The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches

Swordless Link - Works On Any Version
Requirements: Filled Bottle (Fish or Bugs works great).

Enter the final battle with Ganon and get your sword knocked away by Ganon. Do not equip another sword. Now you need to perform the cheat to play an item as an ocarina.

Make sure you have the filled bottle assigned and Link is holding it (if he isn't, release the bottle item and recatch it to get him to hold it) and have a weapon assigned to another C button (like the longshot). Find a raised ledge and jump off. Press the button with the filled bottle and then press the button with the assigned weapon before you hit the ground. Link should hold the weapon up like an ocarina.

Now play a warping song and warp out of the battle. When Link appears he should still be swordless. Like the other version of this glitch, you can now use this to perform other glitches such as using items on Epona.

Note that unlike the other glitch, this glitch will work on any game version.