The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Swimming Link with iron boots on
1) As an adult find some water that is deep enough that you can swim in it.
2) Press and hold 'Z'. From now on do not let go of 'Z' at any time, if you do the glitch will not work or will stop working.
3) Make sure you have the Kokiri or Hover boots on. Then get into the water and start swimming.
4) While in the middle of a swimming stroke pause the game and switch to the Iron boots.
5) Unpause the game, as you do so hold forward on the analog stick to make Link continue swimming. Link should keep swimming but will sink to the bottom(and swim on the bottom).

Now, swim out of the water onto land. You're now swimming in the air, if you try to dive, use most weapons/items or let go of 'Z' you'll fall to the ground and be walking around like normal. Try using the Hookshot/Longshot though, you don't fall to the ground and it looks really crazy as Link tries to do swimming motions and hold the Hookshot/Longshot out in front of him at the same time. Also, once you are swimming on land equip the Kokiri or Hover boots to swim faster.