The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Shield Glitches
1) You have to be Young Link and have both shields. Defend with your Deku Shield then press start and switch the Deku Shield with the Hylian Shield and then press start again while still holding the [R] button so Link will be crouching like he's holding the Deku Shield only he has the Hylian Shield on his back.

2) Same as above except have the Hylian Shield out at first then switch to the Deku Shield instead and Link will float a few inches off the ground
while crouching.

3) Go into a large body of water (Lake Hylia suggested)(as Adult or Kid) and hold [Z] and press [R] button and Link will have his shield out in the water. Now dive underwater and Link will still have his shield out underwater.