The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Unlockables

Gold Skulltula Collection Rewards
To claim your rewards visit the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village and talk to the people that have been freed from the curse. The more gold skulltula tokens you collect the more people will be freed from the curse.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Adults WalletCollect 10 gold skulltula tokens. Increases your rupee carrying capacity to 200.
Stone of AgonyCollect 20 gold skulltula tokens. This item will cause your rumble pak to react when near secret holes.
Giants WalletCollect 30 gold skulltula tokens. Ups your rupee capacity to 500 rupees.
BombchusCollect 40 gold skulltula tokens.
Heart PieceCollect 50 gold skulltula tokens.
200 rupeesCollect all 100 gold skulltula tokens. If you exit and re-enter you can collect this again, making this an infinite supply of rupees.