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During gameplay, type Racoiaws in the console to enable cheat mode.

Now, type any of the following Codes in the console:

help cheat List all cheats
cheat ability Reset User Abilities
cheat goto (waypoint x y) Just to Named waypoint
cheat health Refill Health
cheat mana Refill Mana
cheat level # Set Play to Given Level #
cheat spells # Set all spells to given level #
cheat gold # Adds gold to character
set god God mode and unlimited mana


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Energy Bolt and Lightning
You can do more damage on warriors when the Energy Bolt or Lightning spell is casted on them while they are equipped with plated/metal armor. Use Energy Bolt when you're battling one warrior and Lightning when your battling multiple warriors.
ive only tried this online and im not sure if it works in solo quest. this allows you to exit a game and not lose anything you lost while playing. it is a way around the instant save that the game performs. for example, if you lose all of your lives, then you can use this to get everything you had back. its also effective in duplicating. you leave your stuff somewhere for others to take, do this, and you will have all your stuff again and so will whoever picked the others up.

how it works:
simply press F1 and type "exit"

warning: this resets what your character was like BEFORE you played the level, so you will lose anything you gained as well as gaining anything you lost.


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Stand on Fire/Lava
You must be a wizard in order to do this. Cast Force Field on you and then Reflective Shield. After you have cast the spells on you, teleport to a fire pit or lava. Once you've done that, jump (usually the space bar button) and you won't take damage from the fire or lava. Just make sure not to move or else damage will occur.
Walk on water
You must be a a wizard or have a wizard to assist you. You can walk on water by setting four traps with the spell pull aiming towards the water. They must be set in back of you while the water area is in front of you. Run towards the water and then trigger or have a wizard to trigger the traps and you'll eventually end up walking on the water.

Another way to do this trick is to activate the wall spell in back of you and then have four traps with the fireball spell aiming towards the wall. Run towards the water and activate the traps. This is helpful in the swamp quest map since you can easily transport yourself to the warp gate when it's located on the other side of land.


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Becoming Immortal
Press F1 then type racoiaws. Next type "set god" and now your a god/immortal.
infinite traps!!!
Make 4 traps and make sher not (Or pick them up if it does not work) to pick them up (works in quest only). Go in to the warp and sommun another trap... It really worksa try it!!!!!!
Rotten Red Meat [immortality]
In order to become imortal with the rotten red meat, you must drop your HP to 1. Once its at one, it the rotten red meat. Hurray! You are now imortal on Nox!

Note: Rotten Red Meat must be obtained by changing the codes of Red meat to rottenredmeat on winhack 2.0
teleport yourself (quest!)
This only works with wizards... Make sher to have the spells mark 1, 2, 3, 4, and teleport to marker. Ok now make a trap with teleport to marker 1 and place it for example on the other side of the fence, than dispell the trap and teleport there with teleport to marker 1 and walla.. You are on the other side of the fence!!!!
this is a cheat devise that is used in many online games.... Many don't want to say how it can be use but I'll tell you peeps.

First open the progam winhack, than search for Game.EXE, than go to values and type in telekinesishand, After go to secondary value and search for a monster, take off monsters value code and in the game use telekinesis and walla you can sommun a bat with a wizard!!!!!

To get infinite magic just search for the magic for example Burn, at the end of burn make sher to put and E to make it look like this BurnE. Delete its value go to the game cast burn and walla.. infinite burning!!!!!

Thanks to kolossal and Luke Andrews I know how to do this..