One Piece: Grand Adventure (GC) Cheats

One Piece: Grand Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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go to training mode and pick any character.quickly destroy every pillar you see with every player you have/will will unlock options for the computer difficulty.


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Unlockable Characters
To do these Codes you must Beat Story Mode with any Character or any difficuly Setting

Buggy- Hold L and Press A Right Right Right Right Right Right A A A X X X

Chaser- Hold L Press B B X X A A Down Down Up Up B B B

Kuro- Hold L and Press X X X X Left Left Right Right Right Y Y Y Y

Don Krieg- Hold L and Press Down Down B B B B B Right Right A A A A

Arlong- Hold L Oress Down Down X X A A Down Down Down Down Down Left Down

Ms. Sunday-Hold R and Press Up Y Up A Down X Up B Right B Left A Right Y Down L

Chopper- Hold R and Press B Down L Up A Right X Down X Down Y Right A Left L X

Shanks- Hold R Press Right B Left A Left L Right B Right L Down A Left B Right Y

Mihawk- Hold R and Press Right L Up B Up L Right Y Left X Left A Down A Left L

Unlockable: Chaser
You must access Chaser's adventure mode. First, level him up, then use his Secret Attack.
Unlockable: Eneru
During Mr. 0 Crocodile's adventure mode, you must use him once in battle when he joins the crew.
Unlockable: Kuina
You musy recruit her in Chaser's adventure mode, and at some point, use her Secret Attack.