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Brush with greatness


I've stated this in a previous review, but allow me to reiterate the fact that I'm not a believer of the whole “video games are art” thing. They've always been something that you do to kill a couple of hours before you do something more important like school, uni or your significant other. Having said that, Okami, like Journey, is quite an experience that challenges this claim of mine. It's one of those games that's best summed up by how each of the elements work in order to create the experience, rather than the elements themselves. On their own, they're good, but to truly enjoy this majes...


For the Japanophile in all of us


In the age of social networking, few games fly under the radar long enough to achieve cult status. Capcom’s Ōkami is probably as close as it gets to a modern-day equivalent, with the video gaming community seemingly divided into those who love it and those who’ve never heard of it. Until recently I fell into the latter category and was surprised to learn it won the 2006 ga...


A Celestial Secret


Sometimes it just happens; that game comes along, sits around for a bit watching everyone else fly off the shelf, then wonders what it did wrong when removed from display. Described as a forgotten jewel in Capcom’s crown, Okami is one of those titles which gives a good impression, but never found itself hitting the mainstream. Conceptually it’s a great title, so what exactly went wrong for the white wolf?

There’s no doubting that the plot of Okami is one of the major selling points, being a deep and rich experience of culture meets mythology. Following events from a century past, ruin has be...


A great adventure!

The good:

Beautiful game, extraordinary gameplay, wonderful storyline and characters, worthwhile sidequests, tons of replay value, plenty of play value, an adventure to remember.

The bad:

Enemy fights disrupt linear gameplay and can become tedious, "voice-chop" speaking can take a bit to get used to, game starts out slow.


For this review, it will take all of my might to don the "non-biased reviewer" mask in order to share my thoughts on this game. This is because, frankly, my bias is that this game is among the best games in the market that I have ever played.

Okami tells a Japanese mythology-based fictional story of the sun-god incarnated in the form of wolf in order to save the land of Nippon from the terrible evils. The story is divided into several sub-plots and is told extraordinarily well, often pulling at your heart-strings or making you laugh. The characters are all unique and will easily entice you i...

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