The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Tips

Sell Bottle Items For Rupees
Go get a bug/fish/blue fire in a bottle and you can then sell them to a boy willing to buy things with C, although the location depends on the time period. As a kid you go to Hyrule Market under the stairs by the Bombchu Bowling Alley or as an adult in Kakariko village on the left at the top of the stairs on the left side going towards Death Mountain. These are what he will buy and for how much:

  • Bug - 50 rupees
  • Fish - 100 rupees
  • Blue Fire - 150 rupees

    Bugs can be found in lots of places. As a kid there are some on the path to Hyrule Castle guard gate. You can also abuse the Unlimited Bugs tip.
    The fish is found mostly in puddles of water in holes or at Zora's Dommain or Fountain.
    The Blue Fire can only be found in the Ice Caves hence it's valubility.
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