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No More Heroes review
A great title and something for the hardcore to latch to

The good:

Insane customization
Ridiculous Boss Battles
Easy to use controls
A nice story
Will make you laugh

The bad:

Driving travis's motercylce has some pretty bad controls
Bland side missions
The open world really doesn't offer much to do.
repetitive enemies.


No more heroes has been out for a while now. However I only recently picked it up after my xbox broke. Let me tell you for the cheap price you can get it for now this is no bottom of the bucket game. The controls are so great. This isn't the typical Wii waggle fest. A attack b does stun moves and follow the directions on screen does special. Simple to use and feels pretty good to use also.

My personal favorite part of the game would the amount of customiztion you can do. From changing every part of Travis's clothes to his weapon, to renting movies to watch this game lets you change almost everything you want to. And it's great to do and extremely fun to deck out your character in many different ways, and is a breath of fresh air from many of the shallow third party games on wii. The level of customaztion is better then GTA IV's.

Another part of the game that gets you into are the boss battles. Now this is great as most of the foot soilders are bland. The boss battles have insane difficulties and are over the top in terms of personality. Defeating them requires strategy and even real endurance from the amount of specials you will use to finally put them down. This is the Wiis Ninja Gaiden.

However unlike Ninja Gaiden this game doesn't take itself seriously and will keep the laughs coming in. The game has obvious stereotypes and it knows it. It pokes fun at itself. Which brings me to my next point. The story is funny and I enjoyed it. The game has a basic story at first. Travis Touchdown wants to become the number one ranked assassin so chick will sleep with him. Not the most noble purpose, but since he is an Otaku one he is willing to risk life and limb for. The story gets more complex as he goes along and a lengthy story it is.

It should take you around 15 hours on the first playthrough and on follow up's will probably still take around 10. However they fly by because of the games enjoyability. The game is like a Japanese toned down clerks. The lenght and the premise might turn you off but the way it comes together is great and you will likely want to experience it again.

Now you might be thinking this sounds great why not a 5. Well the game has problems to big to overlook. Like driving, the motercycle. It has sub-par controls and the mission using it is not much better. While we are on missions let me state the fact that every mission not involving killing is bland. Mowing lawns and getting coconuts are just as fun as they sound. The open world is also bland and you can hardly interact with it. Besides for going to shops and the gym where a certain former wrestler lives you have no reason to ever stop doing missions.

However even with the complaints No More Heroes is easily in the top 5 Wii games released right now. It's funny and shows that when third party devolpers try to make a unique fun game for the wii that it pays off. Plus this gives the mature audiences something to play after they finished RE4, Scarface, and Godfather. Now stop reading this and go slice things up with your trusty beam katana.

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