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The greatest treasure of the world, One Piece, is said to lie along the Grand Line, and this revelation sparked the age of exploration in the world. There are Marine and there are Pirates, and all are after the power of One Piece. However, the Marine are cruel and unfeeling, and the Pirates operate on a system of their own. Some are good and some are evil. Regardless, Marine want to stamp them all out.
When he was a boy, Luffy was saved by Shanks, a pirate, at the cost of Shanks' arm. Luffy ate devil's fruit and became a rubber man, able to stretch himself as far as he wanted, but it was at the cost of being hated by the sea. Anyone that eats the devil's fruit is hated by the sea and finds it difficult to swim. But Luffy decided that he wanted to be the greatest pirate ever, the Pirate King!
He set out on his journey and gradually recruited others to join him, like Zoro, Usopp, Nami, and Sanji. Soon, even more joined them like Bibi and Chopper, and their adventures continued the world over as Luffy tried to right the wrongs he came across and instill a belief in people that Pirates are not bad as the Marine try to make them believe. All this was in the process of his quest to become the King of Pirates!
This is the story of Luffy and his friends!

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