The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Use Magic While Nayru's Love is Active
1. Go to Death Mountain crater.
2. Put on either the Zora tunic or Kokiri tunic so that you will eventually die from the heat.
3. Just before you die from the heat cast Nayru's love.
4. Choose whether you want to save or not then choose to continue.

When you come back to life Nayru's love will still be working but will not be using any magic power. This means you can use the Lens of Truth or cast another Nayru's love while the first is still going, if you try to use one of the magic arrows or cast Din's fire the game will crash. If you do the glitch by drowning in a Temple you can use Farore's wind while Nayru's love is still going, it just crashes the game though.