The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Zombie Link
Do the Swordless Link Glitch. Have the zora tunic unequipped, and go on Epona and ride to Gerudo Valley. Press the ocarina button then cancel to get off.

Equip the iron boots (make SURE you have a bottled fairy!) Jump off the bridge and into the water. When the countdown to drowning starts, press A. Do NOT equip the zora tunic. You will get out of the water and onto epona. While the countdown is still ticking, hookshot something.(The bridge sign is good.) Do not press a single button at this time. You will eventually "die" unpainfully on Epona. The fairy will revive you. Get off of Epona and you will moon jump. When you land, your life will be at 0, enemies are frozen, the only thing you can do is move Link and other odd things!