The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Invisible Link
To become Invisible Link, you must be an adult, and have Epona and the Serenade of Water. Ride to the Gerudo Valley, and whilst still on Epona, try and ride into the Tent. It won't work at first, but try many positions and tilting. Usually about 2 minutes later, you should get inside. You won't be on Epona. (If you leave the Tent, you will automatically be on Epona) Now play the Serenade of Water and Link will be at Lake Hylia invisible. Epona also gets stuck on the Warp Pad and Navi won't follow you! The effects are NOT Permenant, and will end when you leave Lake Hylia. Epona will still be on the Warp Pad though, and to get her off, use Epona's Song.