 2 are now split into multiple stages, accessible freely via an overworld map. Once a stage has been cleared, it becomes accessible in a free play mode that allows you to chose from all six characters.

[edit] Features

  • Undead warrior Raikoh returns, joined by five additional warriors with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Strategically select characters for each stage.
  • Characters become more powerful as you collect items to increase their strength and abilities.
  • A mesmerizing Story Mode offers up multiple possible endings and an all-new Havoc Mode focuses on pure destruction.
  • Astonishing graphics make for an atmosphere and special effects unlike any seen on the Xbox before.

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  • North America: Oct 19, 2004
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