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No other game offers one place where the orcs just line up for the slaughter. Orcs Must Die! 2, sequel to the wildly popular cooperative tower-defense third-person, doesn't change the formula. It simply adds to the recipe. Waves of orcs invade unique map and it's the player's job to murder them all with a mix of spells, auto-attacks and traps, traps, traps!

Did I say co-op? Yes, I said co-op! Players can take on the armies of The Mob as either the War Mage or as The Sorceress, who after the events of the original Orcs Must Die! have united forces to battle against the mindless hordes.

Together, the War Mage and The Sorceress will battle through the Dead Worlds, righting the wrongs they've committed by closing the Rifts. All of this, they're doing with the help of an old friend both believed was long gone. There's no end to the Orc Mob and thus the adventures of the War Mage will never end.

Players will play Orcs Must Die 2! level by level, with each progressively adding more waves and more difficult enemies. Players, alternatively, will go stronger by leveling up and gaining access to new skills, abilities and traps. Each level will consist of building time, where the players can lay down traps throughout the labyrinthine tunnels of a map, followed by the wave of enemies itself. After completing a wave, the players once again have time to build new traps with their newly earned wealth.

Orcs Must Die! 2 is available exclusively on the PC. Beyond the original Orcs Must Die!, Robot Entertainment is also working on a follow-up, free-to-play sequel named Orcs Must Die! Unchained. This title offers 5v5 combat mixing tower defense and MOBA elements.


Orcs Must Die 2 getting Fire & Water booster pack DLC

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Aug 27, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments
Orcs Must Die 2 demo available now

Let the slaughter begin

Jul 27, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments
Orcs Must Die! 2 screens feature Endless Mode

This could get a little crazy

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Orcs Must Die 2 coming next month

Get yer towers ready

Jun 21, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 1 comment
Orcs Must Die! 2 adding cooperative play, releasing this summer

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Apr 02, 2012, by Rory Young | 1 comment

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