Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Cheats

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Beware of skipping mudkorns
If you skip many mudkorns, or if you kill many mudkorns, or even if you skip path many times, you may unlock an alternative ending in which the mudkorns that you saved kills you by telling the bad guys what you're doing, then, they will hang you upside-down and electrify you.
Unlimited saved mudkons!
For this cheat you need the invincibility cheat to do it: Durung gameplay, hold R1 and press c,t,s,x,d,d,d,c,t,s,x and there is no sound confirmation, also if you need help doing it, after typing it in, go in a room with that red circle protector and then chant, when you get zapped usually abe does that anger sound, but when you do the invincibility cheat he won't say a thing so thats the invincibility cheat. Now to save the mudkons! When you're at Feeco Depot, go inside the executives office near that slig robot and just pass the electric zaps and watch the tv then go in the door. Note: you have to be at feeco depot to do this! Now, do that room with the flying slig and in the next room drop down to the sligs and run all the way to the right until you get to a bin where it says baggage claim! Go in. Now, you do the shut off gas thing with the Glukkon. 'Phew' Finally, go in the door that unlocks and you will come to a room with birds, then go to the left room and you will find a room full of 10 mudkons. Send them home and when you go in the door you will be back at Feeco Depot. Quick or Memory card save and while the cheat is still on, repeat to the level again! Don't think it's gonna take forever because you're invincible and it takes like 5 mins to get 10 mudkons each time.. I hope this helps alot!

c= circle
x= cross
t= triangle
s= square
d= down


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Go to any elevator which comes alive by a lever.If you want to go up,pull the lever 3 times so the elevator goes up,down and when it's ready to go up,quickly get to it and it will automacally go up,without needing to pull the 2 ropes.If you want to go down,press the lever 3 times.It'll go down,up and when it's ready to go down get to it and it'll automacally go down without needing to push the 2 ropes.


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Finding secret passes
When ever you see green SoulStormBrew bottles,
it means that theres a secret passage way
around.The first one youll see will be in
Necrum mines at the start.Youll see some bottles.
There is a barrel or whatever with bones in it.
Go to the side of it and press down.It will bring
you to a secret place maggigy thing.

Go in secrets to rescue mudokons.Thats what
there for.
Instant Voice Puzzle Solution
Hold down R1 and press Triangle, Up, Circle, Left, X, Down, Square, Right during game play.

Now select any sound to solve the game's voice puzzles.
During the gameplay hold R1 and press Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Down, Down, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, X.
Level Select
At the Main Menu hold R1 and press Down, Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Down, Up, Left, Right.
Skip a Segment
During gameplay hold R1 and press Circle, Cirlce, X, X, Square, Square.

Teasing Enemies
If you see an enemy on a platform below or above you, type in:

Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Down, Down, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, X and go to the level that the enemy is on and watch as he try's to kill you!
View FMV's
At the Main Menu hold R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Circle Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Up, Downm Left, Right