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[edit] Background

In this new chapter in the Oddworld series, step into the role of the Stranger, a mysterious bounty hunter who tracks down outlaws for moolah. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath combines 1st- and 3rd-person action and shooting, award-winning Oddworld visuals, and an all-new game engine to deliver an unparalleled gameplay experience. Equipped with a one-of-a-kind weapons system that gives a whole new meaning to "live" ammo, you will encounter massive environments, devious opponents, and hostile challenges along the way. Be sure to grill any townsfolk, enemies, and natives you come across because there's no telling what kind of info they have. Oh yeah, and always keep your highly unique -- and totally devastating -- double-barreled crossbow at the ready. It's a brave new Oddworld.

[edit] Game Play

  • Live ammo... literally! Collect nine unique types of "live" ammunition including Chippunks, Fuzzles, Thudslugs, and Boombats.
  • Upgrade your "live" ammo to increase the power and effectiveness of your arsenal.
  • Employ different gameplay strategies as you switch smoothly between 1st- and 3rd-person action with the touch of a button.
  • Subdue your bounties in 3rd person with melee attacks including ramming and head-butting, then turn the bounties in for moolah.
  • Take aim in 1st person mode for an action-packed shooter experience with your trusty double-barreled crossbow.
  • Customize your double-barreled crossbow with a wide range of ammo combinations.
  • Living towns, lush forests, and massive industrial facilities -- there's plenty of room in the Oddworld universe for you to go about your mysterious business.
  • You choose the bounties, allowing you to gather information on your quarry before going after 'em with everything you've got.

[edit] Features

[edit] Hardware Info

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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD dated for Vita

Not long to wait at all

Dec 03, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 2 comments
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD update released on Steam

In other news, hell has frozen over

Sep 14, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 1 comment
Weekly PSN update debuts Splinter Cell HD trilogy, Stranger's Wrath HD

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile available as PSone Classic

Dec 27, 2011, by Dany Argueta | 3 comments
Stranger's Wrath HD hits PSN on December 27, new screens showcase graphics improvements

PC version coming first quarter of 2012

Dec 07, 2011, by Dany Argueta | 3 comments

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