The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Unlockables

Scarecrow Song and Locations
The scarecrow song is a secret 13th song Link can learn. Go to Lake Hylia as a child. Near the warp to Zora's Dommain should be two scarecrows. Use the ocarina by the one nearest the water and play a song consisting of 8 notes that does not have any other song note combination in it. Now return to the same scarecrow as an adult and play back the same song to infuse it with power to summon a scarecrow in certain locations. Do note that this song is not recorded in the quest status subscreen so make sure you remember it or you will have to repeat this process to reset it.

This is a list of where to find spots to summon a scarecrow. You can use the hookshot/longshot to pull yourself to them when summoned.
General AreaPrecise Directions
Lake HyliaOn top of the lab building. Can be used to access the heart piece without using a plant bean.
Lake HyliaBy the fishing pond entrance. Can be used to access the minigame before the Water Temple is cleared.
Gerudo Training GroundIn the room where you must blind the statues. Note that you must play the song while on the walkway before dropping down. This lets you reach the room above once it has unlocked without having to go all the way around again.
Shadow TempleIn the chamber where the boat is on a high platform. Used to reach a gold skulltula.
Sacred Forest MeadowWalk towards the gate that leads into the maze, and on the left side you can summon a scarecrow. Can be used to travel over the maze, skipping the enemies there entirely.
Forest TempleOn a raised platform in the area with the well and river. Can only be summoned when on the platform and only serves as a means to get back onto the platform if you jump off.
Gerudo FortressAt the peak of the fortress. Used as a shortcut up the structure.
Fire TempleWhen you come out above the maze of rolling boulders play the song where you are. Grants access to a platform that lets you hookshot to a lift. Eventually leads to gold skulltulas and a huge rupee.
Dodongo's Caverngo back to Dodongo's cavern as adult link. Enter first passageway on right as kid. After killing 3 baby dodongos play the scarecrows song for a gold skulltula