Otogi: Myth of Demons Cheats

Otogi: Myth of Demons cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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How to obtain Needle of fury
This item boosts ATK, lowers DEF and prevents use of spells. To get it beat stage 6 in under 1 minute. Good Luck!
Mythical Beads
To get this ATK raising item you have to search for it in Stage 5, it will appear out of a building when you smash it.
secret items
jaws of moutainn stage 11 go down the path and take an little path to your right.
rune scimitars:get a 20 hit combo on level 3
sword of bindingefeat the raven king on untaimed winds.
dragon point:kill 30 enemys on stage 7.

prayer beads:kill crimson king in 20 seconds in chilled moon.
sutra of agression:kill the worm in floating tomb{note,kill not just beat th stage.}
Sword of binding location
Complete stage 12 to get this awesome weapon.
Training (Wooden) Sword
To get this sword you need to get a 400 hit combo on stage 11. Good Luck!


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Hint: Magic Opposites:
Magic that opposes one another do double damage and magic from the same house does half damage.
Byakko (Chimera) opposes Soryu (Dragon)
Genbu (Butterfly) opposes Suzaku (Phoenix)
when you double jump, hold dash and forward then keep on pressing the B button, you will keep on jumping up. you can do that untill you arive at the very top of the map.
Unlock 2nd Play:
Beat the game once to unlock the 2nd Play option. You can play the game again with all weapons and items carried over from your last game. You also gain the ability to destroy strong object with a B attack and your stats increase.
Unlock Weapons:
Moonlight Sword: Free all souls in first 28 stages.
Orchid Malevolence: Kill the Hydra in stage 25.
Weapon Unlockables
Black Swallow
Kill Death Serpent behind the beginning of Stage 23

Butterfly Staff
Destroy some plants in Stage 10 close to the beginning and go into the hidden hallway

Dragon Staff
Finish Stage 5 with a time of 3:20 or better

Golden Dragon
Look in the narrow passage in the beginning of Stage 20

Holy Staff
Beast Stage 15 with a time of 2:47 or better

Ogre's Horn
Defeat the Blaze Ogre in Stage 18.

Look at the base of the hill in Stage 6

Beat Stage 14 in under 2 mins.

Staff of Duality
Look inside a tree stump in Stage 24

Sword of Voracity
Kill 60 enemies in Stage 26. use high defense magic

Staff Of Moons
Kill over 20 enemies on stage 6.

Sword Of Vitality
Kill 100 enemies on stage 27 within 5 minutes.