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[edit] Background

Operation Fall Blau is a new extension to the IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles flight simulator. It consists of 2 new campaigns consisting of 550 partially historically accurate missions total. The extension depicts the everyday life of the Red Army Air Force 88th fighter regiment and gives the player an opportunity to act as a squadron commander. Another option is to choose the German side and take command of the 1st squadron of the Luftwaffe JG52.

[edit] Gameplay

Operation Fall Blau will take the players through a number of WWII battles full of danger and complications, namely the battle of Smolensk, the defense of Moscow in 1941, the Soviet forces' counter-offensive in winter 1941-42, the Wehrmacht's advance in Crimea, the battle of Stalingrad, the encirclement of the German troops under Field Marshal Paulus, the battle of Kursk, the breakthrough of the Blue Line in the lower stream of the Kuban river and the liberation of Crimea in 1944.

Aviating Bf-109, He-111, Ju-87, Hurricane, P-40, P.11c or I-16, MiG-3, LaGG-3, Yak-1, La-5 the players will take part in fulfilling of a wide range of military missions such as free hunting, convoys protection, bombers and battleplanes escort, low-flying attacks, reconnaissance flights, diversion missions and the land troops air-cover.

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  • Publisher: 1C
  • Developer: X1Software
  • Genre: Air Combat (PC)
Release Dates
  • Europe: Oct 1, 2004