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Of Orcs and Men FAQ

by limraz   Updated on

   Limona Razvan

     Legal note
 This faq/walkthrough belong to me. Feel free to use it,except one situation.
If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation(Children
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                             Of Orcs and Men walkthrough, PC

                                      Version 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Races
  3. Controls
  4. Strategy tips
  5. Heroes
  6. Skills
  7. Builds
  8. Main missions
  9. Side missions
 10. Merchants and gear 
 11. The Universe of OOMA
 12. Credits

  1. Introduction

 In a brutal world at war, where the Empire of Men’s oppressive threat 
looms over the territories of the Orcs and the Goblins. Goblins are 
systematically persecuted and slaughtered, while Orcs not killed in battle 
are captured and enslaved.
 Of Orcs and Men first puts you into the role of an elite Orc soldier from 
the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, a league of warriors deeply involved in 
the war opposing the Orcs and Goblins on one side to their persecutors, 
 As a veteran warrior who has seen the most brutal of battles,you are 
appointed by the Orc commander to complete a mission that could change the 
course of the war: kill the one man responsible for all of this bloodshed, 
the one who has, for years, exhorted the human masses to loath and fight 
the green-skinned people: the Emperor himself.

 A Goblin will soon join you to aid you in your mission … he is everything 
the Orc is not. But you find that this works to your advantage as you 
fight on the battleground and off.Making advantage of their natural traits, 
they have their own skill trees you will develop. While the Orc focuses on 
power, reflecting his incredible strength, the Goblin will benefit from 
darker powers and stealth abilities, making him the perfect assassin.
 From the filthy alleys at the foot of the Great Wall, to the depths of the 
Empire of Men, your two infiltrated heroes will face the greatest dangers 
through their epic quest. They will commune with the Wizards, fight the 
assassins and soldiers of the Empire of Men, and oppose the powerful 
Sisters of Laments.
 As the world falls into chaos and you face a cruel and merciless humanity 
bent on eternal persecution of Orcs and Goblins, your unlikely duo will 
have one last chance to change the course of History and, hopefully, 
bringing peace between your peoples.

    2. Races

 Goblins surged 100 years ago to the surface, without anyone knowing why,
but they are nothing more than mindless animals. One exception is Styx,
the only goblin capable to reason and speak.

 Humans, lead by the Emperor, are the evil doers of this world, bent
to destroy anyone who opose them, in this case the orc tribes.

 Orcs live in tribes scattered south of the empire, proud of their
traditions and beliefs, ready to fight the humans who want to
make them  more ``civilized``.

    3. Controls

 - W,A,S,D = foward, backward, left, right
 - Tactics = Space\Delete
 - Previous Target = Q
 - Next target = E
 - Switch active character = Tab\Ctrl
 - Stealth (Styx) = Shift
 - Pause = Esc
 - In game menu = F1
 - Atributtes = C
 - Inventory = I
 - Skills = K
 - Map = M
 - Log quest = J
 - Selection = Enter
 - Back\Cancel = Backspace
 - Quick save = F5
 - Quick load = F8
 - Interact\Select\Confirm = Left mouse button
 - Back\Cancel = Right mouse button
 - Camera = Mouse

 The keys can`t be changed and will take some minutes to get used.

     4. Strategy tips

 OOAM doesn`t have the same feeling like your run-of-the-mill RPG. Since 
the devs belong to rather small companies, they got to make some tough
decisions about gameplay and the result is quite entertaining if you stick
to some rules :

 - The strategy of going unscathed from battle involve 4 steps :
# First send Styx in stealth mode to scout ahead. Usually some people
stand near fires, wood or stones, sometimes carriages, packed together
or separated. Another group is patroling from point A to point B. Check
their positions and note who is out of sight of others, keeping his back
to you, sleeping (yes, people on guard duty always take a nap, especially
spearmens),looking in the general directions of others, but not exactly at
them or slacking on patrol (staying behind actually, spearmens again!).
# Pick the stragglers in stealth kill, thining their numbers.
# If possible snuck behind bossess and kill them. Orcs berserk, Grand
Inquisitors\Inquisitor Archivists or Great Sister make a priority
because of their abilities. If not possible, pick those in the
number three tip. 
# When facing more than 3 enemies start with AoE from Arkail, while
Styx use Stunning Bomb and Rain of blades to stun and create
vulnerability. In the beginning, when Styx doesn`t get AoE yet,
use low blow and accurate throw to keep enemies away and put
them in Arkail damage area. In offensive stance Arkail will
get in rage mod pretty fast so is good to stay out of the way
and kill those behind thim.

 - Whenever possible attract enemies in tight spaces to fight
only 2 at the time.

 - In theory light\medium attacks should be used on light armored
enemies and heavy on knights, orcs and sword and shield NPC. In
reality heavy impact blows work against everyone, except Monkey
and Fox in Black Hand hideout.

 - Stealth kill is possible only from behind\sideways and it doesn`t
work on dogs and most goblins who like to move around like crazy. To
enhance the chance of succes keep close to the walls and wait for a 
opening. In the same time keep Arkail as far back possible, out
of sight.

 - Always stealth kill Bosses first, followed by heavy armoured foes 
(orc, knights, sword and shield soldiers), spearmens and crossbow users.

 - Upgrade revive skills first chance you get

 - Use Arkail in a tank role and move Styx around out of the harm`s way.
The controls are a bit strange,so it`s best to hit space and s,instead of 
w key.

 - If Arkail is hit to many times, he will enter a bloody rage and smash
everything around, out of player control. Get Styx out of range and
use ranged combat.

 - Mobs are, usually, more dangerous than bosses and their small teams
because they come in with 6-18 members who like to surround your party.
Start with AoE from both Arkail and Styx, involving debilitating effects
like stunning, vulnerability, bleeding and mop them fast.Still, AoE come
to play around level 10 in Defensive tree, compared to level two in
Offensive tree, so is best to follow tips 1 and 2 `till then.

 - Orcs, grace to their huge size, strength and regeneration ability,
make dire enemies. Expect to die, especially against bersekrs. 

 - Sometimes the skills will not work properly and their damage
look, at least to me, inferior to the number in description. Adapt
and compensate by changing fast tactics.


 - Trade points can be obtain by selling weapons\equipments, performing
deeds who please the merchants or opening sacks around the game.

 - Merchants can upgrade your gear for 1 trade point each piece, but
this upgrade will affect only the first ``enchantment`` that piece have.


 - Use items who boost strength and stamina for Arkail, stamina and
agility for Styx. 

 - Items with 2-3 bonuses are the best choice

 - Gear obtained in the first chapter is better than anything else
you get all along to chapter 5 !!? 


 - Keep in reserve 6 points (levels 14-19) for special skills in 
the specialization obtained in Arkence. Invest only in one skill tree 
for Arkail,plus special skills like revive Styx and regenerate kit, 
while Styx should always have Stunning Bomb, no matter what tree you want. 

       5. Heroes

  ARKAIL was born in Red Breath tribe and it is one of the Bloodjaws legion, 
an elite group of warriors feared across the whole Empire, known for their 
ferocity and efficacy in battle. 
  Nicknamed the "Butcher of Bay Harbor", Arkail is an Orc tougher than most 
of his brothers. His nickname comes from the battle of Bay Arbor, where 
the proud Orc warriors, outnumbered 4 to 1, faced the imperial army. The 
Orcs won the battle, but at a cost: letting his rage take over, Arkail 
went berserk... indiscriminately slaughtering Humans and Orcs. His feat 
caught the attention of the Bloodjaws, of which he is now one of the 
most respected - and feared - member. 
  The mission that has been given to him today might be his chance at 
redemption, and to finally control the rage that floods his mind in battle.

Arkail is a fearsome melee warrior. In offensive stance, he will disregard 
his own safety to generously distribute punches and slashes. However, 
the more he is hit, and the more his takes over... he will lose control 
of himself and attack enemies and allies without discrimination.

defensive stance, on the contrary, Arkail will be able to manage his rage 
more effectively, and will have the time to appreciate the strengths and 
weaknesses of his opponents. This will allow him to exploit their weak 
points easily.

 Note : Concentrate on strength and stamina for attributes, stun\AoE 
inducing skills in defensive combat and heavy blows\AoE in offensive
combat. He is powerful, but his low agility and mind need to be
compensate by employing Styx`s skills al the time, keeping enemies
out of his back. 

 Background : He is the son of Marhlock and Issa from Red Breath 
tribe, a tribe his father ordered to surrender in a losing 
battle against an human army. This decision has given Arkail much 
shame and grief, making him to blame his father a long time, since no
honorable orc will simply give in. In the same time he is fighting his
own blind, murderous rage, until he will get a chance to choose between 
embracing or controlling it. 

 Starting attributes, derivatives and gear

 Strength 14 (Damage, Striking Force), Agility 6 (Chance critical hit, 
Deflection), Stamina 15 (Stability, Life Points), Mind 5 (Deflection, 
Rage Points).
 Gear : Slicer (sword, dmg + 5), Gladiator`s greaves(dmg reduction +5%,
stability + 3)

 STYX is a Goblin and, for all we know, the only one of his race to 
wear clothes, to be able to speak, and to make out the difference 
between a pile of junk and a well-filled purse. 
  Styx has an incredible instinct of survival, which made him form a 
large network of more-or-less disreputable characters.If you are looking 
for something around the Wall, be sure Styx will know where to find it... 
or at least, he'll know who can find it for you.

While Styx isn't the 
toughest or most resilient of warriors that ever walked this earth- hey, 
he's a goblin after all - he is most certainly one of the sneakiest and 
  Excelling in the art of assassination, dirty tricks and usage 
of poison, he has no equals when it comes to exploiting his enemies' 
weaknesses... or even creating holes in their defense! 

Styx's stature 
allows him to reach places that would be otherwise inaccessible to an 
Orc, and will be a great ally for Arkail in his mission.

 Note : He shines after AoE skills become available in Hand to
Hand stance or Ranged Combat. Still, it`s best to move him around,
avoiding hits from heavy enemies or low level mobs. Keep his Life
Points above 300 and dump the rest in Agility and Mind.

 Background : He is, after a fashion, the ``father`` of goblins.
He was a powerful orc shaman, corupted by the Amber substance, who
created the goblins more than one hundred years ago.

 Starting attributes, derivatives and gear
 Strength 5 (Damage, Striking Force), Agility 15 (Chance critical
hit, Dodge), Stamina 8 (Stability, Life Points), Mind (Dodge,
Concentration per second).

 Gear : Throat slitters (dmg + 3, dodge + 5%), Survivor`s leather (dmg
reduction + 6%, Life regeneration\sec + 1.00, stamina +2), 
Survivor`s gloves (dmg reduction + 2%, striking force + 3), Survivor`s
Leggins (dmg reduction +2%, stability +3)

 Note : Atributtes have direct influence about derivatives like :
 - Damage reduction = damage absorbed by current gear
 - Damage = base physical damage of each succesful attack
 - Striking Force = base power of each blow made with the equipped
 - Chance of critical hit = multiplied by equipment
 - Stability = resistence to enemies strike power
 - Life points = health
 - Deflection = average ratio of physical attacks succesfuly
deflected, preventing the damage
 - Rage points = rage quantity that Arkail can accumulate before
going berserkr. 

     6. Skills

  There are 5 skill tree - Offensive Stance, Defensive Stance, Ranged
Combat, Hand to Hand Combat and Special. After Arkence`s dream they get
3 more special skills in Bersekr\Master and Assassin\Shadowgoblin
specializations. Only one upgrade can be taken for each skill.


  OFFENSIVE STANCE (damage +50%, damage reduction - 50%,deflection
- 50%)
    Upgrade (level 3) :
     - Every critical hit stun the target
     - Each succesful attack has a 25% chance to cause bleeding

    Note : I like the first one because it doesn`t involve any percentage.
Offensive fits better Arkail because he is not a real tank, able to
whitstand huge amounts of punishments and rage give him the edge. 

  1. Fast Attack (automatic) = Damage + 100%, Medium impact. 
    Upgrade (level 3) :
      - Inflict bleeding to any enemy affected by a vulnerability  
      - Increase stability to 100% during the attack

     Note : Basic attack and the only one Arkail use in his rage. Pick
second upgrade for increase protection.

  2. Powerfull Blow = Damage 125%, 3 blows, Enemy parry - 50%, Enemy
dodge + 50%, Heavy Impact 
     Upgrade (level 5) :
      - Impossible to interrupt
      - Damage increased by 50%

     Note : Best choice against orcs and heavy armoured foes, especially
with the first upgrade. 

 3. Feint = Damage 150%, 2 blows, Enemy parry + 50%, Enemy dodge - 75%,
Medium Impact
     Upgrade (level 5) :
      - 100% chance of destabilizing the target
      - Damage increased by 50%

     Note : THE attack against Inquisitors, Sisters of Lament and 
spearmens, because of his high dmg output and chance to destabilize 
(interrupt) their attacks, followed by Powerfull Blow to destroy them.

 4. Round Attack (level 2) = Area 4 m, Damage 100%, 2 blows, Enemy
parry + 50%, Enemy dodge + 50%, Medium Impact
     Upgrade (level 6) :
      - Impossible to interrupt
      - Takes away the enemy bonus to parry and dodge

     Note : AoE at level 2!!! Take the first upgrade and use it 
always with Stunning Bomb from Styx`s Ranged Combat.

 5. Sworn Enemy (level 2) : blows who generate threat for the target =
Damage 125%, Threat + 100, 2 blows, Heavy Impact
    Upgrade (level 6) :
      - Restore 30 life points
      - Incresease Rage by 20 points

     Note : I don`t like this skill because, once I shoot AoE and heavy
blows, everyone will be on Arkail beard, so to speak, already. The 
upgrades are bad, also, so I skip this and keep the point.

 6. Offensive Charge (level 6) : charge to a distant enemy = damage
200%, Heavy Impact
    Upgrade (level 9) :
     - 50% chance to stun the target
     - Damage increased by 10%
    Note : It doesn`t work all the time and the damage is pitiful.
Skip this in favor of stunning punch to add some control of

 7. Murderous Rage (level 10) = 30 sec duration, Damage + 50%, Damage
reduction - 100%, Deflection - 100%
    Upgrade (level 13) :
     - Chance of critical hit increase by 10%
     - Armor and deflection get to 0%

    Note : The only real pre battle buff, good with second upgrade 
against anyone.

   DEFENSIVE STANCE (Rage\sec - 2, Deflection +25%, counterattack 35%)
      Upgrade (level 3) 
       - 10% chance of deflection
       - Arkail`s rage increases even more slowly

     Note : Second upgrade will keep him at bay, capable to get a lot of
hits before rage settle in. Defensive is the safer route, but he will
kick more time than in offensive stance to get someone killed.

 1. Quick attack = damage 100%, Medium Impact
      Upgrade (level 3) :
       - 25% chance of stun on target
       - target chances of parry\dodge reduced by 25%

     Note : The only attack ``light`` enough to get always past
nimble opponents like sisters of laments, inquisitors and spearmens, 
but at the cost of low damage.

 2. Stunning Punch = Damage 150%, Chance of Stunning 75%, Enemy parry +50%,
Enemy Dodge +50%
      Upgrade (level 5) :
       - target parry/dodge reduced by 50%
       - damage increased by 50%
      Note : First choice against orcs, bosses and heavy enemies, 
especially with the upgrade who take away their bonuses to parry/dodge.
It`s interesting to note that 75% chance of stun hit more often than
100% in number 5 skill.

 3. Rage release = 3 sec, rage per sec - 5
      Upgrade (level 5) :
       - decrease of rage amplified by 100%
       - converses 100% of supressed rage into life points

      Note : Useful on paper, restore way to less LP and it`s not a
good idea to use it in a battle where everyone is around. Just a way
to keep Arkail fighting a bit longer, while Styx try to stun or run around.

 4. Taunt = Area 8 m, Threat + 100.
     Upgrade (level 6) :
       - 25% chance of destabilizing the enemies
       - area increase by 100%

    Note : See Sworn enemy. Ignore it.

 5. Back and force (level 2) = damage +50%, 3 blows, striking force 500%,
Heavy Impact
     Upgrade (level 6) :
       - 100% chance to stun
       - damage increased by 100%

     Note : Solid choice after Stunning punch, I usually go with SP,
BaF, BaF, SP and repeat. Bosses and orcs dislike it and it`s better to
pick the second upgrade since the first one almost never trigger.

 6. Disengagement (level 10) = Area 4 m, damage 75%, 4 blows,
striking force 150%
      Upgrade (level 13) :
       - impossible to interrupt
       - increase striking force by 100%

     Note : Far better, in my opinion, than Round Attack because enemies
don`t get bonuses to parry/dodge and Arkail get 4 blows. Coupled with 
first upgrade and Stunning Bomb from Styx will keep enemies at bay. 

 7. Carapace (level 6) = Duration 15 sec, damage reduction +25%, 
deflection 15%, damage - 75%, critical hits - 75%
     Upgrade (level 9) :
       - 35% increase chance to counterattack
       - increase health regeneration by 50%

     Note : Bad. Bonuses are to weak to survive in a mob fight and
even in defensive stance Arkail should concentrate on killing.I skipped it,
because at medium difficulty bosses are not that tough. If you choose
other difficulty it`s worth come only in boss fights and with equipment
that increase deflection. Still, I prefer to kill them.

    SPECIAL SKILLS (always in use)

 Default skills (received in the beginning)

  1. Throw Goblin = damage 500%, 100% chance to stun, Heavy Impact
       Upgrade (level 5) :
        - 50% chance to destabilize every enemy in a 5 m area
        - 25% chance to stun in 5 m area

      Note : Great fun throwing Styx on enemies from distance. In the same
time mobs will chew the same goblin faster. Great open move against
a boss without his minions. Do not upgrade.

  2. Raise Ally = raise Styx with 15% Life points
       Upgrade (level 5) :
        - more 50 LP
        - chance of deflection increase by 50%

      Note : First upgrade. Skill useful on tough fights where Arkail
and Styx get the other back to life to keep the pressure on.

  3. Small pick-me-up (level 6) - Styx throw a med kit to speed
up regeneration = duration 15 sec, life points/sec 5
       Upgrade (level 9) :
        - rage increase by 5 points/sec
        - life regeneration increases by 100% per second

      Note : good with second upgrade in the beginning, but the animation 
will take a couple of seconds, time used by enemies to hit Arkail.

  Specialization skills (received in Arkence dream, choose between 2 tree,
rather disapointing since you can`t really control them)

  Path of Berserk (Offensive Stance) = 2 strength points, skills automatic 
used in Rage mode

  1. Animal Cry - howl that increase rage = chance of launching 15%,
rage + 50
       Upgrade :
        - restore 50 more rage points
        - restore 100 life points

     Note : Second upgrade, just to keep the fun rolling!. It`s great
seeing him breaking the spine of his enemies! 

 2. Berserk Attack = damage 100%, critical hit - 50%, Medium Impact
       Upgrade :
        - every successful hit has a 20% chance of causing bleeding
        - every successful hit has a 20% chance of destabilizing the

     Note : I prefer destabilizing because I do not know how bleeding
is supose to work

  3. Hurricane of Rage = chance of launching 15%, 6 blows, area 4 m,
Enemy dodge + 50%, damage 100%, Heavy Impact
       Upgrade :
        - the attack become impossible to interrupt
        - the combo restore 100 LP and 50 rage points 

     Note : First upgrade sit well with berserk specialization, while
the second give an extra boost to survival. I suggest first for low/
medium difficulty and second for harder gameplay.
   Pathe of the Master (Defensive Stance) = 2 mind and 1 stamina points,
buffing skills in combat (not a good choice when surrounded by
enemies, keep it for bossess or small mobs while Styx stun them).

  1. Battlement = rage cost 35, duration 30 sec, deflection + 20%
       Upgrade :
        - duration 60 seconds
        - deflection bonus + 30%

      Note : good with deflection gear and weapons, useless without.
Second upgrade for better survival.

  2. Rage to win = rage cost 35, duration 30 sec, damage + 20%
       Upgrade :
        - duration 60 sec
        - damage bonus + 30%

      Note : damage hands on!

  3. Rage to live = duration 3 sec, life per sec 20, rage/sec - 10
       Upgrade :
        - action cannot be interrupted
        - restore 10 more LP for the same amount of rage

     Note : First upgrade to not lose precious time in fights


      Upgrade (level 3) :
       - every critical hit has a 50% chance of causing vulnerability
       - increase concentration regeneration by 50%

     Note : Concentration is a must, especially later with Assassin path
who require huge amounts to kick in. Still, I believe this is weaker than
ranged stance because Styx is fragile close by.

 1. Quick Attack = damage 75%, Light Impact
     Upgrade (level 3) :
      - every critical hit has a 25% chance to extend target`s 
      - every critical hit has a 50% chance of causing bleeding

    Note : Ignore this skill. 

 2. Flying Daggers = concentration cost 40, damage 50%, 6 blows, Enemy 
parry + 50%, Enemy dodge - 50%, Medium Impact
     Upgrade (level 5) :
      - 20% damage increase
      - every hit has a 10% chance of stun

     Note : Prohibitive concentration cost and can be interrupted,
leaving Styx open to retaliation. 

 3. Armor Piercing = damage 150%, duration 20 sec, Enemy armor
- 75%, Medium Impact
     Upgrades (level 5) :
      - if the blow is parried, the target has a 100% chance of being
      - 50% chance of causing bleeding

     Note : First upgrade and Poferfull Blow/Stunning Punch from
Arkail will pulverize any boss or heavy foe.

 4. Destabilizing Attack (level 2) = concentration 15, damage 100%,
duration 10 sec, Enemy parry - 100 %, Enemy dodge - 100%, Light Impact
        Upgrade (level 6) :
         - damage increase by 100%
         - target chances of parry/dodge are reduced by 80%

      Note : Best choice against Inquisitors and orcs with stunning punch,
capable to interrupt their attack. Follow with armor piercing and 
stunning punch/AoE from Arkail. The first upgrade make sense, since 
the second look like overkill to me.

 5. Conversion (level 2) = duration 3 sec, life/sec 10, concentration/sec
- 20
      Upgrade (level 6) :
       - concentration cost decrease by 50%
       - life regeneration increase by 100%

      Note : Bad skill. The amount of life is nothing compared to
the hit Styx is going to get if to close, reason enough to keep him
away while his health regenerate. This skill is just the last straw,
but by the time you`ll need it, Styx will be dead anyway.

 6. Poisoned daggers (level 6) = 3 charges, duration 15 sec,damage/sec 6 
      Upgrade (level 9) :
        - 3 extra points of damage/sec
        - poison add vulnerability to damage

       Note : Better than quick attack, no concentration cost, got
vulnerability on top of poison damage to let Arkail deal more damage.High
Inquisitors, Great Sisters and orcs, damaged by Destabilizing, Armor and
Poison will barely hit Arkail, including Zealot, the head of Inquisition,
who`s mad skills make him look like a Dark Jedi.

 7. Focus (level 10) = concentration cost 20, duration 30 sec,critical hits
+ 50%
      Upgrade (level 13) :
        - dodge chances increase by 50%
        - 60 sec duration

     Note : Styx`s pre battle buff. Very good against bosses and in
one-to-one battles with first upgrade and Fury from assassin specialization.

    RANGED COMBAT STANCE (Throw daggers and bombs)
       Upgrade (level 3) :
         - increase dodge by 15%
         - increase health regeneration by 50%

      Note : More suited to Styx than hand to hand because he get 
stun, destabilizing and vulnerability for more than one enemy, making
Arkail`s job effective. I prefer the second upgrade, because some enemies
will divert to Styx when bombs and rains of daggers hit them.

 1. Throw knife = damage 75%, Light Attack
       Upgrade (level 3) :
         - 20% chance of every attack to cause a vulnerability
         - every critical hit increase concentration by 10

     Note : I use it only to give concentation time to regenerate, usually
two attacks, no upgrade.

 2. Accurate Throw = concentration 30, damage 225%, striking force 200%, 
Light Impact
       Upgrade (level 5) :
         - each critical hit has a 50% chance of stunning the target
         - the attack has 25% chance to create a vulnerability

     Note : With stunning this skill will interrupt and push back slightly

 3. Low Blow = concentration cost 15, damage 75%, striking force 500%, 
push back 2 m, Medium Impact
       Upgrade (level 5) :
         - 50% chance to stun
         - push back 4 m

      Note : Very few enemies can resist this push and not two times in a 
row. I pick the second upgrade because the hit will send them back in
Arkail`s AoE range or as far away to let stunning bomb, accurate throw or
running came to play.

 4. Sharpshooter (level 2) = concentration cost 50, duration 20 sec, damage
50%, critical hit + 50%, dodge - 100%
       Upgrade (level 6) :
         - no decrease for dodge
         - every critical hit has a 50% chance to stun

     Note : The cost is to much to make him worthwhile

 5. Beard Trim (level 2) = threat to the target + 100, threat to others
- 50
       Upgrade (level 6) :
         - threat 100 for all
         - 75% chance to destabilize the target

      Note : I don`t like this skill on Arkail, why should I pick it 
on Styx

 6. Stunning Bomb (level 10) = concentration cost 35, damage 150%, 100%
stun, Medium Impact
       Upgrade (level 13) :
         - 100% chance  to create a vulnerability on target
         - 50% chance to stun every enemy in 5 m radius

      Note : Stun groups plus Arkail`s AoE and you can keep them
in check long enough to win a battle. True, some bosses do resist 2 from
3 throws, but that is where Low Blow come to play.

 7. Rain of Arrows (level 6) = concentration cost 35, area 8 m, 
damage 200%, Light Impact
       Upgrade (level 9) :
         - 35% chance that hits will provoke bleeding to each enemy 
in the area
         - 35% chance that hits will provoke vulnerability to each enemy 
in the area   

      Note : Perfect with vulnerability to stage huge damage from 
Arkail`s AoE.

     SPECIAL SKILLS (default)

 1. Throw Goblin = damage 500%, 100% chance to stun, Heavy Impact
       Upgrade (level 5) :
        - 50% chance to destabilize every enemy in a 5 m area
        - 25% chance to stun in 5 m area

      Note : Great fun throwing Styx on enemies from distance. In the same
time mobs will chew the same goblin faster. Great open move against
a boss without his minions. Do not upgrade.

  2. Raise Ally = raise Arkail with 15% Life points
       Upgrade (level 5) :
        - more 100 LP
        - chance of dodge increase by 50%

      Note : First upgrade. Skill useful on tough fights where Arkail
and Styx get the other back to life to keep the pressure on.

 3. Stealth Stance = invisible
      Upgrade :
        - move faster in stealth mode
        - get closer to enemies before they spot you

      Note : Moving faster is better because keeping close to walls
will get you close to everyone possible. 

     SPECIAL SKILLS (Specialization level 19)

   PATH OF ASSASSIN (akin to Hand to Hand Stance, 2 agility points)

 1. Fury = concentration cost 50, damage 50%, 8 blows, Enemy Parry
- 25%, Enemy Dodge - 25%, Light Impact
      Upgrade :
        - damage increased by 50%
        - every hit have a 50% chance of causing a vulnerability

      Note : High cost, but worth it against bossess with the 
vulnerability upgrade and Powerful Blow\Stunning Punch from Arkail.

 2. Laceration = damage 100%, Light Impact
      Upgrade :
        - damage increased by 50%
        - the target chances to dodge\parry are reduced by 50%

      Note : Basic attack and no cost.

 3. Subterfuge - Styx dissapear in a cloud of smoke, nullifying the
threat generated on enemy = concentration cost 80, area 10 m, 
threat - 100%
      Upgrade :
        - concentration cost decreased by 30%
        - restore 30 life points

       Note : If you play carefully, there is no need for this.
Anyway, you`ll not have the concentration points most of the time.   

  PATH OF SHADOWGOBLIN (akin to Ranged Stance, 2 mind and 1 stamina points)

 1. Shadow Combustion = magical damage 200, duration 5 sec, damage\sec 6
      Upgrade :
       - damage\sec increase by 100%
       - combustion spreads and injures foes within 2 m radius

     Note : Perfect AoE (second upgrade) especially for those pesky
Inquisitors and their heavy soldiers.

 2. Explosion = concentration cost 65, Area 8 m, magical damage 200
      Upgrade :
       - 50% increase in damage
       - the explosion has a 50% to destabilize the enemies

    Note : Great follow up after Shadow Combustion

 3. Life Drain = concentration cost 35, duration 2 sec, life 
steal per sec 10, damage per sec 20
       Upgrade :
        - damage\sec increases by 100%
        - life regeneration\sec increase by 100%

    Note : Not the best skill, I suggest to ignore him

    7. Builds

 ARKAIL is, in his heart, a berserker. He shines in Offensive
Combat and deal huge amount of damages. As such :

Level 2 = Round Attack, lvl 3 = Offensive Stance, Lvl 4 = save point, 
Lvl 5 = Powerful Blow upgrade, Feint upgrade, Lvl 6 = Round Attack
upgrade, Lvl 7 = Small pick me up, Lvl 8 = Raise Ally, Lvl 9 =
Stunning Punch upgrade, Lvl 10 : Murderous Rage, Lvl 11 = Fast
Attack upgrade, Lvl 12 = save point, Lvl 13 = Murderous Rage upgrade,
Lvl 14-18 = save point, Lvl 19 = Path of Berserker all 3 skills
and upgrades, Lvl 20 and up = whatever you want

 Atributtes : 2 points of strength, 1 point of stamina, repeat.

 Styx is a rogue at heart, ready to kill from stealth and distance. His
skills in Ranged Combat outshine those in Hand to Hand Stance :

Level 2 =  Stealth upgrade, Lvl 3 = Ranged Combat upgrade, Lvl 4 = save
points, Lvl 5 = Low blow upgrade, Raise Ally upgrade, Lvl 6 = Accurate
throw upgrade, Lvl 7 = Rain of blades, Lvl 8 = Throw Goblin upgrade,
Lvl 9 = Rain of Blades upgrade, Lvl 10 = Stunning Bomb, Lvl 11 = 
Destabilizing Attack, Lvl 12 = Destabilizing Attack upgrade, Lvl 13 =
Stunning Bomb upgrade, Level 14 = Armor piercing upgrade, Lvl 15 =
Poisoned Daggers, Lvl 16-19 = Shadow Combustion and upgrade, 
Explosion and upgrade, Level 20 and up = whatever you want

 Atributtes : 1 point of agility, 2 points of mind, 1-2 points of 
stamina until you reach 300 LP with gear, then repeat agility and

     8. Main missions

      NOTE : I`m not going to suggest tactics for every fight
in this game, only how many groups you`ll face and their numbers. 
Use instead the tips in combat area to assess the situation 
yourself. The only exceptions will regard some potentially 
tough battles.

     Note : Legend - sp = spearmen, c = crossbowmen, 
s = swordmen, s\s = sword and shield user, ob = orc berserk,
hi = high inquisitor, ia = inquisitor archivist, hs = heavy
soldier, k = knight, sg = sergeant, g = goblin, d = dog,
o = orc


 1. The mission - find Arkem on the map, fight him and 3 soldiers
following a scout and watch a cutscene with Arkail speaking to
Djarhail, leader of Bloodjaw legion. Your mission is to kill the
emperor and in order to do it you`ll need a guide.

 2. The guide - cutscene with Arkail heading to the wall and
finding Styx. Speak with him, then use Styx to get through a small
tunnel and open the gate.Head to Black Hand hideout. 
 Next corner a cutscene with a Inquisitor barking orders to patrolmen 
(not that they will move after the rage shower!). On the way you`ll met 
3 groups, 2 stationary (3 guards, 4 guards) and 1 patrol (3-4). In the 
first open place there is an Orc called Sork, 4 spearmens and a seargent.
I choose to boo the orc traitor and fought all 5 humans, while Sork
hit the road. Go left, in the area where the patrol was chastised
by the inquisitor, for 5 guards (2 spearmens, 2 shield\sword and
one with a sword). Loot the sack, go back, enter the gate and move
through the tunnel. 
 At crossroads a 5 man patrol and a group of 5 near by. Pick Styx, 
move forward in stealth mode through a log, loot the sack, come back, 
stealth kill some of those stationary and bring Arkail fast to finish 
the others fast. Then concentrate on the patrol and move to a place with
2 guards and a 4 men patroling in the area. 
 Forward - 2 X 4 men patrol near the houses and at the exit Sork,1 
spearmen, 2 archers, 1 s\s. Kill first the orc, then mop the grunts, 
loot him and a chest near by, exit the area.

 3. Meet Sarkyss - get around Black Hand hideout, speak with people and 
with Spearhed (merchant) who will give you a charm called Seawater Crystal.
Speak with Fox to end up in Gem District. Move to the market to find 5
guards (2 spearmens, 2 sword users, 1 crossbow men) and 3 bystanders.
 After you defeat them, Oboth, a local mercenary leader, want to have 
a little tet-a-tet with Arkail. Move up, on the right and find out he 
want another leader, a traitor caled Jared, need to be wasted. You can
accept his task or simply attack for more XP. His gang have 7 people
(3 swordmen, 1 spearmen, 3 crossbowmen) and it`s difficult to defeat
without an AoE skill. 
 Loot and move to a crossroads patroled by a dog between some hay and 
a group of 6 (1 sp, 1 c and 4 s). I suggest to follow the dog at 2-3
m distance and stealth kill those a little bit away on the right 
side. Next turn 5 (3 c, 2 s) and one patrol (2 s, 1 dog), followed
by 2 sleeping spearmens and, on the left, boss battle with Jared.
He has 2 melee fighters (1 sp, 1 s) and 2 c on a ledger up. Take the
melee fighters fast, because an enraged Arkail will star chasing
Styx if nobody is left alive down and use throw goblin to reach
the crossbowmen. Exit, speak with Oboth, if you didn`t kill him, to
receive a pair of daggers (Troubleshooters) and a warning about
Inquisitors patrol.
  Next open place, a market full of carriages and wood, you`ll have
to face 6 soldiers (2 sp, 4 c, 2 s) and a patrol (1 s\s, 3 sp). Loot
the chest for a champion gauntlet and go up to the right where, under
an arch, there are 2 c and 3 s next to a sack with scarlet boots. 
 Follow the road, past the houses, until you see a swordmen on
the left facing 3 more (1 sp, 2 s) with 2 c above. NW on map 6 soldiers
(4 s, 1 sp, 1c) and 2 bystanders (They have this pleasure to throw
normal people inside enemy camps!!), while near Sarkyss place 
Inquisition soldiers kill orcs and goblin. There are 2 inquisition
soldiers, 1 sp, 2 c, 3 s and one knight, but not packed together.
First make Styx ``kiss`` the right wall to get behind the soldier up 
front, then retrace your step and stay near the left wall until you get 
on those near Sarkyss door. Inside Sarkyss, quite the ``nutty
professor``, ask for a service in exchange for his help.

 4. Burn the chapel of inquisitor - talk with Raven. The place is crawling 
with humans and dogs. First encounter is with 2 sp on the right and 1 s\s, 
1 sp and 1 dog on the right. Loot the sack for champion`s greave and move
to the square building, protected by 5 sp, 3 sg, 2 c and 2 small patrols 
of 2 s each. My sugestion is to take all straglers first, because when 
somebody yell alert everyone will be on your team. Loot the the chest 
for the scarlet greaves, up\down the stairs to meet 2 sp, 3 s, 1 dog near
the swordmen and one in patrol, plus 3 hs. The only danger came from the 
walking dog, so keep away from him, move N to loot trade points from 2
sacks, then backtrap and follow the dog road to kill everyone not in
the line of sight for others.
 In front of the chapel 2 Inquisitor heavy spearmens chat happily. Finish
them and watch the cutscene with Styx burning down the chapel and the High
Inquisitor with minions stepping in. The HI will go inside, leaving you
to fight 2 hs and 2 inquisitors. Target first the inquisitors, capable 
to inflict paralyze and curse and finish the soldiers, using low
blow to avoid their tactics of mobing one of you. 
 Back to hideout, shop, do some sidequest, back to Raven.

 5. On our own - Raven leave your team in a trap, forced to fight 1
Inquisitor disciple, 2 sp, 1 s and 3 c above. Mop all and move `till
they get past a bridge. While Styx open the door, Arkail need to face,
using Round Attack\Disengagement, 5 soldiers (3 s, 2 s\s). Move 
forward for another cutscene near a huge gap and end up in the Bowels,
infested by goblins and mutts.
 The chainsaw looking tunnel is filled with 18 goblins, coming in
two waves and in the square area 3 dogs (2 in patrol), 4 goblins down,
3 more and a sack in the left wing and 2 goblins on the stairs N of 
your point of entrance. Take the stairs and follow the path to a 
crossroad . Get right for 8 goblins and 2 dogs, bactrack to go left
where lie 7 gobllins (2 in patrol) and 1 dog. Up to fight 2 dogs and
4 goblins. In those 4 small square next on the path wait 19 goblins
and 3 dogs. Since the fight can be hard, use Styx in stealth mode
and put Arkail in the tight tunnels. Kill in stealth, then move back to
Arkail, using the tunnel to keep them to surround your team.
 Another 9 square shaped place with 16 g + 1 d. SE on map 3 g + 1 d
and finally you reach the exit guarded by 2 orcs, 2 d and 5 g who
work for a crazy shaman who killed Arkem, the orc in the beginning.
This is a boss battle - put Arkail`s AoE on the goblins, while Styx
throw a stunning bomb against the orcs and dogs and retreat behind
the goblins. Repeat same tactic. Cutscene.
 Up the stairs, read the books for 1 mind point (Styx) and enter
Sarkyss lair, full of cages and tables where he vivisect goblins.
Sarkyss betrayed your team for the reward the HI put on. Ask
about his experiments and leave him to be eaten by the goblins. Back
to catacombs. In the first H looking place there are 3 soldiers and
4 g + one sack, the second contain 6 g and 2 mercenaries and on
the way 9 g. Turn left for two options : right side 1 mercenary
and 2 g in patrol, left side 4 g. Back to sewers (S on map) to
fight 4 dogs on the left and 2 c + 5 g forward.
 Moving N - 1 g in patrol and two direction. On the right there is a
sewer only Styx can acces with 4 g (pay attention to their movements
in stealth kill because Arkail can`t help). On the left is a 
crossroad with 4 g, 1 s, 1 c and 1 d patrolling. Away to the square
looking place to find 2 s, 2 c and a dog up front, 2 g left side
and 2 g right side. Finnaly the exit! As usual a new boss fight
(In OOAM mobs are boss fights!) with 3 g, 1 dog, 2 c, 1 sp, 1 s\s,
1 s. Cling near the left wall, get behind the heavy armored swordmen
and stealth kill him. Run back to Arkail and start the usual drill.
Leave. Cutscene with Arkail put on a prison carriage headed to Mire


  1. The Mire 

 After a cutscene will start the gladiator fight in the streets
of Mire. Arkail will be paired with a ill looking orc, dead after
2 encounters, to fight 7 waves of enemies (6 g, 7 g, 2 o, 9 g and 
1 orc, 7 g, 7 g and 3 ob). The berserker are really dangerous
for a boss battle. Keep one stunned and hit all time by Arkail,
while Styx throw stunning bomb against the other two and run around.
 The head foreman will throw some condescending remarks about
your hard won victory and future, then Adek introduce your team to
The Resistance. Ask about the resistance, weapons, head foreman, 
coruption, Arkail`s father (Marhlock) and trade.

 2. Meet Barimen - speak with Adek who mention Arkence, a High Mage
and the only way to reach Island of Laments, the place where the
emperor will meet the ambasadors from dwarven and elven races to
help him fight the greenskins. You`ll need to take first care of
the Head Foremen.

 3. Kill the Head Foremen - after you`ve dealt with the human
watchmens (Infiltration sidequest) a cutscene will let the team in
the foremen area. At first corner 2 orcs in patrol, at some distance
from eachother and 2 near a fire. Next corner 4 o in patrol and one
near a fire. At crossroad 2 o in patrol coming your way plus 3 looking
at eachother. Get left and left for 5 orcs near a big fire a one, 
then go back and up, on the left side of H looking place, to stealth kill
3 orcs standing plus 2 in patrol. Go right and down - 1 o in patrol
and down 3 near some logs. Sneak behind that covered by logs, taking
care the one in patrol doesn`t see Styx and finish it one by one.
 Back and up - in a pillar covered area 2 o in patrol, 1 o facing
a wall and 3 more near some wood walls and a chest. Follow the road,
save and watch a cutscene with Arkail shoving the Head Foremen in a
deep pit. His bodyguards (1 heavy warden, 2 miners and Brutus, former
winner in the Mire pits fights) will simply charge. Focus Arkail on the
orcs without names, while Styx use bombs and low blow against Brutus `till
they are dead and move Arkail on the Brutus.Back to hideout to find that
Arkail`s father is the leader of resistance.

 4. The Uprising - Talk to Ruggar, Braggart, Drakane, Garok and Adek,
get the 2 sidequests, then move to main mission. Cutscene with the war
council who suggest picking a raiding party. Speak with Marhlock to
choose a strategist (Drakane), a warrior (Garok) and a scout (Ruggar),
essential to launch the mission.

 4.1. Enter the stronghold - Lower the drawbridge for the raiding party.
S on map and down on stairs 4 men patrol, 1 o, 1 c, 1 s, 1 s\s and
a sack. E on map - 2 c and 1 s\s above, 3 men patrol (1 s, 2 c) and
1 orc down. N on map - 1 s\s, 1 sp, and a group of 3 (1 s, 2 c) up
and  1sp, 1 o and 3 sp in patrol down the stairs. W on map - 2 c in 
patrol above, while down a bigger party composed by 2 men (1 s, 1 s\s)
in patrol and 3 s\s, 2 o and 2 sp standing (Well, one sp is sleeping
on his spear!).
 Near the exit a rather small team (1 o, 2 sp, 1 s\s), but after
you finish them start appearing from thin air 3 sg and 8 c, four 
crossbowmen on each ledge on the side. Cutscene.

 4.2.Enter the pillar and find Arkence - The cutscene drop your team in 
the middle of  1 HI, 4 s and 1 c (!). After dealing with them, take left
from the point of entrance and enter a place with 7 rooms. First room
shelter 1 s\s in patrol, 1 s\s near the exit and 2 s along a table in
the middle. Next 2 rooms have 1 s\s patrolling through them, 1 s\s staying
in nr.3, while the second one has 1 inquisitor in patrol, 2 sp, 3 s\s, 2 I 
and 1 HI standing. It looks tricky, but the point is to waste the one in
the third room first, then the patrols and 2 sp and finally kiss the wall
to get behind the HI. Those 5 left are no match for your upgraded team.
 Take the tunnels until you hear another HI torturing a beggar. Save. Let
Arkail behind the door, kiss the right wall and note a platform with 1 HI, 
2 I and 2 c, guarded in each side by 3 sp and a s\s at some distance. 
Pick the sp on the platform`s right, then go behind the crossbowmen slow, 
advancing near the HI. Take him and run back to Arkail for the usual drill.
 Get down to another map with the prisoner`s cells. In the main chamber 3
patrols (1 s, 1 sp, 1 sp) and 2 s\s standing. In the next open place (S
on map) 3 inquisitors run in circles. Get first the left upper corner guy,
followed by the one in the center and last the guy dressed in black. It is
tricky, but is easy if your time it right.
 Next chamber 2 s and a patrol. Take right to find 1 s in patrol and 2 I
standing, plus a 1 c to the left again. Loot the chest.
 The final map have no enemies on the way. Save before Arkence`s cell,
watch the cutscene and engage 1 HI, 1 Inquisitor Archivist, 1 heavy 
spearmen and 1 orc executioner (more like torturer to me!). Destroy
the HI first, followed by IA and the rest, while Styx stun\low blow
the orc.


 The monastery of the Mages
 Arkence`s mind is broken and Sarenthe, another mage, want to subject
her to a mind rape ritual to force her to came back from the
catatonic state she choosed as selfprotection in the tower cells.
 1. Mind Rape - first objective is to deal with Styx`s past. Follow
the road untill Styx`s etherial twin show up. Put Arkail to dust 10
goblins in 2 groups and learn that Styx was a powerfull orc mage who
got gready and corupt because of the amber substance, giving life to
the first goblins. Two choices for another specialization - Assassin
(Hand to hand combat) or Shadowgoblin (Ranged combat). 
 Second objective relate to Arkail`s past. Arkail from the past, 
a crazed berserk in the Bay Harbour battle, fight 5 s and Styx have 
to help him. Use first accurate throw and low blow to dust one, then 
move to bombs, low blow and rain of blades.
 Third objective is to find Arkence and watch the cutscene.

 2. Escape the monastery - while the dream was on the way, mercenaries
led by Inquisitors attack the monastery. Follow the tunnel, loot
2 trade points on a room right side, then engage in the garden 1 sp,
1 s, 2 s\s. After the battle cutscene with Zealot, THE HI, a crazy,
Dark Jedi looking NPC, your team end up on the snowy mountain outside.

 3. Find the boat - Go down to the elevator and stop the first team. 
made of 1 orc, 2 sp, 1 c and 1 s. Take the elevator and send Styx in 
stealth mode to find 2 c standing and 3 people (1 s\s, 2 sp) in
patrol. They are easy in a frontal attack, but if you want some fun
take the first crossbowmen and pick those in patrol when they turn
their back on Styx and go down. Again near the elevator. Face 2 s\s,
3 s, 1 o and 2 c, get down, watch the cutscene with Sarenthe being
killed by Zealot.

 4. Reach the Islands of Lament - move down on left to fight the
toughest mercenary team (1 o, 2 c, 2 sp, 1 s\s). Cutscene with
the island and a short presentation with the Sisters of Lament, a 
fanatical and professional mercenary band


 The Island of Laments

 Get to the meeting before the dwarf and elven emissary got there.

     NOTE : Sisters may look powerfull in the description, but,
at this level, they aren`t capable to do much damage, except
one fight later.

 Move along, go through a cave to face 2 sisters and 2 dogs. Take left
to face a patrol (1 dog, 2 sisters) and, near a wood tower, 3 patrols 
(1 s, 1 s, 1 s and 1 dog) and 3 standing. It`s not necessary to use
stealth kill, they aren`t to dangerous. Move up for 2 more sisters.
SE on map 2 standing sisters and 1 patrol ( 2 d, 3 s) and N from that
2 patrol (1 s, 1 d and 1 s), 3 standing sisters and a leader. 
 Up on map 5 sisters (2 sp, 3 s) and the stairs to the temple`s 
entrance. Now is time for stealth because you`ll face 1 Great Sister, 6
normal sisters (four moving in X pattern in the temple yard) and 3
dogs (2 same X pattern trajectory). The point is to kiss the right wall
and go behind the spear users, then go left side, near the entrance and
kill whoever Styx can, with GS as main target for assassionation.

 1. Enter the temple
 4 patrols (1 s, 1 s, 1 s. 1 d) in a square, a group (2 s, 1 d)
standing in the middle and 1 sp in the left side of entrance. Kiss the
right wall to take care of the sp, then whatever else you can. Cutscene
with Styx taking a side path and Arkail going by himself.

 2. Find the Emperor

 Move with Styx on top and watch a cutscene with 2 sp talking about
Arkail and their bet on how long will keep going. Move to exit and
the game will change to Arkail meet a patrol ( 2 s\s, 1 s) and 
hitting hard 5 s in front of emperor door. Back to Styx and then
Arkail who get 2 choices - kill the emperor or smell something
funny and stop (even that a HI will paralyze and use Arkail to
kill eventually the emperor). Cutscene with Barimen, who enginereed
all this from beginning to rid himself of the emperor and mages to gain
the throne. After the cutscene will be Styx against a heavy soldier and 
a Inquisitor Archivist. Ranged Combat is far better than Hand to Hand
because you don`t want to get close to them. Use low blow against the
soldier, who resist 3 of 4 stunning bombs, to keep him away and
bombs plus accurate throw against the inquisitor. Try to run around to
get them close to enhance the chances for bombs.When those two die, Arkail
and Styx are pit against 1 HI and 5 hs. Cutscene.

     CHAPTER 5

  Time to settle scores

 With the help of mages and orcs use amber kegs to destroy the Tower
and kill Barimen. Inside the first room 4 bystanders. Go left and
left again for 2 patrols ( 1 soldier, 1 Inquisitor), 2 s\s near the
stairs, 1 sp behind the stairs and 2 c on stairs. Kiss the right wall,
take out the sp, s\s and patrol first in stealth mode, then the 
 N on map a long tunnel with 2 sides. In first place 1 c in patrol 
and 1 s\s standing. Second side 2 s\s on the left,  1 c and 2 sp
behind the door.Up on stairs to a big chamber 3 o, 1 sp, 1 s\s
looking at each others. Next the mission kegs and 1 I, 1 s\s, 1 sp.
 Load the kegs and get to the throne room. Save. After the cutscene
new enemies show up (1 HI, 1 orc, 2 sp, 2 s\s) with the inquisitor
as prime target.Cutscene with Arkail and Styx going with the elevator
and the kegs ... to have more fun, I believe!
 Fight 2 s\s, then enter the throne room to fight his guards - 2 sp, 
1 c, 2 s\s in the first wave and 4 orcs second. The emperor gets out
and Arkail take him by the throat. The Zealot make his entrance
and spun Barimen`s plead for help because he despise him for his
greed. Arkail drop the emperor outside and the fight begins, not 
before the kegs explode. The Zealot and 2 orcs berserk, wounded by the 
explosions, join the fray. Keep the Zealot away from Arkail with low
blow and stunning bombs, while the big orcs slash the orcs. When they
are dead, another orc join in. This time concentrate on the Zealot.
Cutscene with Arkail headbutting the High Inquisitors. The orcs from
Mire are free, but the human-dwarf-elven alliance will be a new threat
in the future (OOAM 2 hint!). Styx still didn`t like the job, but 
he was in charge of keeping Arkail safe. THE END

     9. Side missions


 Black Hand Hideout

  1. The Black Hand challenge

 The quest is available after speaking with Spearhed the smith and
merchant. Spearhed and The Last need heavy blows only, while Fox and
Monkey light\medium attacks, giving rewards in exchange. Still, Fox and
The Last can`t be challenged right away and you`ll need to complete some
main or side quests.

 2. The Last`s past 

 Speak first with Spearhed and ask about Last. Leave for a main quest and,
on return, find out his family was killed by a dog trainer The Master.
Speak with Fox and reach a new map. Move and see 1 patrol of 2 dogs and 1
crossbowmen and in the market 3 groups of 2 dog, 2 s\s and 4 c. Up to
find 3 guards (2 sp, 1 s) and 2 bystanders near a dog pit, then to The
Master place. Face him and 5 dogs. Use Low Blow to keep them in Arkail`s
AoE range, stunning bombs and rain of blades. Back to camp to get a fight
with The Last and 1 - 2 trade points from Spearhed. In the end The Last
will welcome Arkail in Turquoise Clan as his brother.

 3. The Scourge

 Monkey ask for your help against crazed goblins running amok on 
the streets.Intercept first wave - 5 goblins. Run and fight around some
hay and houses 10-15 g with AoE and bombs if available. Intercept the
second wave - 6-7 g in a street. Intercept the third wave - this is a
big fight with 6-7 goblins on the street and 3 above, while further
away there are 6-10 more and 4 c on the first floor of houses near by.

 4. The Bloodjaw 

 After burning the chapel Fox mention one of Arkail`s buddies escape.
Choose to go after him. N on map 2 s in patrol, spliting at some point,
3 c on the right wall and 3 people in the center ( 1sp, 1 s\s, 1 s).
NE on map - 2 sp talking, 1 sp in patrol and further on the right 3 more
( 1c, 2 s\s). At the end you`ll meet Brune, one of Styx` friend,surrounded
by 2 sp, 2 s, 1 s\s and 2 Inquisitor disciple. After the fight Brune
mention she lost Arkem in the catacombs.

 5. The shaman of the Bowels

 After you exit the catacombs get 2 choices - save Arkem or go for Sarkyss.
At first corner 4 g, center room 6 g ( 2 in patrol, 4 standing). Move along
to NE corner (H shaped room) there are 2 o, 1 g moving and 2 standing on
the first arm, while the other arm have 2 g. Next the shaman place -
him, 2 orc faithful, 5 g. Put Arkail on the goblins, while Styx stun the 
others non stop, then concentrate on the orcs.

     CHAPTER 2

  The Mire - Resistance Hideout

 1. The miner`s revolt

 Find and calm down the miners. Go past a wooden bridge and in the middle
of the map 3 orcs (1 in patrol) and 2 Inquisitor s/s. Take the orc with his 
back on you with Styx when the patrol is not looking, then the patrol
and the last orc, face the s/s wih Arkail in the end. Reach the destination
to find some orc miners trapped in a tunnel by 2 sp, 2 s/s, 1 I and 1 o, 
separated and easy to thin. Go back to meet Barimen in the main quest.

 2. Infiltration
  Eliminate Empire`s watchmen. Styx get dumped at entrance with 2 sp, one
sleeping!. Enter the keep - on left another sp sleeping, while on 2
floors 5 men (3 in patrol) who can be stealth killed as long the others
don`t look in your victim direction. In the square 1 standing near the 
entrance and 3 patrols (1 s, 1 s, 2 s/s),circling the place at some distance.
Take the standing sp and use the hay and stones to hide and get behind the
patrols, leaving just one to fight one-to-one.
 Reach the captain`s room, kiss the left wall, go behind, kill it and
watch the cutscene.

 3. The Rain of Fearless

 Quest given by Drakane after The Head Foremen main quest. Your task is
to get a drop of pure water from the Swamp, a place full of goblins
from the Depth, eager to kill. I suggest to skip stealth kill all
together because they move around like crazy and team level is sufficient
for a direct fight. The first wave is near a river with 6 g(one is reading 
a book!), second wave through a tunnel with 4 g, third wave up a hill with
8 g (3 moving, scratch that, twitching around!) and the final battle
with 10-12 g raging and attacking when your team is in sight.

 4. The Foremen

 Quest given by Adek after The Head Foremen main quest. Some of his men
hide in Mire` s tunnels, afraid of the other orcs retaliation. In
the first open place 1 o in patrol and 2 standing on the right, near a 
fire. N on map - 2 orcs face eachother and around corner 3 more just
waiting to jump at the first Alert signal!!
 Down on map 5 orcs. Stealth kill one and attract the others in the
tunnels to keep only 2 facing Arkail. Cutscene with a orc who
didn`t join the fight and a choice - kill him (he will welcome his
honorable death) or not.

     10. Merchants and gear


 1. Spearhed (Black Hand Hideout) 


   * War Axe, axe (damage + 7, critical hit + 5%)
   * Shadow Blades, daggers (damage + 5, dodge + 10%)

   * Studded Leather Gloves (damage reduction + 4%, agility + 2)
   * Light Armor (damage reduction + 8%, stamina + 4)


   * Arms of Mother Earth (agility + 4)
   * Breath of Mother Earth (stamina + 4)
   * Wormwood Stick (strength + 4)
   * Phial of ... (Life regeneration + 1)

 2. Adek (Mire, Resistance Hideout)


   * Skullbreaker, hammer (damage + 7)
   * Thousand Sufferings, axe (damage + 8, striking force + 3)
   * Disembowelers, daggers (damage + 6, dodge + 5%)

   * Rain of the fearless crystal (+ 10% deflection)
   * Small Amber Charm (Mind + 4)
   * Fermented barley ear (striking force + 8)

 3. Ered (Mage`s Monastery)


   * Flotsam and Jetsam (damage + 4, striking force + 3)
   * Punishment (damage + 8, striking force + 5, critical hit + 2)

   * Sacred relic gauntlets (damage reduction + 3%, strength + 2)
   * Ritual trousers (damage reduction + 3%, dodge + 5%, stability + 3)


   * Regeneration Talisman (life regeneration\s + 1)
   * Meditation Skone (concentration regeneration + 1)


 This items can be found while playing the game :


  * Slicer, greatsword (damage +5) = starting weapon for Arkail
  * Throat slitters, daggers (dmg + 3, dodge + 5%) = starting
weapon for Styx
  * Blood Splatterer (damage + 5, striking force + 3, deflect
+ 5)
  * Sacrificial daggers (damage +3, convert 10% of inflicted 
damage in life points)
  * Troubleshooters (damage + 6, concentration regeneration\sec
+ 1)
  * Double Pain (damage + 8, critical hit + 3%)
  * Shears (damage + 5, critical hit + 3%)
  * Flanged Mace (damage + 7, striking force + 5)
  * Executioner (damage + 12)
  * Bloodjaw blade (damage + 6, deflect + 10%)
  * Bear Claw (striking force + 5)
  * Slice and Dice (damage + 5, striking force + 5)
  * Ritual Khopeth (damage + 9)
  * Bone Stripper (damage + 7, deflection + 5%)
  * Vampire fangs (damage + 7, converts 5% of inflicted damage
into life points, critical hit + 3%)


  * Gladiator`s greaves (damage reduction + 3%, stability +3) =
starting weapon for Arkail
  * Gladiator`s breastplate (dmg reduction + 8%, strength + 4) 
  * Gladiator`s gauntlets (dmg reduction + 3%, critical hit + 3%)

  * Survivor`s leather (dmg reduction + 6%, Life regeneration\sec + 
1.00, stamina +2) = starting armor for Styx
  * Survivor`s gloves (dmg reduction + 2%, striking force + 3) =
starting armor for Styx
  * Survivor`s Leggins (dmg reduction + 2%, stability +3) = 
starting armor for Styx
  * Champion`s gauntlets (dmg reduction + 4%, stamina + 2)
  * Champion`s greaves (dmg reduction + 6%, stability + 5)
  * Champion`s breastplate (dmg reduction + 10%, deflection + 5%,
stability + 5)

  * Scarlet boots (dmg reduction + 3%, dodge + 10%)
  * Scarlet gloves (dmg reduction + 3%, striking force + 5)
  * Scarlet tunic (dmg reduction + 4%, dodge + 10%, concentration
regeneration\sec + 1)

  * Assassin`s gloves (dmg reduction + 3%, strength + 2)
  * Assassin`s jerkins (dmg reduction + 8%, critical hit + 5%, 
concentration regeneration\sec + 1)
  * Assassin`s boots (dmg reduction + 3%, agility + 2)

  * Sacred relic greaves (dmg reduction + 3%, mind + 2)
  * Sacred relic belt (dmg reduction + 8%, life regeneration\sec
+ 0.5, rage reduction\sec + 0.5%)

  * Berserk carapace (dmg reduction + 2%, damage + 3)
  * Berserk straps (dmg reduction + 6%, deflects 20% of damage taken,
stability + 2)

  * Ritual trousers (dmg reduction + 2%, dodge + 5%, stability + 3
  * Ritual gloves (dmg reduction + 4%, mind + 2)

  * Studded Leather Armor (dmg reduction + 10%, stability + 5, strength + 4)


  * Ihimbe bark (stamina + 4)
  * Seawater crystal (stability + 5)
  * Blinding Stone (dodge + 10%)
  * Small Bag of Holy Soil (dmg reduction + 10%)
  * Ginger root (critical hit + 5%)
  * Pain relief (stability + 5)   
  * Lion`s fang (damage + 8)
  * Phial of Human Blood (damage + 5)
    11. The Universe of OOMA

 The Wall
Through  the years of wars opposing the Humans to the Orcs, the 
Empire erected this immense wall to protect its people and territories 
from the "Orc threat". 
Built on the lives of countless Orc slaves, the menacing Wall looms 
over a network of dirty streets and slums, inhabited by the poor, the 
bandits, the killers and hordes of savage Goblins that infest the sewers. 
And don't forget the corrupted local militia, a zealous inquisition 
that is more likely to burn you on a stake rather than help you out...

 The Inquisitors

The Inquisition has been formed to protect the heart of the Empire from 
its enemies, purge the infidels and hunt down the "Greenskins" accused 
of threatening the tranquility of the Empire.Real fanatics, the Inquisitors
are as much fearsome 
fencers as powerful magicians. If you happen to 
cross paths with one, prepare for a rude battle... 

 The Southern Lands  

Covered by jungle and largely uncharted,the Southern Lands are the territory 
of the Orc tribes. A few dozens of years ago, the Empire of Men tried to 
extend its influence there, meeting a violent resistance from the Orcs. 
Culminating at the battle of Bay Arbor, the war came to a critical point 
and the Empire retreated behind the colossal Wall, on which construction 
had just been completed. Though once temporarily saved, the independence 
of the Orcs and the Southern Lands are now again at stake, with the 
threat of an alliance between the Empire and the Elfs and Dwarves.

 The Bloodjaws

Orcs are by nature powerful and fearsome warriors, and the Bloodjaws count 
as the toughest of them all. As elite group often sent on the most 
dangerous missions, the Bloodjaws are feared by all and are often
thought to be suicidal.They are easily 
recognized by their jaw-shaped mark, 
tattooed on their chest. You, Arkail, bear this mark... and, feared even 
by other Bloodjaws, you are the most dangerous of them all.

  The Chamber of the Mages
top the Serene Mountains lies the Chamber of the Mages, a large monastery 
where the council of the mages, an ancient religious order, meet. Mages 
are powerful, and wise. Contrary to the Inquisitors who leech their 
powers from countless praying devotees, Mages gain their powers from 
long and hard mental and physical training. Following the rise of the 
new religion imposed by the Empire, mages are getting rarer by the 
day... only a handful remain. Hunted down by the Inquisition, 
the Order could very well disappear very soon.

Arkence is one of the last high-mages in existence. She is also one of 
the rare people who is able to guide you to the mysterious Isle of Laments,
where the Emperor is about to meet the Elf and Dwarf ambassadors. She 
will be of precious help for your 
mission. The only problem, is that she 
is actually a convict of the Inquisition... and very few have ever been 
freed from them alive. 

  The Isle of Laments
Somewhere far ashore, is hidden the Isle of Laments. Bordered by sharp 
reef, this luxuriant land, covered by dense forest and steep mountains, 
is a real haven... but is also the territory of the Sisters of Laments, 
a fearsome 
band of mercenaries. Few know of the existence of this island, 
and even fewer know its exact location. Anyone who has tried to reach it 
without a guide has never returned, which is why the Isle of Laments has 
been chosen as the meeting ground for the Emperor and the Elf and 
Dwarf diplomats.

  The Sisters of Laments
The Sisters of Laments are a group of mercenaries, known across the 
entire continent as the most efficient. Accepting all kind of contracts 
ranging from personal protection to assassination, the Sisters are 
nimble and surprisingly powerful, able to fight as 
easily at range as 
in close combat. Their latest contract is certainly the most important 
of their career: protect, on their own territory, the Emperor and the 
Elf and Dwarf dignitaries meeting to sign a historic treaty that 
could very well mean the end for the Orcs.

 12. Credits

 All credits go to Cyanide Studio, Focus Home Interactive and Spiders.

 Copyright 2012 Limona Razvan