One Piece (GBA) Cheats

One Piece cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Key for chests
Talk to the dog in 2-2 in your second time through the game. You should get the key to open most of the chests.
Unlockable Flags
Alvida pirate flag - Beat Alvida in 1-1 then find her in 6-1
Arlong's pirate flag - beat Arlong a second time around
Navy flag - beat axe hand morgan or chaser the second time around
Red hair pirates flag - Beat boss battle mode in all difficulties
Buggy's pirate flag - Beat buggy the second time around
Kreig's armada - Beat Don Kreig the second time around
Black cat pirate flag - Beat kuro the second time around
Straw hat pirates flag - get all the flags but the red hair pirates flag
Cook pirate flag - get sanji and talk to Chef Zeff in 4-1
Veggie pirate flag - it's behind the veggie pirates in 3-1,you have to have Ussop to get past them


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Easy Buggy Basher
Alright, As soon as the battle starts, Charge Buggy And Jump as soon as he attacks, Then Air Kick Him and Combo a Gatling. Repeat this until you have your Special Bars Full. Next when buggy Launches his fist at you, Jump over it and Get Behind him, Then Hold "Up", Press "A" And "B" At the same time to use the Gum Gum Axe. Do this again Once he Does another Fist Missile, And it'll knock a Good Chunk Of HP Off. (NOTE: if you haven't got Four SP Bars, Just Charge an SP Bar instead of attacking Again.)
Next Up is the Chop-chop Heck Fest.
Buggy Gets Desperate And Cuts Himself into tiny, little pieces. And has His Hands become the veggie-Dicer 5000, And your the Carrot. Just Dodge his hands And Air Kick his head. The Gum Gum Axe Won't work, Because the only hitting part of it is when it Hits the Ground. Continue Playing soccer with Buggy until he Pulls himself together(Pun Intended), And Do A GGA On Him Once he Does a Fist Missile. He Should die Quickly.
Perform the task in order to unlock the thing specified before.

Zolo's Stomach Band - Complete level 1-3
Axe-hand Morgan Statue - Complete level 1-3
Wado - Complete level 1-2
Chouchou's dogfood - Complete level 2-2
Map of the grand line - Complete level 2-3
Special Buggy Ball - Complete level 2-3
Chakram - Complete level 3-2
Usopp's Sling shot - Complete level 3-3
Cat's Claw - Complete level 3-3
Mackerel Head One - Complete level 4-1
Free Food - Complete level 4-2
Lollipop - Complete level 4-3
Gas Mask - Complete level 4-3
Hatchan's Octopus Trap - Complete level 5-2
Master of the Near Sea - Complete level 5-2
Tooth Gum - Complete level 5-3
Elephant Tuna - On level 6-1, have Sanji talk to a woman
Shigure - Complete level 6-2
Billow-a-bike - Complete level 6-3