The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Skip Unlocking The Seals In Ganon's Castle
In Ganons castle run down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom. Turn left and go into the spirit temple room. When inside pull the statue that's closest to you towards the door as far as you can. Then go around the other side and push it the rest of the way until its one push away from hitting the wall. Now pull it twice towards the left wall so it is in line with the carpet at the door. Do a jump-slash (Z+A+forward) at the wall in-between the door and the statue and you should go right through the wall.

You will now be in the room outside the door but it will all be black. Don't move but turn to face the room from where you left and do a back flip. Now jump sideways seven times to the left and run backwards, you should hit something. Jump to the right once and then run backwards again till you enter a room. You are now inside Ganons tower without completing any of the rooms to break the seal around the door.