The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

4 More Hidden Colours Of Gauntlets
Everyone knows about the silver and golden gauntlets by now but there is a method to obtain 4 more colours! Simply follow these steps exactly to "unlock" one of these colours WITHOUT CHEAT DEVICES!!!

1. Get the 40 capacity slingshot bag from the lost woods but do NOT get the 50 bag from the castle market

2. Get the silver scale from zoras domain but do NOT get the golden scale

3. Get the adults wallet (200) but NOT the giants wallet (500)

4. Get the pocket cukoo from kakariko village as an adult and hatch it

Choosing your colour of gauntlet
5. Here is where you must choose what colour of gauntlet you want to get. There are 4 choices depending on the strength upgrade you have already. Nothing will get you black gauntlets, goron bracelet will get you green gauntlets, silver gauntlets will get you blue gauntlets and golden gauntlets will get you red gauntlets. Simply get the strength upgrade that corrisponds to the colour you want

6. As an adult, make sure you have 0 deku sticks and a bottled fish

7. Go to the fishing pond and perform the "steal rod glitch" to exit the pond with the rod, look up the exact details on how to perform this glitch if you do not know how

8. Jump into some water untill the B button fades then climb back out

9. Pause and unpause. This should put the deku sticks on the B button

10. Pause and place the pocket cukoo on C-right and the bottled fish on any other button

11. Empty the bottled fish and recapture it in the same bottle

12. Perform a backflip and press the button for the bottled fish and then B before link touches the ground. This should release the fish again and put an empty bottle on B

13. Recapture this same fish with the B bottle

14. Re-equip your sword. You have now changed the colour of your gauntlets!

These new gauntlets have the power of golden gauntlets and will stay throughout the game. You may also notice you equipment screen will have a few items on it which it shouldnt now. To fix this, get the 50 capacity slingshot, the golden scale and the giants wallet, the gauntlets slot will remain with a different item

NOTE, do not get the normal braclet or gauntlets after doing this or it will override the glitch and return it to normal

NOTE, to get the black gauntlets (no strength upgrade), you will need to do various other glitches to complete dogongos cavern without bomb flowers. See other sources for detials on how to do these

I know this long line of actions makes this seem like a fake cheat. I had my doubts when i heard this too but i have tested this for myself and i garentee that this works if you follow the steps exactly