Onimusha Warlords review

The good:

The pre rendered backgrounds are amazing!Especially the FMV.
The fighting although seems to be a button masher then becomes a game of timing and perciceness.

The bad:

The story isnt the best.The fighting despite what I said before still has room for some improvement.One particulat puzzle in the game kept me from progressing for about a week.A little short.Also the secondary character sttinks.


Onimusha:Warlords.This game is what samurai hungry players have been looking for.This game despite its faults is a very good game.In this game you take the role of Samanoske,the samurai chosen by the clan of the ogres to stop the demons.The games plot is a little weak.This guy Nobunaga who died in this war wa brought back to life by the demons.....but the question here is why?Why go to all the trouble of reviving some old fart.Dont get me wrong though,despite errors and faults of this title I soon came to love it for it preety face,style and 3 awesome weapons.Raizen-thunder sword Enryuu-Fire greatsword and
Shippu-wind,nagiata sword(double bladed sword.)Each weapon has a spaecial magic attack,thunder sword equals a bunch o lightining strikes,fire sword,big wave o fire and wind sword really big tornado.Whas also good about this game is that you can upgrade your equipment for better attack and defense.Well bottom line its 10 bucks it fun and drop dead gorgious.

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