Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (N64) Cheats

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber cheats, Passwords, and Codes for N64.


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If you input this during a mission go to the elem pedra screen and press a to see the thing in the background now press: a a a a b b b b c(up) c(down) the rest are for the D-Pad up down up left left up up up up down after that press and hold the Z button as you input this a a a b b b. L r l r l r a a a b a b a now release this code will stay on until you sell an item ( I don't know why.) now go into battle with the main character ( Magnus ) and fight to the death ( cool thing is you can't die!!!!) don't worry if your health goes down that's supposed to happen when it reaches zero it fills back up!!! It only works with the main character though that's what sucks.
Read above.
PasswordWhat it does


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Get Dianas Early
All the basic equipment for Dianas is very basic except for their weapon: the Ytival. You normally do not get the Ytival to end of Chapter 2, which is entirely too long.

After defeating your father at the Highland of Soathon (Scene 12), investigate the areas (particularly in the mountains). It shouldn't be long before you run into a Platinum Dragon. You may want to recruit one, but make sure to kill a few. After killing a Platinum Dragon the chance of getting a Ytival is about 80-90% so you'll have all the basic equipment for Dians early.
infinite money
1-Go into the character menu
2-Delete all items carried by a team
3-Place a pack of soldier
4-Place a $$$ (selling) objet at THE LAST space
5-Remove the soldier
6-Remove the item
7-Go to the item menu
8-Sell the item the time you want
Note- Watch out how many you sell because i spent 24 minutes the first time using it.
Quick Money
To get a decent amount of money, visit Mylesia (town where you recruit Troi). Enter there with a unit leader of alignment less than 50. If you answer the questions that Lestat proposes correctly, you'll receive the Bloody Emblem, which you can sell for 325 goth.

Now you can return to the area and repeat the process as many times as you want. 325 isn't that much, but it can start to stack up, and is especially good for training early in the game.

Note: You must leave the map and re-enter for Lestat to return.
- Right off the bat forget about legions as they are completely and utterly useless.
- make sure you have 4 main groups.
- always have it on attack leader.
- get really strong.
Vad's Gift
After getting Vad on your team (this is done only after liberating Audvera Heights and Sable Lowlands before coming to Mount Ithaca and, even then, only after you liberate Ketican- after spotting Vad's unit and not intercepting him in the process of doing so)send Vad's unit to Shafferville at the Highlands of Soathon. There, you'll meet an old friend of Vad's; he will give you Idaten's Mail (wind).