Numen: Contest of Heroes Walkthrough v1.04
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Numen: Contest of Heroes Walkthrough

by kratosraine   Updated to v1.04 on
Numen: Contest of Heroes
Guide by: Kratosraine

Ver. 1.04 - Took a break from the guide due to school.  Restarted playing again
with a fresh prospective.  Changed some of the tone and fixed some sentences
that my girlfriend would have hung me over.  Playing through the Ranger class.
I can't just let my hatred of the class ruin this guide.  Decided not to add
all of the hidden treasure that the development team put in the game.  There
will be a link to the Steam Forums that allow anyone that wants to go treasure
hunting the ability to do so.

Ver. 1.03 - Finishing off the guide.  If I didn't mention an area, like the
one behind the lesser snow giant at Mount Parnassus I didn't find anything
of use there, beyond experience.  Fixed some grammar issues, and some of the
remaining nagging things.  Didn't like the ranger so played again as the

Ver. 1.01 - 2/13/2012 - The guide continues to expand.  The main quest is
done.  Filled in some of the other missing quests.  Added a Table of
Contents, or you could always just use Ctrl + F (Find) to find what you are
looking for.  There still may be errors, I will play through the game 1 last
time as the ranger to verify what I have is correct and through enough.

Ver. 1.00 - 2/11/2012 - This is the barebones guide to the main story and a
few side quests.  A few of the side quests are not currently complete, or I 
missed them during the first writing of this guide.  Some areas may not go 
into great detail at this point.  As the guide progresses more things 
will be addressed.  Also there may be spelling and grammar errors, I'm not 
an English major.  So please be polite when pointing them out.

     Note from the Author - This game is kind of terrible.  It had plenty of
potential, but it seemed squandered.  I really enjoyed the premise but some 
aspects of the game could have been done better.  The layout of the game
can get on people's nerves as well, a level 50 dungeon next to a level 20 
dungeon.  But I digress on with the guide.

Table of Contents
Section A - Rules
Guide Start - A1
Notes - N1
Class Notes - W1
*Class Quest* Warrior - "Never-ending Fight" - A2
*Class Quest* Warrior - "Curious Eyes" - A3
*Class Quest* Mage - "Mysterious Scroll" - A4
*Class Quest* Mage - "Scorpion Tails" - A5
*Class Quest* Ranger - "Save the Herd" - A6
*Class Quest* Ranger - "Tears of Night" - A7
*Other Interest* Your First Dungeon. - Z1
*Main Quest* - Finding your sibling. - B1
*Main Quest* Your Sibling the fool. - B2
*Main Quest* Finding the Cure. - B3
*Main Quest* Find a way of getting from Leros to Mount Parnassus. - B4
*Main Quest* Choosing your God - B5
*Main Quest* Find the temple of your God and talk to the Priest. - B6
*Main Quest* "Visit Misarica on Imbros - B7
*Main Quest* Love Lost. - B8
*Optional Quest* - Helping Agenta out. Z2
*Main Quest* Find a temple of you God and talk to its priest. - B9
*Main Quest* Find the mechanical man Talos - C1
*Main Quest* "Ruins of Renouncement." - C2
*Main Quest* "Tomb of Talos." - C3
*Main Quest* "The Dead End." - C4
*Main Quest* "Something Shiny." - C5
*Main Quest*  "Prismatic feathers." C6-1
*Main Quest* "The Ritual Mask." - C6-2
*Main Quest* "Hidden Entrance." - C7
*Main Quest* "Voice in the Darkness." - C8
*Main Quest* "Precious maps." - C9
*Main Quest* "Blood of the Minotaur." - D1
*Main Quest* "Dog and his Master." - D2
*Main Quest*  "Find the Master of Orthrus." - D3
*Optional Quest* "Lost Caravan." - Z3
*Optional Area* "Lost Expedition." - Z4
*Optional Quest* "Hidden Treasure of the Nile." - Z5
*Optional Quest*  "Nightwine." - Z6
*Optional Quest* "Lost Brother." - Z7
*Optional Quest*  "Into the Unknown." - Z8
*Optional Quest* "Temple Menace." - Z9
*Optional Quest* "Helping the Slaves." - Z10
*Optional Quest* "A Sound that is a Key." - Z11
*Optional Quest*  "The Tournament." - Z12
*Optional Area* Skyros Island. - Z13
*Optional Quest*  "Fighting the Giant Crab." - Z14
*Optional Quest* "Search for Life." - Z15
*Optional Quest* The Arena - Z16
*Hidden Treasure* - Z17


     Rules about the Game -   There are 3 bars next to your character's 
profile. The Green is Hit points, the Blue one is Magic points, and the 
3rd is endurance.  Magic / Tech points will either regenerate for the Mage.
Increase if you use special abilities as the Warrior.  Or regenerate if
you hit something or are out of battle for the Ranger.  After your 
endurance bar is completely empty you will no longer regenerate HP. This
really affects you until you have a healing ability, especially the Mage. 
After they get their heal spell you don't really need to go to camp fires.
To regenerate endurance points you need to go to a camp fire, and you 
can either rest or rest until the next phase of day.  This is also the only 
place where you can save it.  Camp fires do an auto save once you get to the
fire. If you want to save on a different file you need to select that

     Another note:  I've played through this game 3 times now and I've
noticed that you do not need to repair equipment.  The rate at which you
will get new gear, the old gear hasn't broken down.  It is not super 
expensive to get the gear fixed, but any money you can save is great.
     More Chatter:  Buy the upgraded bags as soon as possible.  They do cost
a bit but the space is more than worth it.  If you can go ahead and buy the
largest on possible.  That will save you money and greatly increase how much
loot you can carry.
     Strange note:  When playing as the Ranger I've notice that special
abilities do not take up arrows.  If you spam special abilities you will
not need as many arrows.  You can make arrows for free, so it's really
up to you.
     Merchant note:  The Merchants in this game sell some super nice gear
but in all of my playthroughs I haven't had enough money to buy any of it.
To be honest the gear that I get from normal monsters is more than enough
to push through the game. I recommend only selling to merchants, as you
can always kill more monsters for good gear and experience as well.
     Gender Armor:  Why did they even put this in the game?  All you
have to do is go to a vendor, waste money, and have the armor re-gendered.
This is another waste of the game's time.  It only prevents you from wearing
armor the moment you get it.  Guess they have to make money from not 
repairing gear, or selling arrows.
     Merchant note 2:  If you like money do not sell to the traveling
merchant.  He will pay you less for your goods, up to 20% less.  This does
not mean much at the beginning of the game.  But later on it can take a
huge bit out of your budget.

     Class notes:  I have played as all the classes now; the Ranger, Warrior
and Mage.  This is what I think of the classes, feel free to play any class
that you want.
     Warrior: This class is the easy mode of the game.  You don't usually
need to use skills to kill enemies.  The hardest enemy in the game for me
was the Minotaur.  Only because he used the rubble attack to hurt me.
If you are just looking to complete the game and take if off of your backlog
the Warrior is the class.
     Mage: The mage really isn't that bad.  You do have to switch up 
spells to hurt enemies, but that's what they do.  All the Mage's spells
start off weak but then develop more additional abilities after each upgrade
I think this would be the normal difficulty class.
     Ranger:  I did not like this class.  They were too weak, enemies lower
level than I were resisting my abilities.  The abilities weren't really
that good.  Yes you can make herbs, that have a life span and cannot be used
in combat.  Yes you can summon arrows, which really doesn't break the bank.
Then you have traps, which you need a trap kit for.  Songs are a saving grace
as they do not cost much and they provide you with a benefit for 5 minutes.
Your MP / Tech only comes back after you start hitting an enemy, which I could 
only do with a normal shot anyway. This class has many abilities which can help
do damage.  The cost of all these abilities usually made me somewhat poor.   

     At the beginning of the game you are asked the either select the boy or
girl.  It does not matter which one you chose as it is for aesthetics.  Then 
you name your character.  You are greeted by a movie, there aren't too many 
in this game.  And then you actually start playing the game.

A1 *Guide Start*		
     You automatically run out and talk to your Uncle, Tarrius.  He starts
complaining about how sheltered you have been and that you should go kill
some things. He tells you about the other 2 teachers for the other classes,
being the trainer for the "Way of the Warrior."  Theopon, by the bridge is the
trainer for  "Magic Affinity."  And Leodokles, by the camp fire, is the trainer
for "Nature's Wisdom."  The point at this stage of the game is to run into your
sibling, either boy or girl depending on who you chose, 3 times while raising
one of these traits.  
All 3 of the trainers have a quest for you to do to learn new abilities on the
class that you wish to become.  As you talk with each one they will give you
the tool of their trade.  Tarrius will give you a dagger, Theopon will give you
wand, and Leodokle will give you a bow and arrow.  Use the ability that they
give you to increase your ability in your chosen class.

	A good ability to keep on your hot keys is "Combat Sense," as it 
allows you to see enemy levels.  This ability can keep you out of trouble as
some areas of the game are death traps.  Certain areas of the game will have 
higher levels of enemies that others, I will point these out as the guide 
progresses.  A useful item is the "Spade," if you do not go through the mage
quests you will not pick this up.  It is needed for a few parts of the 
story, and costs 40 Drachmas.

*Class Quest* Warrior -   "Never-ending Fight," you get this quest from 
Tarrius at the beginning of the game and it will reward you with a Warrior 
ability. This quest is easy, all you have to do is kill the wolves just 
outside of town.  You have to go south from the town, cross the 
bridge.  The wolves are right there, they level between 12 and 16.  Kill
5 of them for your Uncle.  You receive 26 experience points for doing this 

*Class Quest* Warrior - "Curious Eyes," you get this quest from Tarrius 
after you complete the "Never-ending Fight Quest."  Before you do this quest
Tarrius teaches you your second Warrior ability, Maim, which deals Damage 
over time. Your Uncle mentions that pirates have come to the island and are
looking at possibly looting it.  So he wants you to kill these leaches 
before they can scout the island.  The Pirates are located just south of the
Boatman, the blue circle on your map.  One is Level 13, and the other is 
level 19.  You can either talk them down, or kill them.  Both of these 
options complete the quest.  For this quest you get 36 experience from 
Tarrius, your Uncle.
*Update* I have found out that if you do not kill the pirates then Prepis
will be killed when you are an adult.

*Class Quest* Mage - "Mysterious Scroll," you get this quest from Theopon.
In this quest your are looking for a scroll that is hidden.  Using this 
hint: "Find the four.  The three are still proud and standing.  Use your
shovel to dig near to where what was once alive is dead.  Let's see if 
you're smart enough..."  You can dig this up even before you take the
quest.  If you do you may not be able to complete the quest.  I still
haven't found a way to complete this quest if you dig the scroll up
before Theopon asks for it.

First you need to buy a spade.  The merchant is marked on the map with a 
little above his head under a V.  It costs 40 Drachmas.  
This is something that you should have for the entire game as there are a 
few times in which you have to use it for the story.  The dead tree is south
of town, by the ruins.  All you have to do is dig somewhere close to the 
tree and you will find the Scroll.  For this you get "Shadow Curse," the 
Mage damage over time spell.
Sorry no Experience.

*Class Quest* Mage - "Scorpion Tails," you get this quest after you complete 
"Mysterious Scroll," from Theopon.  In this quest you must get 4 scorpion 
tails from the Scorpions.  If you do not get the scorpion tails from the 
scorpions you will have to use the camp fire to rest until the next day 
cycle and kill the scorpions again.  The Scorpions are located to the east 
of the village, or north of the camp fire on the southern side of the 
island.  They range in level between 13 and 16.  
You get 36 Experience for completing this quest.

*Class Quest* Ranger - "Save the Herd," this quest is given to you by 
Leodokles. There are spiders that are killing his herd of sheep.  All he 
wants you to do is kill 5 of them.  These spiders are located east of the 
town, by the first dungeon of the game.  They level between 12 and 13. 
For completing this quest you get 26 experience and the ability
"Slash Vein," the Ranger Damage over time ability.

*Class Quest* Ranger - "Tears of Night," this quest is given to you by 
Leodokles after completing the quest "Save the Herd."  Leodokles wants you 
to get him 5 flowers called "Blue Tears."  These flowers only appear at 
night.  What you need to do is go to the camp fire and rest until night
time.  You can tell these flowers from the other shrubbery because they are
ill placed, meaning that they hover over the land and don't connect to it.
They do change places from time to time.  I have tried to find them all
but these are the locations that I have found them most of the time.   
   They are located, starting from the camp fire, go north until you get
a little south of the island on the map.  From there go southeast to the 
fenced in area of the town, where sheep are kept.  From the last one keep 
going east until you get to the ruins east of town, right before the 
entrance next to the fallen pillars is one.  Just east of the last one, on 
the hill after the dungeons entrance.  The last one is south of the 
spider area in the scorpion area, if you follow the path south you
can see it.  There is another one just east of the southern bridge.  
Sometimes one will appear north or east of the camp fire.
Now rest until daytime and then turn in the quest.  For this you get 36 
experience and 400 basic arrows.

*Other Interest* Your First Dungeon.  This dungeon is located just to the 
east of the village in the spider area.  The enemies here level 14.  This 
dungeon is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is kill wolves and 
spiders until you get to the furthest room to the northwest.  Killing 
these beasts you are rewarded with a treasure chest, it usually contains 
money and a health potion. Treasure Chests respawn, so if you really need 
the money you can rest at the camp fire and come back to re-loot the chest.

*Main Quest* - Finding your sibling.  This quest isn't listed but you need 
to do this to advance the game.  You need to find your sibling 3 times before
you can continue the game.  The first location is south of the spider area,
north of the scorpion area.  It is marked on your map.  The second location 
is just west of the boatman, but you need to advance the time by resting
before they'll appear.  You also need to complete the 2 quests that you
get from your Uncle Tarrius: "Never-ending Fight," and "Curious Eyes."
You do not have to do any other quests than those, but this will
automatically make you a Warrior.  Doing the other class quests are
recommended for the experience points.

 So if it's day you need to rest until night, and vice versa.  Again it is 
marked on your map when they show up.  Talk to them a second time.  The 
third time is next to the camp fire in town, again you need to advance time
by resting before this is marked on your map.  This is a new area of 
interest that is opened on your map, the first dungeon you have to enter opens.

*Main Quest* Your Sibling the fool.  This is not listed on your quest log 
either, but it needs to be done in order to move the story along.  After you
talk to your sibling for the 3rd time they mention finding a treasure.  This
opens up the first actual dungeon of the game, which is located south of the
town.  You should get the tip that a new location of interest has been 
found, and on the map a cave entrance should be on marked.  This dungeon 
is pretty straight forward.  You can see the location of where you need to 
go by the Green Exclamation Point.  Enemies range from 14 to 15.  There are 
no treasure chests in here so if you go straight to the quest marker you will 
not miss anything.  Once you get near your target you have to fight a foul 
scorpion, level 15.  Then you can talk with you sibling.  You find out 
that they have been poisoned.
Afterwards you are automatically removed from the dungeon.

*Main Quest* Finding the Cure.  This is the first story quest mentioned in 
the game.  So you have to find someone who knows how to cure this poison.  
You need to talk to Prepis, he is just northwest of your house during the 
daytime.  He mentions that you need even stronger poison, Black Amber, to 
help your sibling out.  So at night time go to the Scorpion area.  You 
should see a giant half scorpion half person walking around, this is Black
Amber.  It is level 17.  You many need to pull some of the other scorpions 
first, as the battle can get a little hairy with 3 or 4 scorpions and Black 
Amber.  So pick up the Black Amber venom, remember that you cannot loot 
during battle.  Return to Prepis during the day.  After he makes the 
antivenin talk to your Uncle Tarrius.  He mentions that your sibling has 
died and that you did all that you could.  He mentions that if he were 
younger that he'd take his body to Mount Parnassus to make his funeral pyre.

*Main Quest* Find a way of getting from Leros to Mount Parnassus.  First you
need to talk to Syllaios the boatman.  He is the blue circle on the map.  He
says that he will take you to Mount Parnassus for 150 Drachmas.  If you need
to go to the merchant and sell your unwanted items, this should easily make 
you the money to travel.  If it doesn't that you can go into either dungeon 
to make the money.  After you pay him the money you get to Mount Parnassus,
a cold place. You need to talk to Kobon, who is just in front of you also he
is marked on the map.  This adds the quest a "Place for Final Rest." 
     What you need to do is collect 4 wolf pelts.  Once you leave the 
village heading west kill all of the wolves (Level 14) that you can.  If you
get to the Lesser Snow Giant, then turn around and go back to the camp fire
as he is level 30 and will kill you quickly.  Also do not run around
in the cave by Kobon.  The enemies here are too high for you to take as well
so be careful if you do.  If you accidently fall off of the bridge to the
wolf area you will have to go through this cave, and will die.
     If the first set of wolves do not yield the pelts then go to the camp 
fire and rest until you get all 4 that you need.  Return to Kobon when you 
have all 4.  After that you are greeted with another movie.  

*Main Quest* Choosing your God - This quest is not listed but happens right
after you give all 4 wolf pelts to Kobon.  Whichever Mastery you have 
decided to follow; Way of the Warrior, Magic Affinity, or Nature's Wisdom. 
This is where you will get to choose what God you follow, and the abilities
that you get for following that God.  I just want to say that I think that
all of these are kind of useless. The abilities do not seem 
that great, so you can get by without them.  But continuing on.  You are 
greeted by Iris, messenger of the Gods, she tells you that you may be needed
in the near future.  
So that if you are the best even someone can be brought back from the dead.
Then she makes you choose a God to follow of your chosen class.

*Main Quest* Find the temple of your God and talk to the Priest.  This quest
is marked on your map.  As the eastern side of Machatar have the temples.  
You just need to find the one of the God you have decided to serve.  Your 
priest tells you that the "Sickle of Kronos," has been stolen and that it is
your duty, as your Gods follower, to bring it back.  
He explains that the Gods do not like to see you working together, but doesn't
want the other champions killed.  If you can trick them, or humiliate them in
the tournament, your God will favor that.  This is where you will learn your
skills, and God abilities.  So remember this place.

*Main Quest* "Visit Misarica on Imbros and do all you can to make her help 
you." So go to the Western boatman, Osidios, and have him take you to Imbros
for 320 Drachmas.  Misarica's cave is just south of the landing point / camp
fire.  If you want you can fight your way to the other quest on the island, 
Green Exclamation Point.  Enemies rank between 19 and 24.  Once you enter 
the Cave you are greeted by one of the other heroes.  It is at this point in
which you can either; tell them to go to the right (they will die and you
get 30 God favor), the left (nothing happens), or let them chose (where they
chose the correct path anyway).  So DO NOT GO WEST, this is a level 50 
dungeon.  You will be slaughtered.  The correct path is east.  If you want
there is a barrel that can be broken at the beginning of the west path that
can give you some better potions and money.

     Once you go east look at them map you can see where you need to go.
The pirates are level 22, the skeletons are 23-24, and the spiders are 23
-25. There is a treasure chest in the nook north of where Misarica is.  One is
just north of the camp fire.  Once you reach Misarica's lair she talks
about how you killed her pets and that you didn't bring any presents.  Now
you have to run around as a spider from the east end of her cave back to
where she is without dying.  Just a note you can't strafe either, it kind of
sucks but it is not a real big deal.  You can die but you will go back to the
start where you spawned. If you've killed the enemies than this is a piece
of cake, but if you haven't then just run from them.  Once you have made it
back to Misarica she will ask you to kill the ghouls outside of her cave for
3 eggs, the quest is called "Misarica's Belongings," of her pets.  Her pet
spiders will no longer attack you in the cave.  All of the Ghouls are
located outside of her cave.  Just keep killing Ghouls until you have the 3
eggs, and if you need to rest and let them respawn.  Return to her after you
have killed enough Ghouls to get the eggs.  You get 1396 experience for this

*Main Quest* Love Lost.  You get this quest after you complete "Misarica's 
Belongings," quest.  She wants to be reunited with her long lost love, she 
was chosen to be an oracle early on.  And the Gods turned her lover into a 
blue bird who has been hanging around her cave.  She gives you a scroll to 
use that will lead the bird to her cave.  To find this bird you must head to
the southwestern side of the island.  On a log, glowing, there is a tiny 
bird.  Use the scroll on the bird to complete the quest.  Then return back 
to Misarica.  She tells you about Telos and how he stole the "Sickle of
Kronos."  But first you need to go back to your temple and talk with your 
priest.  After this quest you are able to barter for the hero that entered
the cave before you, and it is your choice if they live or die.

*Optional Quest* - Helping Agenta out.  She is asking for 150 Drachmas.  She
will not leave with you, as she prefers to travel alone.  If you don't pay 
her she will be in the bar on Machatar and will talk bad about you.  If you 
chose to help her she gives you a scroll to a buried treasure.  Once you
read the scroll you need to go back to Imbros and find out where this 
treasure is buried.
     Just south of Misarica's cave, southwest of the mountain on the map is 
where the treasure is buried.  It is a Ring of the Gods which increases all
abilities by 1, except Dexterity which increases by 2. 

*Main Quest* Find a temple of you God and talk to its priest.   There is 
only one temple of your God so go back to where you learn skills and talk to
him about what has transpired.  This also opens up the "Looking for Talos,"
quest. After you talk to your priest he mentions that he only cares about 
what his God makes, not Hephaestus.  So talk to the Priest of Hephaestus, he
is located northwest of the arena ferryman and should be marked, and he will
tell you nothing.  Go to the bar and buy a bottle of wine and give it to 
him.  It costs 330 Drachmas the barkeep is also marked on the map, east of 
the boatman Osidios.  If your God is Hephaestus then you will get the
experience points for this quest for free.

*Main Quest* "Find the mechanical man Talos somewhere on the Plains of 
Renouncement."  Go to the teleporter it is located almost north of the Arena
ferryman, a little northwest in between the mountains on the map.  After 
exiting it you are now in Cyrene.  Lysikles will not take you anywhere yet,
so do not bother.  Mynnakos will ask for 50 Drachmas to help repair the 
village.  Then he will tell you about a lost caravan somewhere in the 
desert and you should talk to Hargeb.  He is located by the camp fire on the
southeastern side and he should be marked.  At this point he will take you 
to either the Plains of Renouncement or where the body was found, aka the 
Lost Expedition.

*Main Quest* "Ruins of Renouncement."  The enemies here are 32-34.  On the 
North half is the Warghir and on the southern half is the Machine men.  Our
goal is to the east of the camp fire and through a camp of Warghir.  Tucked
away behind their camp is a cave, that is where our next quest location is.
Once you enter the cave and open the map you will see where our next 
destination is, the east side of the cave.  The Warghir in this cave are 36
-38.  At the end of the cave you will meet Paradigm and he/it will explain 
about Talos.  He will give you 2 quests:  "A Sound that is Key," and "Tomb 
of Talos." 

*Main Quest* "Tomb of Talos."  After talking with Paradigm he mentions that
Talos tomb is guarded by a big metal machine.  You have to destroy it to
gain access to his tomb.  It is called the Mechanical Wonder and it is level
44. It will heal itself with its healing node and you have to destroy it so 
it doesn't heal.  Pay attention to your surroundings these nods can spawn
anywhere around the Mechanical Wonder.  This can get very annoying as I
currently believe that mulit-target skills do not work on the nodes.
Inside of the cave there are level 43 Brass Guardians.  Once you make it to the
back of the cave, there are 4 Brass Guardians.  Open up the Tomb and
find that Talos is not there and this opens up another quest.

*Main Quest* "The Dead End."  You get this after opening the Tomb of Talos
and not finding him there.  You must now go back to Paradigm, who is in the
cave at the western end of the Plains of Renouncement.  After talking to 
Paradigm you learn that the Warghir have something that belongs to the man 
who took Talos. This opens up another quest.

*Main Quest* "Something Shiny."  You receive this quest after talking to 
Paradigm the second about the location of Talos.  Go outside and kill 
Warghir until you get the item "Brooch."  This will open up the next part of
the quest to find out someone who knows about the brooch.   Go back to
Cyrene at talk to Lysikles and give 650 Drachmas to be taken where the man
went with Talos.  After this you arrive at the Coast of Stageira.  Here the
enemies are level 48-49.  The goal here is to talk to both Heroes that
appear, one appears during the day and one at night.  After you talk to both of
them they give you scrolls and then next part of the quest opens up.  At this
point you have one of two options gather Harpy Feathers or find the mask.
  Finding the mask is easier to do. But I will talk about both quests.

*Main Quest*  "Prismatic feathers."  You get this quest by choosing to find
the feathers instead of the mask.  Keep killing the Harpies until you get 4
Prismatic feathers from them.  Then return to the Second hero on the island.
You get 41610 experience points for completing this quest.

*Main Quest* "The Ritual Mask."  You get this quest if you choose to find 
the mask rather than the feathers.  This is the easier of the quests.  At 
night you will see a blue spot on the ground in the eastern part of the 
island.  There will be a message that says "The ground seems soft here." 
This is where you dig.  After you find the mask return to the hero to 
receive 41610 experience points.

*Main Quest* "Hidden Entrance."  You get this quest after either: "Prismatic
feathers," or "The Ritual Mask."  At about the middle of the island you 
should have seen a strange stone altar.  Use the Feathery Mask on the 
strange alter to open our next location, just click on the rock to use the 
mask.  Once you enter the cave the Hero that helped you complete the mask 
will rush into the cave.  They will be marked on the map.  At 
this point you can either help them or let them die.  There is one enemy in 
this cave Autolycus, and he is level 52.  Be careful this is another boss 
fight.  After you take off so much health he will disappear and spilt.  If 
you kill his clones you get experience from that, but he will heal himself 
fully afterwards.  After every time he splits he we wait longer to split 
again.  Defeating him gets you 37281 experience points.  Talking to him he 
gives you the "Ring of Deflection," you do not have to equip this now.  Then
the next main quest mission opens.

*Main Quest* "Voice in the Darkness."  You get this quest after defeating 
Autolycus.  You know need to go back to Misarica's island, Imbros, and talk 
to her again.  This opens up the "Precious maps," quest which resides in her
cave as well.

*Main Quest* "Precious maps," you get this quest from Misarica after 
defeating Autolycus.  She hates visitors and now she wants you to kill the
pirates that have made a home in her cave.  But for them to be gone for good
you need 3 maps that will get them lost at sea and never to return.  This is
located on the west side of the first room, if you sent the hero in here 
they would have been killed.  Then enemies are 52-55.  You are looking for 
the treasure chest that contain the 3 maps.  You will also find a note
talking about how a whistle was stolen by the Amazons and he wants it 
back.  This quest will be done later in the game.  After you find the 3 
treasure chest that contain the maps head back to Misarca for the next task.
You get 39044 experience points and the next quest.

*Update* I drew a map of the labyrinth and uploaded it to approved sites.
The dungeon is bad, but not really so when you look at the map.
Remember that you can use the torch to light the way to help make it
easier to see.

*Main Quest* "Blood of the Minotaur."  You get this after getting the maps 
for Misarica in her cave.  Head back to Machatar and talk to the boatman 
Osidios. Ask him to take you to Arkadia and it cost 310 Drachmas.  The 
enemies here are 54-57.  There is another hero here and they ask if you kill
the minotaur to give them it's horns.  So the area to the south, were there
are pirates, is where the labyrinth is located.  Once you reach the pirates
they ask you who you are.  You can either run away, see their leader, or 
just kill them.  If you don't want to fight the pirates then ask to see 
their leader and tell him you will give him half of the Minotaur's blood.
      Once you enter the labyrinth you have no map function.  So my advice
is to follow a wall until you get to the Minotaur, a map has been added to
certain sites.  Once you make it to the camp fire that is where the Minotaur is
located.  It is level 58.  If his attacks hit for too much damage you
can go to Sykros, the island of Amazons to level up a bit.  What he does is
summons Hissing Skeletons, who are about his level and only take 1 hit to
kill.  He also drops a rock on you that deals a great amount of damage.  The
Mage can easily heal from this.  If you have more serious problems you can
always use Cheat Engine to edit that value (0E096304) I believe is the
correct value.  You get 51091 experience points for kill the Minotaur.

     You now have to leave the dungeon, I did not have the scroll that takes
you back to the Temple of your God so I do not know if that works. I 
recommend that you follow a wall, left or right, back out of the labyrinth.
After you leave the labyrinth the hero that showed up on the island will move
closer to the boatman Osidios.  They will talk to you and ask for the 
Minotaur's horn.  You can either take the 3000 Drachmas, or give it to them
for free.  But if you give it to them for free you lose 10 God Favor.  After
that you can return to Imbros and Misarica's lair for the next quest in the 
series, and 86660 experience points.   

*Main Quest* "Dog and his Master."  You get this quest after killing the 
Minotaur taking his blood and giving it back to Misarica.   This quest is 
pretty vague, but what you need to do is go back to Mount Parnassus.  There
was a teleporter there that didn't work at the beginning of the game.  Now 
it does and you can enter it to the final area of the game.  The enemies
here are 67-71. You also run into Goaxis, a guard from the beginning of the
game, and the trainer of the class you mastered.  He talks about how you have
changed and become strong.  Our goal is a cave on the western side of the map.
You watch a movie about a monstrous dog, the one you've been looking for.
Orthrus is level 74, and if you have the whistle he will point you in the
direction of his master, which is a tiny cave, but you still have to kill
him either way.  This battle is not that bad, it's easier than the Minotaur.
You get 85910 experience for completing the quest.  A new story objective opens

*Main Quest*  "Find the Master of Orthrus."  You are given this quest after 
you kill Orthrus.  So if you had the whistle and used in during battle 
Orthrus will show you the entrance to the cave, if not it is on the eastern
side of the cave. There is a path leading to it you can just follow it 
around if need be.  After entering the cave there is a camp fire.  Pay 
attention to this map as one way is greatly longer than the other, if you 
need the experience then go the long way. The enemies here are 71-76.  The 
objective is to make it to the next camp fire on the eastern side of the 
map.  After you reach here this will be the last zone of the game, do not 
worry there is a save point in there as well.  As soon as you walk through 
the door make sure to equip the "Ring of Deflection," you will get a saying 
that mentions that it feels differently.  You will need this to beat the 
final boss.  
     This location is called Kythera and only contains 2 enemy types.  One 
is Greyon's Fire Minions, they are level 79, and then the final boss Titan
Geryon, he is level 81.  If you need experience or gear this is the place to
do it.  There is a camp fire in the southern portion of the map just in case
you need to respawn the enemies or work on gear.  Do not walk in the lava as
it will hurt you.  Once you get close to Titan Geryon a movie will play and
that is followed by him talking.  The key to winning this is using the 
"Deflect," ability.  Once he stops attacking and his swords is covered in 
fire, or just glowing, use the ability and it will hurt him greatly.  If you
fail to do this he will massively critical hit you.  It won't cause death 
but you can only take a couple of these.  If you follow that he really isn't
too bad.  After you kill him he drops some loot......psyche he really does
drop loot but you cannot loot him and the final movies plays and the game is
over.  You also get 121,000 experience as well, but that is also useless.

*Optional Quest* "Lost Caravan."  Enemies here are 24 to 27, watch out for 
the Warghir seer they have a nasty spell that can eat you HP if you are 
under prepared.  If you head counterclockwise around the circle you will 
find a dead body, and after you loot it you will get "Nautical Device," in 
your inventory.  If you head clockwise around the circle and take east at
the fork you will come to a cave.  The enemies are 26 to 28.  If you want to
fight Karkinos this is the place that is the quest starter, you need to 
break the crates and open chests to find the blood smeared note.  At the
south end of the cave there are some stairs leading down to the next level.
You continue down to see some dead people around a closed gate.  Near
these people is a small box, pick that box up and that will get you the
quest item to complete this quest.  If you need to there is a camp fire
down here so you can rest and save.  You can now head back to Mynnakos for
your reward.  You get 1704 experience points for his quest.  He gives
you another quest after this.

*Optional Area* "Lost Expedition."  After the quest "Lost Caravan," is 
complete there are still things that can be done.  There is a cave to the 
northwestern side of the Expedition that can be explored.  The enemies here
are 26-27.  There is some treasure here but truly nothing you can't miss.  
The Warghir have some treasure outside this cave as well.  To the southeast 
there is another hero. Who you can either help, or let die.

*Optional Quest* "Hidden Treasure of the Nile."  During the night time find
Chabes, he is marked on your map north of the teleporter.  Answer his 
questions and then he will let you into his basement.  After this you 
complete the quest; however, you now need to escape his basement dungeon to
turn in the quest.  These enemies are 32-34.  The Sorcerer Ghouls can be a 
pain because they can heal themselves, not all the time just every so often.
There is some treasure here, but nothing that you cannot miss.  You are 
heading for the red arrow on the map, to the east side.  As that is where 
the steps leading out are.  Once you make it out you can talk to 
Mynnakos during the day for your reward. You get 2510 experience points. 
You can either take the 50 Drachmas or threaten him for 100, I didn't see 
anything different about doing either one except the money.

*Optional Quest*  "Nightwine."  Talk to Polydamna at night in Cyrene, she is
marked and is standing by the lighthouse on the land just northwest of the 
western camp fire.  She wants 2 things from you.  1 -  Oily Shellfish, these
are found in the waters of Cyrene at night.  Be careful that you don't drown
picking these up.  They are small black shells that can be hard to see, but 
once you see one the others become easier.  You need 4 of these.  And the 
other part is 5 teeth of a Mal-Maghadu.  To get these you need to kill the 
Warghir in the Plains of Renouncement.  Any Warghir will do, just keep 
killing them until they drop all 5.  When getting these keep a look out for
the sand, if you see teeth come out of the sand do not walk into that area.
The Mal-Maghadu will rise up and hit you for half you health.  The enemies 
on the Plains of Renouncement are 32-34.  If you need more camp until night
then try again.  I also have never gotten any in the cave on the Plains of 
Renouncement, but I could be wrong as the drop rate is pretty bad.
You can also get these teeth from the treasure chests that are in the
Warghir camp, this may make it a little more tempting to get the treasure. 
And you get 2510 experience points for this and another quest.  *Note* The 
first time I did this quest it bugged out and I had to restart the game to 
get it to show that I have all of the Oily Shellfish.

*Optional Quest* "Lost Brother."  You get this quest after completing 
"Nightwine," from Polydamna.  The body is in the Lost Expedition where you 
got the Nautical Device.  Stand on top of the body and use the Spade to bury
the body.  Looting his body and burying it completes the quest, you can now
head back to Polydamna to get your reward.  You get 3644 experience points
and yet another quest.

*Optional Quest*  "Into the Unknown."  You get this quest from Polydamna 
after completing the "Lost Brother," quest.  If you go back to Machatar and 
talk to the boatman Osidios and ask him "I'm looking for someone to sail as
written in these notes."  He'll mention that his business is thriving and 
that he doesn't need to do that.  So go back to Leros and talk to Syllaios,
and for 800 Drachmas he can take you to this place.  This completes "Into 
the Unknown," and you get 34076 experience points.

*Optional Quest* "Temple Menace."  You get this quest as soon as you land on
the Island of Hypnos.  The Guard asks you to kill 15 evil spirits that have 
invaded their rebuilt Temple.  The enemies here are level 26.  Follow the 
path until you reach the cave, there are 4 scorpions right after the cave.
The enemies inside the temple are 45-46.  The phantoms can be hard to target
sometimes, but they can be killed.  There are some treasure chests in here 
if you need gear.  If you need to level up use the camp fire to respawn the 
enemies.  As soon as you kill all 15 and leave a slave will talk to you. 
Accepting his plea gets you the "Helping the Slaves," quest.  You get 34076 
experience for completing this.

*Optional Quest* "Helping the Slaves."  You get this quest after kill 15 
evil spirits and leave the Temple of Hypnos.  After agreeing to help you 
must go back into the temple.  There was a room with 2 sarcophagi, it is 
located in the southwestern room from the entrance.  Once you walk into the
room you will tell the undead to haunt their temple once more.  After this 
the enemies will repawn in greater number.  Just head back outside the 
temple to the slave.  Talking to him gets you 36532 experience and 
a class specific yellow weapon.

*Optional Quest* "A Sound that is a Key."  You get this quest from Paradigm
after talking to him the first time.  He tells you of where the automations
are being made.  And warns you that it is a dangerous place.  So the goal is
to kill Automation until they drop "Mechanical Horn."  You get 14072
experience points for finding this.  The quest is removed from the list, but a
new dungeon is opened up.  It is directly east of the camp fire.  To enter
this dungeon you need to play the Mechanical Horn, not right in front of the
door but a few steps away.  That is how you get this door to open.

     The enemies in this dungeon are 42-45.  This place has a few treasures 
but can mainly be used to level up.  This can be done in the Giant room just
south of the entrance, north of the camp fire.  There are places where the 
enemies are plentiful, so just keep killing until you get bad experience. 
If you can make it to the back of the large room you will get a very good 
item that is class specific so it's worth it to try and level up to kill all
the automations to get to the treasure chest in the back.

*Optional Quest*  "The Tournament."  You do not have to do this, but you get
God favor for winning.  You lose God favor for not participating.  Iris 
will tell you of the tournament.  If you chose to go head back to Machatar 
and go to Arena island by using the Arena Ferryman, the boatman on the east
side of the main island.  Talk to the Arena Master and accept going into the
Tournament.  A good idea is to save before so that you can always redo if 
you get defeated.  So every champion that has been killed during the main 
quest will not be in the tournament.  The first match starts out a 3 person 
free for all, unless you have killed other heroes than you could get less 
than that.  Depending on what class you are playing against they may just 
run around and grab the potions on the floor.  This can make killing them 
hard if they only get the health back.  But if they lose health and take 
damage from it, this becomes much easier.  Every so often they will 
announce a spell.  To counter this spell you need to cast the appropriate 
spell to counter it.  Fire , Ice, or Wind.  Look at the color of the spell 
being cast and use that one, Fire cancels fire etc.  The computer may or may
not cancel the spell effect.  You will only have basic abilities in the 
arena, usually the first 2 you learned before turning into that class.  After
you win you will get a movie and 80 God favor.  You can turn this in for a
God ability.

*Optional Area* Skyros Island.  From what I have seen this island has 
nothing to do with the main quest.  The enemies here are level 63-64.  It
cost 190 Drachmas to get here from Osidios, the boatman.  There are 2 areas
of interest here.  One on the east side of the island, Kaylith.  She wants
the whistle that controls the wolves so that she can become queen of the 
Amazons, if you chose to let her live opening the quest "Sisterly Love."
  This leads us to the next area of interest.  It is in the middle of the 
island, the other path away from Osidios. The cave is where the whistle 
lies, and the enemies here are 64-67.  So what you are looking for is 
Anthira, and she is located in the northern most room.
     After you kill her you get a note hinting at where she buried the 
whistle.  Now head to the most eastern room on the map.  Dig behind the wall
in the room and you will find the whistle and a note, as well as completing
the quest "Sisterly love."  Return to Kaylith and either give her the 
whistle, the reward for this is minimal.  Or defeat her again and keeping the 
whistle and more experience points for killing her.  The whistle's use is 
that it will have Orthrus show you where his master is.  If you give it to 
her you get the ability to keep breathing, she threatens you but you know
you could take her again if need be.

*Optional Quest*  "Dreadful Karkinos." Once you go into the cave
where you find the lost caravan note in.  Open the chests and break the
crates to find the note smeared in blood.  I have found this in a vast
amount of places.  I've found it outside the cave, inside the cave, in
treasure chests and broken barrels.  This item is the starter for
Defeating Karkinos.  Go to the Arena ferryman and talk to him about what you
found in the wilderness.  He makes mention of the man and then will take you
to Karkinos' cave for 500 Drachmas.  Once you arrive in the cave the quest
will change from "Dreadful Karkinos," to the "Search for life."

*Optional Quest* "Search for Life, "you get this quest upon reaching 
Karkinos' lair.  This quest spans the rest of the game so be prepared to go
back here a few times.  The easy way to find out who has the "Powerful life
Essence," is to use the Combat Sense ability and instead of the level
appearing above their head it will say that in Blue letters over top the
number.  The three enemy types that have the powerful life essence are;
Swamp Behemoth on Imbros, Warghir from the Plains of Renouncement, and Harpies
on Coast of Stageira.
Once you have the essence go back to the cave and use it as an item that
will awaken the enemy which you now have to defeat.
The cave is spilt into 4 areas:

The Northwest:  This is where Karkinos is, it is level 66.  You cannot hope
to kill him when you first enter the cave.  Even at a decent level he still
has his Drain life ability that makes it a pain to kill him.  He was an
optional add-on boss that was put in the US version from the start.  He does
drop very nice gear when you are able to kill him.

The Southeast:  This is the first area that you need to gain an "essence of
life."  The enemies in this area are 23-24 with the Lost Giant being
level 25.  He is a boss monster so he does have higher than usual stats.
But he can drop good gear as well.

The Northeast:  This area is the eastern portion on the map.  The enemies
here are 29-32.  The boss is a frozen Warghir, again he has higher than
usual stats.

The Southwest:  The enemies in this area are between 48 and 54.  The boss of
this area is a harpy.  She has higher stats and will possibly drop better loot.

Fighting Karkinos:  Once you have all 3 potions from the frozen bosses in this
area you can fight Karkinos.  If you try to fight it at the earliest possible
time, after getting the harpy essence, you will find that it is still a
difficult task.  Getting closer to its level is highly recommended.  The only
thing that makes this boss fight more difficult than other boss fights is that
Karkinos can use "Life Drain," so even if you can deal plenty of damage, it can
heals itself.  I recommend that you put the potion on your hotkey bar for easy
access.  Another tip is to not spam attacks, if you are using an ability just
hit or click on it once.  Button mashing can delay when you can use the potion
to stop Karkinos from using its ability.  After defeating Karkinos you can get
some very nice gear, I have only gotten really good gear but looking on the
forums people have said that you can get 1 of a kind drops from Karkinos.  Once
you defeat Karkinos it will not respawn, so if you didn't get good gear then
you may want to exit the game and try again.  

*Optional Quest* The Arena.  You can come here at any time after you have
become an adult.  There are 3 options: 
"Eh, I'd rather start slow." You only have to fight one gladiator here
depending on who you fight they may just go around collecting the potions
you get a small amount of XP based upon your level and 5 God favor.
"I feel quite good today,"  this gives you 2 gladiators, they both
give you small amounts of experience points and 10 God favor.
"Send in the Strongest," this gives you 3 gladiators to fight against.
You get more experience points, but only 15 God favor.  In my opinion
the arena is not worth the trouble unless you are going for all
of the God abilities.

*Hidden Treasure*  The design team decided to bury some treasure throughout
the game.  They gave clues to where it is buried here.  Instead of
rewriting all of the locations I thought it easier to just give you all the
link that also has pictures of where the treasure is located.  It saves me time
and allows for better accuracy of where to dig for these buried treasures.

End notes:  This guide is copyrighted by me.  Please do not use this guide 
for money, and if you do I want my cut.  If you have any questions, 
comments, or anything that you'd like to add please E-mail  I never knew that giving back was so much work.
I have a lot of respect for everyone who writes these guides now.  Even
though this is not the greatest game ever giving back to the community has
never been more fun or rewarding.  I hope that all of you who look at this
guide will find your answer.
  Good playing - Josh Denny