Star Wars Episode I: Obi Wan review
Be Prepared. They are coming...

The good:

This game has a lot of action, and the violence is non-bloody. The enemies have good dialogue, and go into a death scene when they die. Battle droids break apart depending on where you hit them. The game follows a decent story line, too.

The bad:

There are many glitches in this game, including lock-ups tmeporary freezes. Weather they could have been fixed, I do not know. The game follows the same good soundtrack, but it would have been something if it had a brand new one for the prologue of the story.


Basically, this is an action game. It has some violence, but unlike other games such as Halo, it doesn't get too graphic and bloody. The walls have hit marks on them if you swing your saber at them. The marks stay there, even if you go away, and then come back. The gun turretor battle droids are very annoying, but add to the challenge. With some rythym, you can find a way to dodge them. The only noticeable thing, other than the lock-ips, is the fact that you have limited force power. What's up with that? I have also encountered a glitch that kills me instantly. Ha. It should've been fixed, but it adds to the challenge. In conclusion, this game is good enough to nag your parents for, or to shell out the 50 dollars on it the second you see it in the store.

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