Nocturne Cheats

Nocturne cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Nocturne Cheats

Cheat Codes for the Patched Version
Press [F10] then type:

iamacheatingbastardGod Mode
gimmecrapAll Weapons and Ammo (Plus God Mode)
ebolaKill Surrounding Creatures
t2000You Look Like Terminator 2000
layitonmeGives Ammo
amonraGives Radiance Emitter (Sun Gun)
drivebyGives Tommygun
torchmyassGives Flamethrower
tntrulesGives Dynamite
woodenstakegunGives Wooden Stake Crossbow
shotgunshellGives Shotgun and 500 Shells
torchtipFlaming Arrows
dumbogunGives Elephant Gun
baronsaturdaySummons Baron
reallycoldFreezes Creatures
keysuperGives Skeleton Key
oldhatChanges Hat
bandaidRestores Full Health
silverGives 500 Silver Bullets
aquaGives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets
mercuryGives 500 Mercury Bullets
youfartedGas Mask for Stranger
pinkbunnyRenew Battery

Cheat Codes for Original Version:
Press [F10] then type:

godgamesGod Mode
winblowsAll Weapons and Ammo
skeletonkeyGives Skeleton Key
moreammoGives More Ammo
goremodeToggles Gratuitous Dismeberment
burningstakeGives Flaming Tip Arrows
thunderstormRains Outside
snowstormSnows Outside
bigheadBig Head Mode
healmeRestores Health
silverGives 500 Silver Bullets
aquaGives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets
mercuryGives 500 Mercury Bullets
oldhatStranger Wears Alternate Hat
goldmodeTells You "buy FLY!"
freezerToggles Enemy Freezing
ifartedGas Mask for Stranger
rechargeRenew Battery
bigboomkills random number of enemies around you**
headOfHorrorsenables bigboom cheat
** BigBoom and headOfHorrors Cheats
The Bigboom cheat has a random effect. When you press [F10] and type - bigboom, it is designed to kill from 1 to all enemies immediately around you. For it to work, you must have already entered the headOfHorrors cheat code.

No Enemies
Enter the second game disc and press F10 and type "comegetsome", then put in the first disc (this is intended for the segmented version). Once you load the game from the first disc, press F10 and type "bringiton". This will enable you to play the game without any monsters(excluding bosses).
submitted by fron


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To enter cheat mode press [F10] during game play then enter one of the following codes in the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Most of the following codes will work with the original, unpatched game. Some codes will be disabled in the patched versions of the game.

Code : Effect
no code: 500 Aqua Vampire bullets
500 Mercury bullets
500 Silver bullets
winblows: All weapons and ammo
Appear like Terminator 2000
Big head mode
goldmode: Display message2
tntrules: Dynamite
dumbogun: Elephant gun
headofhorrors: Enable bigboom code
moreammo: Extra ammo
torchmyass: Flame thrower
burningstake: Flaming tip arrows
ifarted: Gas mask for stranger
youfarted: Gas mask
godgames: God mode
bigboom: Instant kill1
amonra: Radiance Emitter
thunderstorm: Rain
recharge: Recharge battery
healme: Restore health
shotgunshell: Shotgun and/or 500 shells
skeletonkey: Skeleton key
snowstorm: Snow
oldhat: Stranger wears alternate hat
baronsaturday: Summon Baron
freezer: Toggle enemy AI
goremode: Toggle gratuitous dismemberment
driveby: Tommy gun
woodenstakegun: Wooden stake crossbow