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Oni Cheats

Cheat Codes
To activate cheat codes you first have defeat the game.

If you have NOT defeated the game, you will have to edit a file using a Hex editor. (ugh). We take NO responsibility if you screw things up while trying to hex edit the game file so make backups!!

Hex Editing instructions:
Before proceeding, make a backup copy of 'persist.dat' - without it your game will not function and you can really screw things up if you don't do this properly.

Open 'persist.dat' with your favorite hex editor. It should be located in the directory where you installed Oni (c:\program files\oni by default).

Go to hexadecimal Offset 44 - the value should either be '02' or '06'. Change this value to '07'. Save and close the file.

Now you're good to go!

Once you have unlocked the cheats, press "F1" during gameplay to open up the personal data assistant. Type in the following codes to activate the cheat. If entered correctly, you will see text appear in the bottom window of the PDA.

Change characters (using F8)**shapeshifter
Computer-controlled enemies fight everyone
even each other
Konoko can't be knocked over or stunnedcanttouchthis
complete the current levelwinlevel
fail the current levelloselevel
fast-firing weaponsroughjustice
full ballistic and energy clips, plus full hypospraysfatloot
infinite ammosuperammo
lets you knock back enemies after each blowfistsoflegend
makes everything breakableglassworld
permanent over-hypo effectchenille
regenerating healthelderrune
single hit kills, using "touch of death"touchofdeath
toggles Godzilla modebehemoth
toggles big head modebighead
toggles invincibilityliveforever
toggles invisibilitymoonshadow
toggles miniature modeminime
toggles slow-motion modecarousel
tougher computer-controlled enemieskillmequick
weapons are spawned everywheremunitionfrenzy

** The shapeshifter code lets you play the game using another character such as a striker, Muro, Barabas, or the enemies. When you play with other characters you get to use their moves. This is a leftover of the multiplayer features that Oni was supposed to ship with, before they canned multiplayer altogether.

Command codes

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developer mode
Bigbadboos - Boos Shild
For some of u that it donen;t work
<a href="http://rossy.oni2.net/files/daodan/binkw32.dll" target="_blank">http://rossy.oni2.net/files/daodan/binkw32.dll</a>
and replce this file binkw32.dll
developer mode
Kangaroo - Jump higher
Marypoppins - Jetpack
developer mode
Bulletproof - Force Field (I't dosen't brake)


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tow guns glitche
1)open the game and activate developer mode(thedayismine).
2)pick up the 1 weapon and store them.
3)press f7 key.
4)press Q key to get first gun.
5)press Q key to get second gun.
note: please not pick the barabas gun.


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While in developer mode,you will have access the Command Console. Press [`] to access the console and try some of the following commands:
- superammo
- fatloot
- liveforever
Cycle through all possible weapons [F7]
Change character [F8]
Start recording [F9]
Stop recording [F10]
Playback recording [F11]
Toggle slow motion [Ctrl] + [Shift] + G
Toggles textures [Ctrl] + [Shift] + S
Display opponent logic [Ctrl] + [Shift] + B
Display frame rate [Crtl] + [Shift] + [Y]
All doors unlocked door_ignore_locks = 1
Kill all nearby AI ai2_kill
No clipping mode chr_nocollision 1
No clipping mode disabled chr_nocollision 0