Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Passwords

If you input this during a mission go to the elem pedra screen and press a to see the thing in the background now press: a a a a b b b b c(up) c(down) the rest are for the D-Pad up down up left left up up up up down after that press and hold the Z button as you input this a a a b b b. L r l r l r a a a b a b a now release this code will stay on until you sell an item ( I don't know why.) now go into battle with the main character ( Magnus ) and fight to the death ( cool thing is you can't die!!!!) don't worry if your health goes down that's supposed to happen when it reaches zero it fills back up!!! It only works with the main character though that's what sucks.
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PasswordWhat it does