Nuclear Strike 64 (PSX) Cheats

Nuclear Strike 64 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Fast speed
Type in WARPDRIVE as a password for a fast speed.
Fly Longer
Put in MPG as a password to fly longer without refuleing as soon.
Free fly Mode
Enter EAGLEEYE as a password to fly around level 1 freely.
Get 4 Continues
Enter PHOENIX as a password to get 4 continues.
Get 5 continues
Enter WARRIOR as a password to get 5 continues.
Go back a mission
Enter ANDREAS as a password to return to the last mission.
Limitless Lives
Enter LAZARUS as a password to get infinite lives.
No enemies on Mission 1
Enter the code AVENGER to make all enemies go away during mission 1.
Refil Weapon
Enter GOPOSTAL to refil your weapon.
Enter PACKISBACK as a password to get armor, ammo, and fuel restored once they reach zero.