On the Ball Cheats

On the Ball cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Ball select
Enter GFXJF as a password to change the ball into various objects, including a rag doll, space man, and alien.
Change gravity
Enter ZLJPJ as a password to change the gravity to match any planet in the solar system.
Display best time screen
Enter ZNGGX as a password, and you can display the best time screen.
Final level
Enter WRJMH as a password, to immediatly teleport to the final level.
Level select
Enter QWNQP as a password. The title screen will appear again with the level number displayed. Press Up or Down to select any level from 1 to 99, then press Start.
Second and third level planes
Enter MHWYR as a password to access the second plane, or HCCWD to access the third plane of levels.
Sound test
Enter NRRRP as a password, and the sound test option will be open to change.