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Five Journeys - One Epic Adventure


For a long time it seems that 2D has not been the cool thing to do. Unless you're on a handheld with more limiting potential then it seemed strange for a developer to create a product that didn't push polygons around the screen outside of retro game compilations. Odin Sphere isn't just a title that shuns 3D worlds but a game that shows how 2D can be done well.

Before all that there is something that hits you, and that is the stunning visuals the game comes with. This isn't just that they are good (although there is that too) but rather the style of hand-drawn that works so well. The whole pr...


Do you like c ult games? What about under the radar games? Then you'll want to consider Odin Sphere.


If you were to ask the question "Hey, have you heard about Odin Sphere?" a few months ago, the answer you probably would've gotten is either "No" or "Odin Sphere? What's that?" Odin Sphere was probably one of the most anticipated games that were under the radar, and the most rabid fans of the RPG genre knew about the existence of this game months before it came out. Those months felt like years, but the game was finally released May 17 in Japan, and then 5 days later in the United States. So did the game live up to the hype? Yes.

The first thing you'll notice when you start Odin Sphere are t...

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